Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Day 5&6: Your Best Bargian Buy & Something You Would Like to Wear More Often

After thinking about this long & hard (not about that!) I have come to the conclusion that my best bargain buy was between 3 products:

Laura Gellar Baked Blush n Brighten in Honey Dipped: I got this in my Birch Box which I paid $10 for & in the box, were other things too, obviously, for anyone who knows what Birch Box is.

Julep Maven: I got 2 Nail Polishes, & a Hand Scrub, for a Penny! Use the code PENNY for first time users. thats what I did, check it out! I have only used the coral one. It is my favorite polish I own. Not to mention the polish(es) I got are really great quality

Revlon Colorstay Foundation: My CVS moved so they put a bunch of things on clearance. This was one of them. I bought it for under $2. Too bad it is a few shades darker but when I get a tan, I'll be using it.

#6 Something You Would Like to Wear More Often: I hauled this last Fall/Winter on Mind Body Beauty & I loved it then as much as I do now! I have only worn it twice. In the colder months, it is okay to wear but it is such a hassle to take it on & off because of that adorable neck-line! It has 2 little buttons in the back & I always button the button in the wrong hole! I always feel like Carrie on Sex & the City when she is trying on that awful wedding dress & can't get it off! In the warmer months, I can't be bothered! Too hot & humid! You will be seeing a lot of outfits I usually wear soon enough in this challenge (:

Anybody Else Doing the Challenge? Do it with me!!!!!!
Let me Know, People!

Till Tomorrow, 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Pittsburgh Haul Part 2: H&M & JC Penney

Hey there! As you may know, me and boyfriend went to Pittsburgh for some shopping & to go to the Improv. We had a lot of fun! We went to Yankee Candle, Victoria's Secret, The Gap, JC Penney, & H&M

At JC Penney's I had a gift card and I needed a new maxi skirt very badly! We probably looked in the store for 45 minutes until we finally found one.

I also spotted a necklace so I bought that as well:

isn't it cute? I like it!

I am exited to talk about H&M because believe it or not, we dont have an H&M near us! I have never been to an H&M and I loved it! It has got to be my favorite store. I'm 25. Even though I like Forever 21, Wet Seal, Charlotte Russe, Body Central & the like, im 25. I feel like those stores are geared towards a younger crowd I suppose. Don't get me wrong, I still shop at those places, but H&M was like the perfect store for me. For my age & my personality. Needless to say, I bought a couple things:

The Bird Print Top: Is really in this season!I am one for loving and following trends so I had to have this. It is my favorite purchase for the haul!

I also bought this flowy cardigan. It was on sale for $5! What a freaking steal! And, it is much more flattering once its on my body, lol! I will be doing an OOTD with it soon so you can see what it looks like

the last 2 things are: leggings (right). They are just black leggings, nothing special. I needed a new pair. I also bought a striped tank top that fits really long. It is perfect for a "bum-day" I can just slip the 2 on along with the previous cardigan & above necklace and be out the door

Be on the look out later on for the 5th & 6th day of the 30 Day Beauty/Fashion Challenge: "Best Bargain Buy" & "Something You Would Like to Wear More Often"!

Whose joining the Challenge?



Monday, May 21, 2012

30 Day Beauty Challenge: Day 1-4

#1: Your Wardrobe: This is easy enough. We live in an old farm house, FYI. So my closet is shaped quite weird. I hang up dresses, blouses, sweaters, cardigan's & the like on a hanger. The shelf above that I keep: pants, jeans, jeggings, cami's, & other tops that wont be ruley on a hanger! I have a part for belts, scarves, & bags. Then most of my shoes go in the holder. The clothes I wear often are most likely in a basket, which means they are not in the closet- I keep "clean-worn clothes" in it because I am too lazy to hang everything up every single day. (: - too lazy to blog? never.  I guess I just have fucked up priorities


#2 A Scent You Can't Live Without: Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Things.It's not just this scent. My other favorites are Ralph by Ralph Lauren & Paris Hilton by Paris Hilton. all 3 of these scents have every note in common with one another. Fruit on the top. Floral's in the middle. & the bottom note is usually musk. For fun I am going to list the scent description for each perfume:

In common with Ralph Lauren In common with Paris Hilton In common with Sexy Little Things In common w all 3

Victoria's Secret's Sexy Little Things: japanese osmanthus, apple, water lily. honeysuckle, jasmine, lotus. iris, musk, cashmere wood.

