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Neutrogena Rapid Tone Repair Moisturizer {Night} Review

I cannot tell you how long its been since I did a skin care review! I used to like to do them the first year I started blogging, then I started using Proactiv again. As of this year, I started using other skin care products besides Proactiv only because it isnt as easily accessible. I wanted to try something more than just a cleanser. Something I can use every day and see results from it. So, I settled on this. It seemed like something with a million +1 benefits and ingredients which makes me think it must be good. Let's get onto the review!

The State Of My Skin
Lately, my skin has been either really dry or really oily. Not to mention my pores look huge and in some parts of my face I have redness. On top of all of that I am losing elasticity! Yikes! Not that I have wrinkles but my when I wiggle my nose, my skin kind of pulls. It is weird. It's something that is completely new to me. I do get breakouts around my chin here and there but that isn't anything I can't get under control. I find if I wash my makeup off nightly and use Proactiv's Step 3 Repairing Treatment it seems to do the trick.

Noticing all of these imperfections, I was on the hunt for something to solve said problems. When I seen it said you will get visible results in just one week, I figured I might try it considering the box says it would solve almost all of my skin problems and more {with the exception of the extreme oily/dryness}. Take a look for yourself:

{forgive me if you cant read this very well..not sure what happened there- let me no if you want to me type it out for you! I wouldn't mind}

The Presentation
The price for this is a few bucks over $20 but I ended up getting it on sale at Ulta for $18. I thought it was kind of a steep price but when it comes to skin care I don't mind coughing up a few bucks.

The bottle it comes in is actually glass. It better be a nice bottle for that price!   It comes with a pump that I find pumps just enough out or maybe not exactly enough. The point is that your not wasting any or cross contaminating as you would if it was in a jar. You can adjust the nozzle when your not using it to "closed" too. Another nice touch. The actual formula is a white cream that feels serum-y and has a slight floral scent. The scent isn't something that bothers me but I know some people are sensitive to them, especially in a night cream.

It has some pretty good stuff in this little bottle. 

Retinol SA: a type of retinol that Neutrogena patented, retinol is used for reversing signs of aging by evening out skin tone and texture and fighting the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Retinol is derived from vitamin A. Neutrogena says that Retinol SA is different from Retinol because of its ability to penetrate skin and continue to work 12 hours after application {SA stands for Sustained Action}

Vitamin C: Is the key to the production of collagen {which gives skin firmness}. It is also an antioxidant that slows the rate of free radical damage, which damages collagen and makes skin dry and gives skin fine lines and wrinkles.

Glucose Complex: Used with Retinol SA it accelerates the process of repairing skin. 

Hyaluronic Acid: This is the stuff that is sometimes used in injections and fillers. Babies are born with really high levels of it {hence their beautiful skin} but as we get older, the levels decrease making our skin look dull, sallow, and wrinkly.

A Couple Days In
If I didn't notice anything else, I noticed that my skin just felt a lot softer. My makeup was going on much smoother.

A Week In
Here is a photo of my face a week and a half later. I used it every night.. The day I took this photo, I really noticed a difference on how well my makeup went on. Applying my foundation was a breeze. My face was just so smooth. I would say the "brighter and more radiant" claim is one they live up to. I couldn't put my finger on why my skin looked so good, it just had that something. I can't necessarily tell a difference in the photos but the look of my skin was brighter in person and a lot smoother to the touch. 

I notice that when I wake up in the morning, my face feel like there is a slick to it. Almost oily kind of. But its not that my face is oily its just the product after hours of being on my skin for the night. Once I wash it, it feels nice and clean. I think that has to do with the Retinol SA or Sustained Action.

End Result:
Skip to a month later, The biggest difference I seen in my skin was that first week, so their claim on "proven results in just one week" is true but for me. Now that the product is pretty much gone, I do notice the difference in elasticity! When I wiggle my nose, my skin doesn't seem to tug like it used to. That is also a sign that my skin also isn't so dry either. 

What It Didn't Live Up To:
I do have some redness around my nose/under my eyes/here and there, so I can't say it helped with discoloration/dark spots all that much. So my skin isn't perfect and it isn't a miracle product, like I had hoped in that first week. So it does it's job to an extent but then only goes so far.

I am actually glad I picked this up, I wasn't sure if it was going to do too much for me since I don't have any wrinkles but it has a ton of benefits. I would say if you are around my age {27} and notice early signs of aging, this would be a great option but it isn't absolutely necessary. If your a little older and noticing bigger signs of aging, you would probably benefit from this even more than I did. This may or may not be a great preventative product, but I will never know considering I can't rewind time and not use it to see if I have less wrinkles a decade or 2 from now. So yeah....

I'll give this a 4 out of 5
I got every benefit out of it {with the exception of getting rid of dark spots} which is great but I wish it could have given me these benefits on a larger scale. Even though it was used until the last dropped and it didn't give me any negative results, it isn't absolutely necessary for someone my age.

In a Nut Shell...

-Leave's a weird film on my face in the am
-Has a scent {I don't think it's non-comedegenic judging by the fragrance}
-It's around $20
-Didn't help with dark spots/discoloration

-Doesn't break me out
-Leaves my face looking brighter/more radiant the first week
-Helped with elasticity 
-My face is softer/smoother overall
-My makeup looks a lot better and lays more even on my face 
-Has a ton of beneficial ingredients/vitamins

To hear more about my skin care routine, watch the video below!

I did a lot of research for the video and this review and I thought I would link my resources here. I paired my experience with the facts and it was almost like that "aha" moment. I started to see the correlation between each ingredient and the appearance of my skin. I started thinking "oh, thats why my skin looks brighter" or "ok thats why my skin feels this way" etc. Anyway, check them out if your interested! This review and these articles are a great jumping off point to finding skin care products that are perfect for your skin concerns.

What is your favorite skin care product?

Thanx For Reading!

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Good to hear that you didn’t breakout after using the moisturizer. It’s such a great find!
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