Sunday, July 29, 2012

Avon Lipstick's

Avon lipstick's are very overlooked in my opinion in the beauty world. They are around the price of a Revlon lipstick (anywhere from $5 - $8) but the downfall is that you can't get them at a drugstore! Call your Avon lady, girl! Or you can Google Avon to find a rep. near you. Don't buy straight off the site because then no reps are benefiting. You could if you wanted to, but why not jump at the chance the help a girl out, yah no?

I have 3 lipsticks from 2 different lines.

could not be any truer to color!

Farthest Left: Twinkle Pink (U4) from the Ultra Color Rich line.
I am pretty sure this is their main lipstick line. This lipstick goes on really smoothly and has a frosty finish on the lips even though it looks the sheerest of them all when swatched on the hand. I would call it a simple medium pink. Your not going to have to worry about it settling in the lines & I think that may be due to the finish. Not that this lipstick is drying (because it isn't) but if your looking something to add more moisture and color check out the Moisture Seduction line!

The 2 lipsticks on the right are from the line Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction.
To put it very simply, this would be Avon's take on the "Lip Butters". Except they had a year running start. Me personally, I like Avon's way better then Revlon's version. Avon's Moisture Seduction line are both moisturizing and pigmented. I have found Revlon's Lip Butter's aren't much for pigment...or moisture if I am comparing them to the Moisture Seductions! You see that swirl of white going through the Mositure Seduction lipsticks? That's your balm! Most importantly, the lip balm running through it isn't going to compromise the color at all. If anything, it will leave more of a glossy finish. Plus, these smell like punch!

Middle: Tangerine (P302) from the Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction line. 
This lipstick is nothing new on Mind Body Beauty. I wore it when I channeled Kourtney Kardash a long time ago & it was also in a trendy blog post about orange/tangerine lipsticks (my favorite summer trend!). This is a cross between an orange and a medium pink which makes it a nice, wearable, coral. This lipstick would be the most with a cream finish out of the 3 but comes off with a little frost (glossy) on the lips.

Right: Perfect Pink (P01) Ultra Color Rich Moisture Seduction line. 
This lipstick looks similar to Twinkle Pink however, this one is a shade or two deeper in color and I would categorize this as more of a berry color as opposed to a true pink. But this does have that same frosty finish. When I say frost, I mean a nice color payoff along with a glossy, shimmery look.

in the same order as shown above, but with different lighting:

If you wanna order from an Avon Book, I recommend looking up swatches of different colors you want online. Their swatches can be a tad bit misleading.

Before I end this, I wanted to talk about the packaging. It is really nice & durable. As far as the quality of the packaging goes, it reminds me of something that may be sold in a department store. Your not going to have to worry about the lipstick falling out. It is in there, like swim wear!

I have another lipstick that I forgot about and didn't get a picture. Oops! It has been in my purse but I think I will have blog post on it somewhere, sometime because it is so pretty.

Have you guys tried these?
Do you know any other great lipstick/moisture duos? 

Thank you for reading!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Healthy Dip n Dots!

When you guys read through this blog post, you are going to laugh and wonder how come you never thought of it! I wish I could take credit for this clever recipe (if you wanna call it a recipe) but I was Pinspired. 

I love Pinterest. 

This is so easy and actually fun! If you like piping frosting on a cake, I have a feeling your going to like this too! If you have kids around, this would be a fun "recipe" for them to do on their own!

Before we get started, here's some things you should know to make this even easier:

*Tip #1: I recommend using yogurt that doesn't have chunks of strawberries in it. The strawberries get stuck and won't come out of the hole making the little dots unpredictable sizes. Either way, it's really no biggie! If you have strawberry yogurt on hand, use it if need be. Just be prepared to have different size dots, like mine.

 *Tip #2: If you have a pastry bag, you can use that instead of the ziplock bag! It would make for really cute dots!

*Tip #3: To make getting the yogurt into the bag easier, grab a cup and place the bottom of the bag into it as you see in the picture. Put the yogurt into the bag, that is in the cup. Get it? That way, when your bag is filled up, you simply grab it out, there's no mess, and the yogurt is at the bottom where we need it. Picture for demonstration purposes only.