Ralph Lauren's Ralph : apple, japanese osmanthus, italian mandarin. magnolia, boronia, yellow freesia. musk, white iris.

Paris Hilton's Paris Hilton:  melon, apple, peach . freesia, lily, lily of the valley, mimose. tuberose,  jasmine. sandal wood, musk, oakmoss, ylang ylang.


#3 Something You've Never Worn Before: My makeup item is Coastal Scents Camo Quad. It is to cancel out certain colors on your face. I bought it for the green color, to cancel out my redness. All it did was make my face green. It barely covered up any redness. It is much easier to just conceal the redness. I am still looking for a way to use this little quad. And thing is that they are very pigmented & creamy! Maybe I can use them as an eyeshadow. In fact, I think I will.

#3 My clothing item doesn't have a good reason. I bought it on sale from Wet Seal about a year ago (maybe 2 years ago) and I never wear it! It is really cute too. I like the flower detail on the back. I like the way it fits too. I think I will wear it this week. Problem solved!


 #4 Your Favorite Color Eyeshadow: This changes all the time but I have loved Stila's Kitten since I got it. It is a really nice champagne color. Depending on the way the light hits it, it can become a mid-toned gold. I probably wear this color on my lid every day. Over any other lighter color I have, actually. I love this color. Not to mention it is so easy to apply. It feels like silk.


If you are doing this Challenge, let me know in the comments so I can check it out! If you just found out about it, no need to feel like you missed out, just start when ever and link me up!


Sunday, May 20, 2012

Spring Trends Part 5: Sodalite Blue & Solar Power

"Sodalite Blue, a classic maritime hue, brings order and calmness to mind. Like an
anchor to a ship, this dependable shade works with every color in the palette."
- Pantone

1. Belt from H&M
2. Belt from Old Navy
3. Bobbing for Baubles from Essie
4. Flats from Charlotte Russe
5. Dress from Kohl's by Elle
6. Top from
7. Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Dark Rite from Nars
8. Earrings from Forever 21

Bracelet: Forever 21
Shoes: Charlotte Russe
Dress: from Kohl's by Lauren Conrad
Bag: from Shoe Dazzle

 "Providing a jolt of energy, Solar Power radiates warmth and cheer." -Pantone

Bikini: from Victoria's Secret
Top: from Old Navy
Sandals: Qupid Athena Yellow and Taupe Patterned Flat Sandals from Lulus
Pumps: from Charolette Russe
Bracelet: from H&M
Dress: from

"The palette dwells in a landscape of bleached neons — from Faded Florescent Yellow, Periwinkle, Marigold, Neon Tangerine and Pale Apricot — the colors tell a seductive story of a previous era of garish hued times; Marigold weighs most important as it is awash in color while still emphasizing its prior neon tone" - Lela Rose for Pantone

 I love this look! I wish I had the money to buy the whole outfit!

Dress: from
Clutch: I am pretty sure I found it at Asos
Earrings: from Asos
Heels: from Asos

What would you pair Sodalite Blue & Solar Power with?


Saturday, May 19, 2012

Spring Trends Series: Fashion Color Report: Part 4: Cabaret & Bellflower

"Cabaret is a sensual and intense rosy-red — an excellent choice for summer clothing and cosmetics."-

Cabaret can be paired with a lot of the colors on the panel this spring. Cabaret & Sweet Lilac. Cabaret & Tangerine Tango. Cabaret & The neutrals, Driftwood & Starfish. I would love to know what you would pair Cabaret with! leave it in the comment below!

1. Dress
2. Shoe Dazzle Flats Tickle
3. Shoe Dazzle Bag Thayer
4. Kohl's by Elle or Lauren Conrad
5. Forever 21 Earrings
6. Mac from the Too Supreme Collection
7. Abercrombie & Fitch Dress
8. Nars Velvet Lip Gloss Pencil in Mexican Rose Spring

OPI's Feelin' Hot Hot Hot
Mac's Girl About Town
Victoria's Secret Very Sexy Demi Bra

The next color is one of a kind in my opinion for the Spring/Summer. It is one of the deeper colors.

