Friday, July 29, 2011

Product Spotlight: Love it or Hate it?

Ever notice your makeup is kinda like your closet in a sense when its like "I have nothing to wear!" I see posts like this all the time and I think it is a really good way to bring those products back to life and also a great way to save your money! So these are those makeup products that I bought and I don't nearly use them as much as I should be. I am determined to shop my own stock and bring those diamonds in the rough back to life!

Remember this palette from icing? I didn't! great pigment, great price, great colors, hasn't been touched since! I think this would be great for a really dramatic smokey eye. Lately, I have been putting some black eye shadow over my liner (which I am so glad I picked that tip up! It makes your line look even black-er) & this black would be perfect b/c my other black shadow is shimmery as this one is matte. I am a bit scared of blue shadow, I think its because I am better with warm colors, but I think the dark blue would be really nice for an outer corner color, no? On top of all of that, the packaging is adorable!

Clinique Lash Doubling Mascara - I actually hated this mascara when I first got it. I thought the formula was too watery and I wasn't a huge fan of the brush. I have done a complete 180 because I have been using it the last 2 days and actually loving it. My lashes are thick and long so I don't like lots of clumps on my lashes. This stuff really separates my lashes and I love the brush now. See, thats what happens when you start shopping your stash.

Garnier Fructis Roller Ball- I just wanted to mention this because I had really high hopes for this since everybody talks about it, but I am sorry - I really don't see much of a change in my under-eye area. I really wanted to like this stuff, but I just don't. I still use it hoping it might be doing something that I am not even aware of, so I still have hope, I suppose.

Mark.Celestial Eyes in Mint Sky- It's a cream shadow and even tho it is looking a little dried up, once rubbed between my finger to warm it up for a couple of seconds, it is still good to go- for me anyways. Keep in mind that I bought this in like March. I think these would be really good as a base. Cream shadows are perfect to pair with the same colors of the powder shadow to make your look really pop

This next one is def. a diamond in the rough. I cant barely read who/what it is but I managed to figure it out Rimmel's Kiss & Stay. I bought this when I was a dancer a couple years ago, I can probably just go ahead and toss it if I wanted....but I don't want to! It is a really beautiful color, a bold pink that is perfect for a night on the town, since I don't dance anymore. I pulled it out and swatched it to see if it still had the staying power it did, and let me tell you, it does! I have never seen anything cling to me like this stuff does. Water will not take this stuff off. I used my Clinique makeup remover to take this stuff of but I think soap and water will do, but you may have to scrub a bit. Not majorly or anything but it does "kiss & stay".  If you try to take it off with just water, the water will run right off of the product and as you scrub it will kind of feel rubbery, you know what I mean? Although a little annoying, I think its a good thing, held up to their promise. Thanx Rimmel!

(left)swatch I left on while I slept (didn't attempt to wash it off) (right) swatch that I swatched 1 minute before I took the picture

Is there anything that you are bringing back to life? What about tossing it and never looking back? let me know in the comments! Thanx for reading!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Heads Up on the Sigma Give-Away, Guys!

 click me!!

if you wanna come back to my blog to click on the link,  it will be in my left side bar (: good luck ladies!!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Dear John, Will You Marry Me?

I am in love & I dont care who knows it! -Buddy the Elf. 
I am talking about John Frieda and his awesome Full Splendor Conditioner for Luxurious Volume. Remember my CVS haul? If you do, you may remember that I did have high hopes for this and I really was looking for a good conditioner as I do have really dead-ends. Even tho this conditioner isnt esp. for damaged hair, it does help it.

My hair type is thick, curly/wavy, frizzy (at times), damaged, & color treated. I usually buy shampoos and conditioners that add volume even tho my hair is pretty voluminous, I think I can credit that to the products I use. Including this one. John's promise to us Voluminous sisters:

"Builds fullness at the roots, strengthens and conditions where needed for silky, full-bodied hair."

Usage: I squeeze a palm full of this stuff in my....well, palm (lol). My hair goes a couple inches past my shoulders. I always start at the roots and really concentrate on my ends first.(that is where I need the most care), and then whatever I have left over put just below my scalp. Putting any products on your scalp can make your hair greasy faster and its not good for it. I apply at the beginning of my shower and right when im about to get out, I rinse it out. Even my wet hair is soft! This shit rocks.