Here's what the yogurt should look like in the bag. Your going to cut that corner where you see there isn't any yogurt:

Here's my dot's before they were frozen to give you an idea:

There yah have it! Make your own Dip n Dots! I hope you have a great weekend! I will be back soon enough with a Birchbox review!


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Earn Your T.V. Time!

I was over on the Undressed Skeleton and noticed these workouts! I thought they were a really fun way to get some exercise in and watch my favorite nightly t.v. shows! It is also perfect timing as Keeping up with the Kardashian's is on Later and Teen Mom is on tomorrow. Tweet with me @MeetMissJackson and the Undressed Skeleton @TaraLynnsTweets during the show with the hash tag #Kardashians & #TeenMom

What is your favorite T.V. show?
I wanna make one for Family Guy if anyone loves the show as much as I do!

Thanks for Reading & Don't Forget to Check Out The Undressed Skeleton!


Friday, July 20, 2012

Serious Holy Grail + New Holy Grail Page!

Wow. I have no clue how my makeup braved the summer months without this puppy. In all honestly, it really never did. Sure I used a primer thinking that that was as good as it gets: there's no "perfect fix" for in-tact makeup on summer days. Until now!

I find when I use the De-Slick I don't even need a primer to make my makeup lasts. (If I wanna fill in my pores, that's a different story! I will need a primer!) This seems to hold up on even the hottest, humid days. I got ready, ran errands, came back 5 hours later only to look in the mirror and notice my flawless skin. But wait! That's not my skin! It's my foundation still in the same place I put it hours ago! I knew right then I was hooked on this! 

As for the powder(s) on my face holding up, it was 50/50. All in all, the blush lasted longer than usual but not as long as the bronzer and foundation. Let's just say it will be there until you wash it off!

My mom has even been using it. Every time she walks out the door for 5 minutes, her makeup melts immediately. Since she's been using this, she mentions that nothing else has ever had this effect. Her makeup stays put!

The De-Slick Makeup Setting Spray is the oily skin version! FYI: My face can get oily sometimes so I grabbed this one! My mom's face is not very oily at all and it worked for her! They do have other setting spray's for other types of skin so check your local Ulta! 

Urban Decay teamed up with Skindinavia to create these setting sprays. If you can't find a good setting spray for your skin type with Urban Decay, Google Skindinavia and find their website to see if they have another version of a Setting Spray that may work better for you.

Have you guys checked out my Holy Grail Page?! It has been under construction for a while and I just recently put the finishing touches on it for a great list of great products! Check it out! Let me know what you think!

What is your holy grail must have?

p.s.: I will be back before Sunday night for a really fun Kardashian workout! If your watching the new one on Sunday, spice it up with a corresponding workout! I also have a Teen Mom workout too! Oh yeah! Get exited!


Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Birchbox Freebies!

Can you believe I got $50 worth of great products for free?! I have been saving up my points for over a year now so needless to say, I had a bunch to spend. If you were unsure about how the Birchbox point system works here's a quick breakdown:

  • 10 points = $1
  • you can spend your points in $10 increments

           How can you get points?
  • For each Birchbox you buy = 10 points (even one's you gift!)
  • For each item you get in your box and give feedback on = 10 points

Honestly, it may be my favorite part about Birchbox. You can buy anything on their website with your points. If you have enough points, it will even pay for shipping too! Here's the stuff I purchased was sent! for free! I am sorry, I just love the concept!

Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleanser: I have oily/dry skin. It just all depends. I had a feeling I was going to love it considering they went to the ends of the Amazon River to find White Clay for it. Amazonian clay can actually help with both dry and oily skin so this seemed perfect. It sounds fancy! LOL! It Exfoliates and Detoxifies as well.

My review: I do love exfoliators but I don't want something to be too abrasive on my face considering my skin can also be sensitive at times as well. This cleanser has very tiny exfoliant's in it and was comfortable washing my face. The exfoliant's in it are even tinier than Proactiv's exfolitant's, if you have ever used Proactiv.

Considering this face wash is a clay, I was expecting something less creamy for some reason. It comes out as a clay, then when you start washing your face the clay turns into a milky, soapy face wash. It is really nice! Once I dry off my face I do notice how soft and smooth (& clean!) my skin is and I have really been liking this! Dare I say- It rivals Proactiv any day!