2. Clutch from Bakers
3. Dress from Kohl's by Apt.9
4. Bedding from Kohl's
5. Dress from Kohl's by Elle
6. Dutch Ya Just Love OPI by OPI
7. Flower Clips from Forever 21
You can wear Bellflower with Solar Power

Dress from
Flats from H&M
Bangels from Forever 21
Bag from H&M
even though I don't have an example, I have been seeing people pair Bellflower with Tangerine Tango everywhere!

 What would you wear Bellflower with?
What would you wear Cabaret with?

The Spring Trends Series was put on hold momentarily, but the whole series will be up by the end of the week! So check back daily!

Till Next Time


Friday, May 18, 2012

Blueberry Cheesecake Pudding Pops

hello, hello! I am exited to post this today! The weather is awesome and everyone around me is eating Handles Ice Cream (the best ice cream chain debatably in the world) and I have a few bites, but it is hard not to indulge. So, I did what only a girl who wants to stay healthy would do: got to the kitchen! I am so glad I did because the Pudding Pops I made hit the spot to no end. The best part? I don't have to feel bad about eating a couple!

-makes 8 pudding pops, depending on how big your dixie cups are

-2 pudding pops = 1 serving for me. it's about 53 calories total. Not to mention the nutritional value from blueberries!

-I used Sugar Free/Fat Free Cheesecake Pudding & it is amazing. It is one of my favorite snacks.

- I sprayed my dixie cup's with cooking spray and I am not sure if it made the popsicles slip out easily or not. You can also cut the dixie cup too. I used plastic dixie cups. I do know that paper cups work fine too

-The silver balls on the bottom are sprinkles. those are optional, obviously.

-I used a couple different food colorings.

I need to take pictures outside more often! I love how they turned out, don't you?
anywho, I am outta here. I need to make more pudding pops!

Till Next Time

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

7 Deadly Sins of Beauty TAG

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Hey! I am sure we have all sen this tag floating around. I know I have! It looked really fun but everyone kept on answering w/ the same answer's! What Gives? Some things I suppose are inevitable but other questions, I really wanted to get creative! Of course, not everyone's Q&A's were exactly the same, & I obviously loved the idea of this tag, so if you do have a video or a blog post about, link me up, yo!

1. Greed: What is your most inexpensive/expensive makeup item? 

Inexpensive: I have lots of inexpensive things! That is stuff I live for. Anything from the E.L.F. Essentials line is $1 & they have plenty of excellent products on that $1 list. I would say I got the most bang for my buck with the ELF Essentials lipstick in Classy & the Eye Shadow Quad in Drama.

For $1, you can't ask for anything better with this lipstick. It applies nicely & it smells really good too. I also hear it is a good dupe for Angel by MAC. hmm...I cant say for sure because I dont have Angel but I would say it's true because I watched a great video on it. They also smell amazing!

 here's a swatch: sorry about the shadow- boo! You can tell it's a mid-toned pink. Pretty

As for the Brightening Eye Shadow Quad, it is really great! There is a white matte that is actually pigmented, a couple really sparkly glittery silver colors (those are always good to have on hand) and a black w/ a little bit of shimmer. Check out the swatches: The swatches are on my boyfriends hand (: thank you Philly

Most Expensive: Even though I got the Naked palette for Christmas, I still know it is the most expensive makeup item I do own. I am not going to go on and on about it because we have all seen it a few times now! I will say I really do love it and my favorite colors are: Sin, Virgin, Toasted, Naked, Sidecar, Buck, & Hustle. So pretty. Between my mom and I, we get a lot of use out of it. My mom even thought it was an outrageous price, bought it anyway, & is happy she did so nowadays. That's proof that it's a good investment!

