Saturday, September 24, 2011

Freeman's Mask Review: Dead Sea Minerals

Today im doing another Freeman's Mask Review- this one is on the Dead Sea Minerals- hence the name. I did the Chocolate Strawberry Mask from Freeman a few months back and I loved it so much I almost grabbed it again- but then I thought about what I said on the Strawberry Chocolate Mask Review which was basically I love it so much but I wanna try all of them! I read each & everyone of the Freeman's mask's that Walmart had to offer, as they all have different benefits- and although I wanted basically all of them, I opted for Dead Sea Minerals.

My Skin Type: Acne Prone and Usually Oily, but can become Dry. I have what I would call an uneven skin tone, & my pores are large
Where to Buy: I bought mine at Walmart, but they are also at CVS too
How Much: $1.39
Here's the Claim: "This anti-stress mud mask, with Dead Sea Minerals, instantly absorbs excess oil while clarifying & purging clogged pores. Rinse away the mask to reveal smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin."

-Freeman's re-did their packaging which I think is really cute! They also changed the stand/location of where they are at at my Wal-Mart, as they were always on the very bottom shelf behind a bunch of other stuff. Now they are in the same isle, but at eye-level for people to see so you shouldn't have too much trouble finding them...that's if all Wal-Mart's are the same. So new packaging, and a new location in the same isle.

-Can't say that this mask is anti-stress, but I wasn't expecting it to be a stress reliver. I mean, in a "pampering, me time" kind of way I guess I was stress reliving. The only thing that really relives stress for me is meditation...... (or pills). 

-Something I learned this time around with the Freeman's mask's (and skin care) is that they are all made with natural & botanical ingredients. That's a plus. Not sure how they made this mud mask a deep teal color "naturally". However, I don't think they are aloud to say its natural when it actually isnt so I took a pic of all the ingredient's listed: you be the judge of this one.......

-The mask smells really fruity! and it's the color of deep teal from the fall series. It's basically the exact same color of the packaging & for some reason I wasn't expecting that. So the color and scent are both pretty.

-When I applied it near my eyes, my eyes would start to water. Of course, they say to avoid around/near your eyes and it's not like im putting the stuff even on my bags but I did put it on my nose, forehead, and temples. It wasn't so bad that I had to take the mask off and my eyes quit watering after a couple seconds, so nothing too drastic- but I figured that should be something to mention in a review.

-I actually got 2 uses outta the packet. It covered my whole face twice. I didn't really apply it on my neck so if your someone that likes to use mask's on your neck, you will get one full use out of it. For people like me who just go on the face and underneath the face (under the chin), u will get 2 full uses out of it.

-All and all, I liked the mask a lot and my very time use I didn't like it as much as I did the Chocolate Strawberry one. This time around, it did clean my out my pores and it also took away alot of the oil, which in turn left my face as soft as a baby's bottom! Maybe not that soft, but you get my point. The 2 are actually very comparable, if not almost identical. If I was to choose between them, I think I would pick the Strawberry one, I think that's because I loved the scent better than this one.

-I know, I said that in my Chocolate Strawberry review but if I could go back and change my opinion w/out the whole blog post being moved to today's date, I would change the whole thing to how much I love it (& make it, I little more descriptive...what can I say, it was my first review?) . I felt like that one made my face really soft and really did clean out clogged pores.

Like I said, they had plenty of different mask's for all different skin types. They had one for aged skin, one for large pores, one for uneven skin tone, one for dry skin etc. So if you are looking for a good mask I def. recommend Freeman's mask. I esp. love that they come in individual trial sizes (like the one I purchased) so you can see which one is best for you. I hope you enjoyed by review- have a great day!


8d18ad5e-bff7-11e0-a387-000bcdca4d7a said...

i have clogged pored around my nose and chin, but am pretty dry every where else. do you suggest only applying the mask to my clogged areas? thanks for the review BTW! i really love Mary Kay's skin brightening mask. have u tried?

Kristen L.

Erica J said...

that I am not sure of Kristen just because I dont have dry skin *but* what I would do is do a patch test, just test it on part of your dry area and see what happens- just in case your skin does have a reaction- my skin can be both oily and dry at times and it made my skin soft.

they have different masks for all different types of skin at walmart! go and read all the backs of them, i am SURE you will find something perfect for your skin!

Britney said...

This is one of my fav mask ever i love it =] love the pages.

Anonymous said...

i also use this :D

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