Stila Eyeshadow in Jezebel: If you have seen my Rose Gold post, you would have already seen this eyeshadow. I really love it! I already knew I was going to as Stila eyeshadow's are my favorite to begin with. I have been loving adding this in my crease with a matte cream color on my lid. pretty

Dr. Hauschka's Radiant You Kit: This was the thing that I couldn't decide on when I was ordering everything. The lavender bath isn't for a bath, it's actually to use in conjunction with everything else for a spa like facial. I will be doing a demo or a review at some point because there's something to it. For know if your contemplating trying this out, I say got for it! It's a nice treat!

Are you all signed up for Birchbox?
Have you gotten anything with your points?

Have a fab day!
thanks for reading!

Friday, July 13, 2012

NOTW: Shabby Chic Floral Print

No, this is not a nail sticker. Yes, it is extremely easy to do! Do you guys visit The Beauty Department? You should if you like nail art! That is where I got this idea from!

Nail Polishes used: left to right: SH White On, SH Green With Envy, SH Sun Kissed, Avon Speed Dry in Strawberry. This picture is very true to color.

Quick Review: I hear a lot that it is hard to find an opaque white nail polish. Sally Hansen's White On was quite opaque after the first coat! I did 2 coats just because I always do, but if your in the market for a good white, here's your polish! Plus, it's only like $2.

You will also need: Nail Polish Remover, a piece of paper, & A small eyeliner brush you do not use. They used a normal paint brush. Just make sure your brush is tiny or has a fine point. I used an angled liner brush that I got with the Wet n Wild cream liner. It worked perfectly. I used the very tip of it and had no problems whatsoever.
  1. Paint your nails the base color (white) 
  2. When that dries, add a dab of the first color you want to use (pink) to create your flowers on the piece of paper.
  3. Pour a little bit of the nail polish remover in the cap so it is easily accessible. 
  4. Dip your brush into the nail polish remover 
  5. Transfer the nail polish remover you have on your brush to the pink nail polish on the piece of paper. Mix it together.
-The idea here is to mix 1 part nail polish with 1 part nail polish remover. Once you did so, you will create little flowers on your nails, obviously. The mix will make it look like a faded/watercolor type of floral print.-

        6. Use a dabbing motion when your creating the flowers as opposed to a sweeping motion. That will make them look faded even more so and you may even be able to skip the last 2 steps.    
        7. Once your done with your first color (pink), repeat steps 2-6 for the next 2 colors.  

-It doesn't mention to change out the nail polish remover with each step, but I think that would be ideal. You will notice the nail polish remover will be tinted the colors of your nail polish and we wanna stay away from mixing colors at all costs!-

-I used the same brush for all the colors. If your going to do the same, just be sure that your wiping the brush off really well between each color. I didn't use any soap/water/brush cleanser to clean it off. I simply dipped the brush into the nail polish remover, then wiped it off with a tissue until there was nothing on it.-

        8.  Now your going to add a dab of the white nail polish on the piece of paper. Mix 1 part white nail polish and 2 or 3 parts nail polish remover. 
        9. Make the slightest little dot at the center of each flower with the white mixture. If you have used enough nail polish remover, the white will slowly spread over the flower when you put the drop down, which in turn makes it look faded. I only did this step with some of the flowers. (see step 6)

Ok! Now just add a top coat and your good to go! If your more of a visual person check out The Beauty Department for pictures to go along with the directions! I do recommend checking the real tutorial out, But still read my tips which are in italics to have an even better understanding! I hope I helped! I have a feeling im all over the place! LOL!

Good Luck!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Anti-Aging, Weight Losing, Beverage.

Since I have decided to get healthy, I have been drinking my healthy potion every morning. I am not a nutritionist & I am not good with medical jargon, if you will, so I took it upon myself to explain it with bullet points, in layman's terms. The coolest thing about this drink I think is that it will literally burn fat. That's amazing.

Before last week, I used to just grab a plain green tea pack. But, I found these little gems of green tea in different flavors. They have 4 flavors in all but I ended up getting the Mango one and the Acai Berry & Blackberry one. 2 for $3! This was great for me because I am not a huge fan of green tea. I just know I need to drink it because it's good for me. 