2. Wrath: What Beauty item do you have a love/hate relationship with? Revlon Colorstay. Now let me explain. This has been my absolute favorite foundation that I have ever tried. It worked so well for me for over a year now. When I recently purchased my new bottle I was feeling like it wasn't working for me. Sure it covers but I have a lot of redness that Color Stay used to be able to cover up & now it doesn't do that as well. Granted, it still covers just not as well as I would like it to- like it used to. It's really strange. Maybe it's the new concealer I am using which is Revlon's Photo Ready Concealer

another beauty item I have a love hate relationship with is Nyx Narcissus! God, I love that gorgeous color! My favorite bold lipstick! And the smell? Amazing! I was wearing it every single day I loved it so much. Then, something happened to it. I think it was because I used to put it in my apron every day and re apply every hour at work where I was running around in a hot restaurant. I think its probably time to buy a new one. For now, I have a love hate relationship with it. Love the color. Hate when I go to put it on, I get it everywhere. I usually just dot it on my lips then smooth it out w/ my finger or q-tip. You really cant put it on like regular lipstick

What item has been the hardest to get? A great nude lipstick! I was trying so many nudes until I found Revlon's Lip Butter in Creamsicle. The one I really missed the ball on? NYX in Summer Love. It looks awful on me. You would think I would have known that just by looking at it but I obviously didnt! lol- I personally would like a nude lipstick in lipstick form as opposed to a butter type of thing. Any suggestions for me? I ws thinking Nyx Orange Soda

3. GLUTTONY: What are your most delicious beauty products? Since I have been picking 2 for almost every question, why stop now? Especially when both of them are a true tie.

My first one is the Bodycology Hazelnut body scrub. You can get a big tub of it at Wal-Mart for like $6. It literally smells like it is supposed to be slathered on to my toast as opposed to my body. Not to mention it is a really great scrub. I actually like it better than any of C.O. Bigelow's.

My next one is Dark Kiss body butter. I will let the description speak for itself. - "A blend of black raspberry, Mirabelle plum, amber, dark vanilla bean, & sensual balsam". That's how Bath & Body Works describes it. When I smell it, it makes me think of a blue kool aid flavor with a really warm note, which is probably the amber. It's hard to describe. It's smells delicious.

4. SLOTH: What beauty product do you neglect, due to laziness? Lashes. Absolutely, without a doubt. It doesn't help that I am not that great at applying them. I do have lashes that are pretty long, esp. when I am using the right mascara, I sometimes feel as if I don't need them. But when I really want them, I start putting them on, they annoy my face and eye balls to no end, so I take them off. Practice makes perfect & most of the time I don't even attempt to put them on, sometimes I grin & bear it, but most likely I take them right off! Pictured are Elf lashes. The only ones I have right now, actually.

5. PRIDE: What beauty product gives you the most self confidence? Black eyeliner on the waterline. I don't leave home without it, actually. When I first started with makeup, all I would do is apply black liner on the waterline and apply some mascara & I would be happy. To this day I always use at least mascara,black liner, & arch my brows. But if I am not wearing my liner, I feel very peculiar. Here's some of the ones I am using now that I like a lot.

front to back:  Mark. No Place To Run, Styli-Style, Smashbox, & Revlon Colorstay

6. LUST: What attributes do you find most attractive in the opposite sex? Hair, Eyes, Ambition, Kind, Polite, Loyal, I like a guy that is a homebody,I hate that loud obnoxious guy at the bar. Or the guy that is a party animal. I especially like a guy that will go shopping with me or to a makeup party if I can't find anyone else to go. My boyfriend? Is all of those things.

7. ENVY: What items would you most like to receive as a gift? I think this calls for a quick little wish list! The ultimate gift would be a makeup brush set.

1. The ultimate brush set that would be perfect for me would be the Performance Eye Kit Brushes simply because I do have smaller lids to work with and even the brushes I have now are sometimes too big.

2. The next thing is something I just came up with but I would love it as much as anything else. A Nars eye shadow palette. Any of them, honestly. I always hear how Nars eyeshadow's are so amazing & unique.

3. The Sigma Precision Brushes I really would love because they are unique face brushes that are all kabuki type of brushes.

4. I have wanted this Too Faced Face palette since it came out a few months ago. It is right up my alley. I would use the fuck out of it! haha

There you have my 7 Deadly Cosmetics! - lol
Link me if you did this tag as well

Till Next Time,

like all of my picture flare?  Go to this link! She's amazing!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Yankee Candle Haul

Hey guys! About a month ago, me & my boyfriend went to Pittsburgh just to go see a comedian and go shopping. (yes, my boyfriend is the best) We bought stuff from a few differnet places, including Yankee Candle.