After I do blow dry my hair out it is much softer. I am not joking when I say that my hair has never been that soft in my life. No fly-aways or tangles. My hair is easier to style & get volume. I am not saying once you get out of the shower, you are going to have volume. You obviously do need to blow-dry as you would to get volume, but this stuff def. helps. I don't use another volumizing product after my shower w/ John Frieda.

Thats not even the best part of this product- it did really target my damaged areas, which are my ends.I was expecting more volume than mending but I actually got alot more tlc than I thought I was going to get. If you have split ends- grab this stuff!

Availability/Price: It was on sale for $5.29 with the original price of $7.29.It is readily available at any drug-store and even some salons because it is a higher end brand but the only complaint I do have is how much you actually get. I think you should get a couple more fluid ounces for that price. I have long hair! I need a lot of conditioner! I have used it about 4x and I have about 2 more uses out of it.

Consistency/Scent: Of course it smells so good like any other conditioner and yes the smell of my hair did linger into the second day so that is a good thing. I would say it's about as thick as any other conditioner. If I am comparing it to Wen conditioner, the Wen is much thicker. another FYI.

So end result is even tho it is targeted to volume & not for split-end mending, I think it does help with your dead hair, as promised, as well as volume. I love this conditioner (can you tell?) I just feel like you should get a little more for the money you are paying for it! luckily mine was on sale and I think I can hopefully catch it on sale whenever I need it.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Beauty Blog Link Love

So I got to blogspot today, just like I do everyday, I started clicking on almost every blog on the reading list like it was nobodies business! lots of fun stuff to read about today so here's my:

Life as a Southern Girl is all about a good deal so be sure to check her out to see what she thinks of Neutrogena's Fight & Fade toner.

Recently discovered blog is Carlinn at Superficial Girls which is a really awesome fashion blog with beautiful pictures too! The girl has got a serious fashion sense, today on her blog she shows you Four Ways to Wear

Over at Fairytale Kiss, Jade from South Hampton, UK puts together a really cute collage using items from Prodigy Red for a festival look- you guys know I love collages! like Jade mentions, its a great way to shop guilt free!

On Elles Makeup Blog, she really reminds us to get back to basics! Check out her easy, yet useful tips here.

I am a huge candle lover!! If you are a candle junkie like me, check out Bath & Body Works new candles for the fall over at  NouveauCheap. Oatmeal Raisin Cookies candle?!? oh my gosh, yes please!

I know this is a beauty blog and all but I am in love with food blogs! esp. the dessert ones! That is why I love this post on white chocolate recipes because even tho im on my diet, I kick my sweet tooth craving just by looking at these Bites From Other Blogs over at Love From the Oven- white chocolate mousse, frozen white hot chocolate, white chocolate brownies?!? I am so there!

Shalynn over at Makeup Bliss re-created Makeup Geek's Berry Mojito Look and she did an awesome job! Great FOTD! 

I wanted to keep it even more interesting and I grabbed some really cool articles and videos off of beautylish so I hope you enjoy these too

Just a little update on the blog as you guys can tell by the lack of hauls I haven't been shopping really compulsively but I have bought some stuff and tested it out so I have lots of reviews coming up, lots of different conditioners & face wash actually. There are some holy grail products omg I am so exited to talk about them! I don't wanna spoil the surprise and tell you guys know! Everybody likes surprises right? (I don't haha) I also have a FOTD coming up I am exited about!

Remember to leave a good link if you have seen anything interesting lately!

OOTD: Pefect Spring Day

Yes, I know it's not spring guys! This was actually done in June when it started getting nice out in Ohio, this was the last day I wore long sleeves: 

Shoes- I got them at Burlington Coat Factory not sure of the brand!
Jeans- Fire Jeans the Lisa Skinny Jean- I think I got em at Penney's
Tank Top & Sweater are from Old Navy
Necklace- Body Central

please forgive the aim of this "photo-shoot" as my mom took them and didn't really "zoom-in" to see my outfit as a whole! so I hope you guys enjoyed it anyways! And I will get better with my OOTD pictures, its just hard because I am not the one taking them! (:

so yeah just a small quick post, it has been so busy around here! how is everyone else enjoying their summer? Be sure to link your OOTD in the comments! thanx for reading guys!

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Im Loving...

I have been seeing so many cute shoes that I just had to do a post like this!

1. Tuesday Turquoise from Shoe dazzle- here's what I would wear with these shoes: the color blocking concept I am in love with- With this outfit idea, I think I would have to choose one to wear: either the belt or bracelets!