Quick review on Bentley's Green Tea: As soon as I opened up a mango packet I smelled mango. It tastes like both green tea and artificial mango. I personally think it is a better option then just regular green tea.

So I was looking for something to put together in the morning that would speed up my metabolism, & give me energy. If your on the same journey, look no further!

1. 1 bag of green tea (or 2!)
2. the juice of 1/2 a lemon (or a full lemon! I use 1/2)
3. 1 tbl. honey
4. dash of cinnamon

Good To Know 
-It's a tangy, sweet, & spicy super drink!

-Weather you drink lemon water or green tea with lemon in the water, it still counts as water since green tea doesn't have caffeine or sugar in it.

-Remember, to get the benefits of the green tea, you must drink it normally! I have a cup every morning.

-I like it warm because I think it is better for you that way: especially with the lemon in it. Don't quote me but I am almost positive. Follow the links to find out more info about everything! It is actually pretty interesting stuff!

-It can replace your caffeine!  I usually have a cuppa coffee or a small glass of coke along with it but sometimes nix those and I feel just as energized!

-Lemon Juice in hot water is believed to clear the digestive system and purify liver as well. Sounds good for any hangover!

-The Green Tea has a lot of antioxidants, and that the stuff that reverses the signs of aging.

-When I started digging deeper I started to realize that even though these ingredients do amazing things when consumed alone, the benefits when you combine them are even better.

"a few human studies that have shown that drinking at least two cups of green tea daily inhibits cancer growth."- link

"Honey is nature's energy booster, Honey is a great immunity system builder,  Honey is a natural remedy for many ailment" link

disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist. If you have a question, feel free to ask but I may not have an answer! If you however do have answer to a question please leave it below for everyone! For more info, follow the links!

Cinnamon 1 & 2
Lemon Water

Whats your Favorite morning energy booster?

Thanks For Reading!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Proactiv Cleansing Brush

It is not often that I give anything I review a 5/5. With this Proactiv Cleansing Brush, I just must. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Skin Type: Acne Prone, Oily Skin. I have a lot of redness & hyper-pigmentation.

Quick description about Proactiv's 3 Steps. The Cleanser, The Toner & Repairing Treatment. I started using Proactiv when I was 19. My skin was really bad. When I started using it, my skin cleared up dramatically. I am 25 now and still use Proactiv on and off till this day. When I am on with it, it for the most part clears up my skin. But the more important note about it is how soft & calmed my skin look. It cleans the skin very well. When I am off, my skin does start to break out again. Not as bad as I used to be but nonetheless, it breaks out.

I really love Proactiv for the fact that you can buy the 3 Steps (small size) for $25, and they usually throw in something new to try. This last time I received a full size of the Dark Spot Corrector (review to come later). These items are at no extra charge. This cleansing brush was the best freebie I have ever gotten to date.

When I first started using the Cleansing Brush, I was so exited I was using it twice a day. My skin was not happy about that. You are only supposed to use it once a day for a minute each day. So I quit using it a couple of days and then started using it again...anywhere from 1-2 times a day. I know, I am not good with directions but after a while I think I was getting a deeper clean using it twice a day. To start off, I would use it once a day as recommended. A side note: I love exfoliators. I usually do not like to buy a cleanser without them- just an fyi. Proactiv's Step One has exfoliators

How I use it:
Wash my face with Step 1 with my hands for a little less then one minute
add a little but more cleanser (Step 1) to my face
Turn on the Cleansing Brush and slowly go over my whole face lightly for 1 minute.

So I really love the cleansing brush! I do use proactiv and that is the only cleanser I use with it. Do I think that is the only cleanser you could possibly get a deeper clean with using it hand in hand with the cleansing brush? No. If you have a cleanser you prefer, try it with the brush. If you want to try it out without buying the Proactiv 3 Steps, it is somewhere around $20-$30. Please don't. Your getting a way better deal when you buy said package.

Free with purchase
Comfortable to use
Battery Operated
Batteries Included
New Brush Heads are $12
It Works!- It helped my skin a great deal and I got an even deeper clean when I use this baby.

There is only one brush head for the cleansing brush
Only one speed. I don't think I need another speed, but some other people may like that.