Since they were selling both votive's and tarts for $1 each, I tried to get all the votives because 1.) they have a wick so you can burn them as a candle & 2.) They can be cut into 3 individual tarts and you can take the wick out if you would rather use it as a tart. So obviously, you are getting more for your money.

I usually favor Slatkin & Co over Yankee but Yankee was having a sale. We did some major damage over that weekend so I didnt have a bunch of money to spend on candles but I new I had to get something for the season. I was still burning freakin Marshmallow Fireside & Candied Sugar Plum. 2 of my absolute favorites but I needed a change for the nicer weather. Plus, there was a candle that I was dying to get since the first time I smelled it a few months ago. It is a new scent for the summer and that is.....

Beach Flowers: My description: It really reminds me a lot of Angel Whispers from Glade which was the very first candle I bought and it was actually the only candle I kept buying for like a year or so. It smells a lot like perfume or soap: soap in a good way, like a delicious body wash. It is very floral but not your grandma floral (like Wedding Day from can keep it! blech). It was the first one I burned and I have had it in a candle holder still. Every now and then I get a whiff even when it isnt burning. I don't like light, passive scents. I like in-your-face-this-smells-amazing-I-want-it-every-day-scents. If your looking for a really good candle, this would be my ultimate recommendation.

 "Like delicate keepsakes from the sea. . . the lovely scent of tuberose, lily and hyacinth blossoms balanced with soft watery notes" -

Juicy Watermelon:  My description: As much as I wanna give a detailed description, all I can say is it smells like a juicy watermelon. Even when I just had it sitting there with the wrapper on, I smelled it from across the room. That's really crazy to me because I don't know any Yankee Candle's that have a high throw*, esp. w/out it burning.  I love anything melon so this was a win for me.

"The ultimate summer refresher . . . the sweet, cooling scent of juicy watermelon."-

Clean Cotton: My Description: I always go for bakery smells, or sweet smells, candy smells, fruity smells, even floral smells. I never go for clean smells. When I realized that in the store, I picked my favorite clean one and bought it. It smells very clean and little reminiscent of Beach Flowers. I think they used Clean Cotton as the bottom note or something. I have this in a little candle holder right along side Beach Flowers, and even when they are not burning, you can only smell Beach Flowers. I would have liked this one to be much more strong. If your looking for something on the cleaner side, & you want it to smell up the whole house/room (depending on the size of the candle), go for Beach Flowers. And also, this isn't one of those that smell like a laundry detergent either. It just smells like clothes out of the dryer. Perfect name.

"Sun-dried cotton combined with green notes, white flowers, and a hint of lemon." -

Blueberry Scone: My Description: First of all, how good does that scone look? Yum! This is the perfect blend of fruity & bakery in one. You know that smell or taste that a blueberry has when it is warm, weather on top of oatmeal or in a scone itself? That is what this candle smells like. Warm blueberries and sugar is what Blueberry Scone smells like. I am a sucker for anything blueberry (probably my favorite fruit). Granted, I have yet to burn this one so I can't say how high the throw* is, however it is one of the stronger candles unopened. I think I am really going to enjoy it when I burn it.
"The delicious aroma of English quickbread with sweet blueberries, rich cream and a hint of vanilla"-

Orange Dreamsicle: My Description: This is another one I have yet to burn. As far as the strength of the scent goes, I would say it is one of the weaker scents unopened. That tells me that it will probably be a lighter scent once burned. Either way It smells just like an orange creamsicle. There is no better way to describe it. I can smell that creamy ice cream with the sweeter side of an orange flavor, exactly as the real thing would smell like.
"A favorite childhood summer treat you never outgrow . . . a cool blend of orange and vanilla ice cream."

Yankee Candle really upped their ante this season. I used to not be very fond of Yankee just because of the weaker scents you get when you burn them. Even though only half were as strong as I would like them to be when they are still in the wrapper, a lot of the candles I bought smelled just as the description or name said it would. The reason I like Slatkin more is only because they never skimp on the throw* of the scent. You can smell it on the whole floor & you can smell it for days, with Slatkin. For know, these scents are perfect. I do hope when I burn the last 2 mentioned they will make the room smell lovely. I haven't had a problem yet when it comes to burning them.
*what is a throw?: It is however far you can smell the scent of the candle. ex: A high throw: you can smell the candle from far away.

Yep! That my newest candle addition

Have you guys tried any new good candles lately? 
I would love to know which one's! 

as always, 
thanks for reading!


Monday, May 7, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hey guys! Can you believe I tried to film a video for this 4 different times? When I finally completed it, I needed to edit it. I have Windows Movie Maker. However, it will not take .mov files. I am not sure how to convert them. Everything I tried costs $$.  How do you guys convert your .mov files to edit on Windows Movie Maker if you do? How do you edit your videos period?? Please let me know in the comments!

Whatever, I will just do a good old fashion blog post! Little late but better late than never,  people! 

favorite beauty items

YBF Beauty Blush & Bronzing Duo: I am in love with both sides of this duo. However, I favor the blush over any other blush I have. It is such a nice pink color with some sheen to it. I have swatched this before on my blog, in case you missed it, I will link you up! Not to mention the blush goes on beautifully. I hate when your putting on blush and some are too chalky and look really cakey on the skin. I also hate when a blush is too light, no matter how many coats you put on. This blush is in the perfect middle. Again, to see swatches, click here

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Maybe I am a little late on the band wagon but it has been my favorite for the past month or so. Even though I think that Drugstore Brands do a fabulous job, UD does it even -dare i say- better? When it comes to longevity, It is a tie between this and let's say Jesse's Girl. When it comes to making your eyeshadow more vibrant & pigmented, I have gotta hand it to UD.

LaVanila Hand Cream: This was a Birchbox find. This actually came in my very first box! The past few months I can't say I have been impressed with Birchbox. If you want a full explanation, let me know guys! Anywho, I actually do not like the scent of this stuff. I am not a fan of lavender. Even after that, it is still my first pick of hand lotion every night. That is because it moisturizes without leaving that greasy residue. You can even tell by the texture of it when you first squeeze it out of the tube that it isn't greasy/oily. It is just different, even the texture. It looks like cottage cheese or something. Do not worry! it doesn't feel like it!


Proactiv Cleansing Brush: This was the best investment I have ever made. It wasn't even an investment at all! All I did was ordered Proactiv's 3 steps, which I use on a daily basis, and I got the cleansing brush free. All I had to do was re-order the Proactiv's 3 Steps & choose my free item, as always. This has got to be the best free add-on I have ever got from Proactiv! Review is coming on this. All you need to know right now is that refill brush heads are only $12, it is battery operated, it is water-resistant, very comfortable to use, very simple to use, and cleanses better than my hands have ever cleansed before. 

Favorite Fashion Statement 
 Bow Earrings: Just recently I started wearing hoops & was going to make hoops my favorite jewelry for the month. That was only until I spotted these. I can't remember the brand but I bought these from Kohl's. I have always been a studs kinda girl so these being a slightly oversized bow, were perfect for me. They do cover my ear lobe, tastefully. I just love them

Favorite Candle
 Beach Flowers from Yankee Candle: I think the last time I was this much in love with a candle it was back during fall 2011 (Marshmallow Fireside) & Christmas 2011 (Candied Sugar Plum). It has been a while! It is a new scent from Yankee, and they did fabulous on it! It's a very clean & floraly smell. Neither old lady floral or a powdery clean. It smells like the scent is a really beautiful perfume sprayed onto a really clean body. (lol) It reminds me a lot of Glade's Angel's Whisper candle. I have yet to check out Slatkin's summer candles which is crazy long for me. I am really happy with Beach Flowers for now though. I actually still have a haul coming up from Yankee!

Favorite food
Vitatops: Have you guys tried these? They actually contain more vitamins and minerals than an apple. Chocolate that is better than eating an apple? I was already sold. All you do is pop them in the microwave and eat it. I am sure you guys know by know I hate diety foods. Fake sugar? yuck! Diet coke? Can't do it! These do not taste "good for you" if you know what I mean. They are only muffin tops as opposed to a whole muffin, so I like eating them along with a banana. Yummy! They are expensive but I suggest to try them once and if you like them buy them again. I can't buy these every time I go the grocery store at $8, but I like to spend on them every once in awhile. 