So for me I can say that this is a 5/5. I really love everything about it. Especially the price! The saying does not hold true that "you get what you pay for" with the cleansing brush. It really is something that I think they could get away with charging much more (let's not let them know that!) If you have never tried Proactiv now is your time to get 4 products and a brush for $30! Just Google "Proactiv brush" and I betcha it will pop up!

I hope I helped you guys making your decision and I hope you try this brush before making a huge investment on a Clairsonic. It's worth it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you!


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Current Obsession: Rose Gold!

I am most likely not the only one obsessed with everything rose gold. Even though all I can do is lust over a Micheal Kors watch, and other rose gold jewelry, we can all still find it in cosmetics! I have put together a couple of rose gold beauty products that have been hiding right under my nose the whole time. 

Stila Eyeshadow in Jezebel: I just got this for free with my Birchbox points! I love Stila eyeshadows. They are so silky with beautiful pigment. This shadow will not disappoint if your looking for a way to wear the rose gold trend on your eyes. This is a medium pink/copper color, aka rose gold. I have heard this be compared to Expensive Pink by Mac.

Nyx Jumbo Lip Pencil in Brown: This should not be named Brown. It should be named Rose Gold. That is what this color is exactly! I haven't tried the jumbo lip pencils until this one and I must say I like it quite well! It is somewhere in between a lip gloss and lipstick. I think the medium pink with a slight metallic sheen color makes it pass as a true rose gold lip product.

Avon Slick Tint in Glossy Rose: Personally, for less than $1 these blow the Revlon Lip Butters out of the water! It has about the same pigment as a Lip Butter in that it has a tint. Not to be confused with a lipstick. That aside, it has a strange smell. Nonetheless, leaves a rose gold tint to the lips. If your looking for a subtle way to wear the trend I say go for this baby!

Avon Mirror Shine Nail Polish in Blaze: I have had this forever. aside from the color, the formula is peculiar. Your first coat can be your last as it is extremely opaque but it has the tendency to "flake" off, if you will. I recommend a top coat, as usual. It definitely has a metallic finish with shimmer making it pass, in my book, as rose gold. This I got in the clearance book a while back so they may or may not still have these for sale. You can always check Ebay or Amazon! I have 2 other Mirror Shine polishes if your interested in seeing them all, let me know.

Here's your swatchadoodles:
L2R: Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Brown/Avon Slick Tint in Glossy Rose/Stila Eyeshadow in Jezebel

Have you been jumping on the rose gold bandwagon? 


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Warm Weather Wishes and Favorites

Hey guys! How was everyone Fourth of July! It rained like hell here.  We took the freeway to see the fireworks. Usually there are fireworks all around en route to downtown but it turns out everyone else had the same idea because there was a huge traffic jam along with a serious storm. There was even a tornado a couple miles away! (I live in north-east Ohio, btw).

I wanted to go ahead and finish the 30 Day Fashion/Beauty challenge! I have other things planned for the next couple of weeks as well but this has been written and done just meaning to be published! Hope you enjoy it!

Here is your "Beach/Pool Wishlist" edition

Left to Right, Top to Bottom:

Maaji Bikini Tsunami Sublime (from the Tone It Up girls!) This is the cutest bikini I have ever seen. And, its even reversible!

Victoria's Secret Angel Fresh Glow Luminous Cooling Mist: Heard about this on Youtube and I thought it was the coolest thing! A shimmer mist that is also cooling. If the "Angel" stamped on the name is any indication on how it smells, I love that perfume!

Mark. Curl 2 Curl Reactive and Define Mist: I have wavy/curly hair and with these type of products, it is really easy to wake up with next day hair and be out the door. When I make a mark. order, I am grabbing this baby! I have high hopes! My tried and true curling mist would be Ouidad's version:

Victoria's Secret Flirty Little Secret Firming Bronzer with Pheromones : Another VS product. I can't help it. Title says it all. I

Sephora's Waterproof Eyeliner: Everyone always thinks about the waterproof mascara...what about the eyeliner?! That is just as important to me!

Bath & Body Work Malibu Heat Shimmer Mist: I missed out on these in the semi-annual sale. dammit.