Favorite Drink
HonestTea: Again, I hate diet foods and drinks. These Honest Tea's are so awesome! My favorite flavor is the Orange Mango one. The sweet tea is equally good. However, those flavors do contain some sugar. The lemonade one conatins none. It actually doesn't contain anything, besides Vitamin C! Something I do not understand at all but I will have to let you take a look at the nutrition facts. If you like tea with a hint of sweetness, you will love these. I really like sweet tea & with these they are neither too sweet or too bland. Perfect mix. They are usually 4 for $5 at my local grocery store.

this is the lemonade nutrition facts. told you!:

Media Faves

Favorite Game

The Sims: Sims has always been my favorite game. All the way back to Sim City! Every now and then I will go through phases where I either do not play at all, or I become obsessed with playing it. Right now, I am obsessed! I have every single expansion pack from Sims 2 but I only have 2 expansions for Sim's 3, which is the one I play nowadays. Hopefully I can build my collection and have enough time to play with them all until they release a Sims 4! Do you play? If so, Which expansion pack should I get next?

Favorite Blogger
Samantha Schuerman: She does a lot of weekly favorites and has some pretty good tutorials too. I really like her! Her makeup collection is huge so she is always talking about something different & she nevers runs out of stuff to talk about. I also love that she doesn't just stick to beauty products because I also like to talk about other things on my blog, other than makeup, obviously. Check her out! She has a blog as well, which is where I got the picture.

Favorite Show
Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods: Please somebody tell me you remember this show from MTV from a few years back? I used to love it! A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly remembered my all time favorite show from 2008. On not only do they have every full episode *but* they also have full performances by each girl! The songs they sing are catchy, you can't help but to sing along and love them (:

Bailey was my favorite from the beginning & something in me told me she was perfect to be Elle. The judge's agreed with me on that & she won(!) I always "promised" myself that as long as Bailey won the part then I would go and see it on Broadway. Needless to say I have always been pretty broke so I never got a chance. (lol) So, I decided to get a hold of Bailey on twitter to see if she would ever play Elle again. Luckily, her answer was yes & she will be on stage all summer as Elle! Not in NYC, but in Alabama. Ticket's are reasonable (about $30) so if me & my boyfriend can figure out a cheap trip (we live in Ohio) we are going to go! My boyfriend is the best because he is such a good sport with whatever I wanna do. Love you Phillyboo!

Favorite Movie
I just thought I should include this little section because we have watched a couple newer movies recently. My favorite one was Contagion. I love movies that are about half of the world dying from a weird virus. If that's your thing, or if you loved I am Legend (one of my faves) then I think you will like Contagion.

Another classic that has been on all month is Clueless! God, I love that movie. Is it sad that I know every single word? If you grew up watching it just like me, then you probably know it all too! I remember me and my cousin used to put half of a bottle of conditioner in our hair because we thought that was how we can create long straight hair just like Cher...even though we both had really wavy hair, haha! I also remember riding our bikes around town and taking our bubblegum pagers, pretending they were cell phones, & talking on them as Cher and Dee. We were obsessed! What are your memories from when you were a child based off of Clueless? Do you have any?

Favorite Song(s)
Ed Sheeran Give Me Love: OmGosh you guys, this song is seriously to die for. If I had to pick my favorite out of the 2 songs mentioned, I would pick this one. I can listen (& have been!) to it over and over again! Do you like acoustic? You will love this! They have been playing it for all of 5 seconds on a new Victoria's Secret commercial. If you do not do anything else all day long, listen to this song. You will thank me later. Your welcome (:

Ron Pope- A Drop in the Ocean: After the first time I heard this song, I knew it was going to be a favorite for a long time. if you don't listen this whole song, just listen to the first minute or so...I guarantee you will love it!

Ok, that is everything! Not a short post by any means! Lots of good stuff this past month! What have been your favorite things? Link me in the comments! Thank you guys for reading! 

Take Care!

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