Banana Boat Tanning Oil: I have a confession. I am not big on Sunscreens..I know, I am awful. I recently got a freebie of sunblock that I have been wearing on my face. Hope that helps! Either way, I am always going to but on oil before and during a pool day. It just wouldn't be right otherwise. It smells and feels like summer with tanning oil.

 Red Rivet Juniors Basic Colored Jean Shorts: You can find these cute colored shorts at Wal-Mart for __$$! This was something I could really jump on board with. I think the yellow are my favorite. Would look awesome with a tan

Summer Fitness Wishlist

Not Your Mother's Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: If my hair is all wet from being sweaty, I think that this stuff could give it new life! Technically not a fitness wish but I kinda forgot it in the previous collage. oopsie! 


Nike Free run plus 3: I am positive that these are so comfortable! My Puma's are little worn down + these are a neon/pastel green color! so cute! You can do some serious color blocking at the gym!

Jillian Micheals 30 Day Shred: I have heard so many awesome things about this so I must try it.

Beach Babe DVD: Tone It Up's DVD. I love them. There workouts are always really great!

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun Tank: From the Tone It Up store. I know. I am going overboard but c'mon! that's adorable!

Summer Faves:

Bonfires: We have a pit in the back yard and we light a fire whenever possible! 

Pool Parties!: My absolute favorite thing to do in the summer! In this picture it is my moms boyfriend daughter, Tina. Her son, Nickolas. And, your truly (: p.s. I am not sure why it says November, 19th 2008. LOL! it is clearly summer time and this was taken in 2011.

Walks/Biking in the Park: Another absolute favorite thing to do.

Popsicles!: I have really been loving making popsicles and finding popsicle recipes. Especially this popsicle! It is a Skinny Blueberry Cheesecake Pudding Pop! Extremely easy to make!

Do you guys have anything good on your wishlist?
What is your favorite thing to do in the summer?
shot me a comment!

Till Next Time,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Healthy Fourth of July Quickies!

I have been looking a lot at healthy eating blogs lately and I just thought I would share a couple of recipes I came across. if your going to a picnic and you wanna bring something healthy & delicious! And by the way, I tried to get the easiest recipes too! There is only 1 involving the oven (the first one on the list) *but* I would have to say those look worth it!

(she also has a lemon blueberry version too! yum!)

popsicles (5 of 8)



White Russian and Black Russian Cocktail Popsicles

I hope you guys like this post! 
Will you guys be testing out any of these?

Happy Holidays

Target Bag

Yay! Another Target bag came in my mail! If your not sure what that is, it is a free makeup bag filled with a bunch of samples that Target sends out to the first X amount of people to sign up. They do this promo it seems 2x a year. This will be my second bag I have gotten! If you want a heads up on the next bag (which will probably be sometime in the fall) I will tweet about it! 

So the trend with these bags seems to be a cute little cosmetic bag which has become my favorite thing about it! They also send out a bunch of shampoo/conditioner samples: This time I got an Aveeno sample and a Garnier sample. The Aveeno looks like it might be a purple shampoo judging by the packaging only. If it is, I will be stoked to try it out!

They sent a deluxe sample of the Tresemme Split End Remedy shampoo that claims to reduce 80% of split ends after 3 uses. I have only used it once so far so I guess I will let you know how it goes if I like it on twitter. I am hoping its a good one because I can use a split end mender!

I also got a little sample of one of the Revlon Lip Butters in Peach Parfait. The lip butters in my opinion weren't pigmented enough but I didn't try out the Peach one yet.

The cool thing about it is that it is all fairly "new to the market" products. So you get to test some stuff out and if you like it, you can head to Target with your handy-dandy coupon book that you get in the bag that has coupons for everything you got try in the bag + more.

**edit: not pictured: Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sunblock : I almost forgot about this one! I have been wearing it on my face before makeup if I am wearing any that day. I actually was never big on sunscreen. Bring on the tanning oil!! Picture on its way! So sorry!

I thought for those of you especially who do not know about the bag, that you may be interested
I will be back a couple more times this week for some fun stuff! C U Then (:
Did any of you guys get a Target Bag?
Like I mentioned before, to find out about the next Target bag follow me on twitter! I will let you know over there! So just a quickie today!
Thanx for reading,

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