2. Mojo Moxi in Poppy from Bakers- These are favorite ones out of the bunch!

3. Victoria G from Bakers-

4. Marco Santi shoes from Sole Society-

One more thing: This song! if you watch Teen mom, then you know this song- I love it! It is so soothing and beautiful-

what is everybody else loving? thanx for reading!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

You Guys Wanna See Whats in my Birchbox?

Im sure you do if you clicked this, so here we go! This month the Birchbox decided to have their first every guest curator, designer Cynthia Rowley. All of these products are her must-haves and let me just tell you, the girl has great taste! I know I say it every time, but this seriosuly is the best Birchbox yet!

ybf beauty automatic eyebrow pencil- I have seen this product time and time again on HSN and I have always wanted to try it, considering my obsession with eye brows. When I seen it in my Birchbox you can imagine how exited I was to try it out! I really like this, my brows look really natural.

 philosophy purity made simple face wash- this stuff has such a great reputation! my aunt stands by this face wash- so exited to try it!!
redken shine flash- another great pick! I tried it, and yes it does make my hair shiny, and it dosen't feel like there's a bunch of product in my hair
korres shower gel- this is something I haven't heard of since Birchbox

So I would say the thing I am most exited for is the ybf brow pencil! I am so exited about that one just because I have seen it so much on hsn and ive wanted to try it out! I also am really happy I got the redken shine flash (that bottle a $10 bottle people!) and also the philosophy face wash. If you get a Birchbox, what did you get in yours this month? if not, sign up! and don't forget to mention that Erica sent yah!

Saturday, July 9, 2011

June Favorites

hey guys! As usual, my favorites are a little late- I always seem to do mine a few days into the months. Either way, im sure you can see that my layout & header are new- I made them with gimp! So, my blog will be a construction zone for next couple of days.

Maybelline Superstay Concealer- Great for any blemish or under eye circles. This stuff is long lasting, trust me! It really sticks to your skin! For that reason, I think it can really double as a shadow primer for a simple look. A little goes a long way with this stuff! and I also find that if I apply just a bit with the doe-foot applicator and then take my finger and kinda press/roll it into my skin with as opposed rub it in, I find it blends really well into my skin and creates a really even skin tone- no concealer lines on this face!

Victoria Secret Sun Dust Bronze Shimmer Body Powder- This is a very shimmery bronzer for your body as opposed to your face. I do love this bronzer but I do have to go back over where I applied the bronzer with another blush brush. i find that you really can't blend it out w/ the brush it comes with, even when the thing is closed- the bronzer will still keep flowing out of the top of the brush! If you are familiar with the Bronze Beach sexy line from VS, you know this smells like. Sun-Kissed.

NYX Milk Jumbo Pencil- As everybody else does, I like to put it in the inner corners near my tear ducts to brighten em up a bit. I also like to put this on after my eye-shadow primer and before my actual eye-shadow, I find it really makes the shadow pop. I haven't had to sharpen this thing yet, Ive had it for about 2 months now & use it daily. At around $3-4 it's pretty much a steal. Here's a pic demonstrating how this pencil can make any shadow pop:

Mark. London Bridge Eye Shadow- I used this in my Kourtney Kardash FOTD it has been one of those shadows that ive had for months but haven't picked it up in a while- love. this. color. Its a taupe color but with a silver dimension to it. I think it is a really complex, beautiful color- I love it! (swatches above) I think this shadow is exclusive to the Flip For It London Palette but I am pretty sure you can still purchase this on either the Avon or Mark website- If your interested, I would recommend checking Avon first, honestly. I sell mark so click here to shop

And Lastly True Blue Spa Shea Cashmere Hand Cream- I lather this on my whole body after the shower or the bath- I could really put this stuff on a piece of toast- yummy! It smells really buttery and cashmere-y. This has been my favorite since I purchased it! Love this stuff!

Just another favorite it using a Sponge instead of a brush to apply foundation. Wow, I wish I would have done this all along. I like to put some of my liquid foundation right on the sponge and dot/smudge it on my face in circular motions (if that makes any sense). It really blends beautifully and isnt streaky like how it can be when applied with a foundation brush! The foundation also goes on really even when applied with the sponge- if you haven't tried a sponge for foundation, give it a try! A downfall is that it kinda sucks alot of foundation up, so you may need to use more foundation but I dont care- i would rather have an even tone face!

So thats all for my favs (: did you do a favorites post for last month? if you did, please link em in the comment! Thanx for reading guys and have a great night! (or day, depending on where you are in the world)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Polish Swatches

Hey there everybody! So while going thru my computer I noticed I took all of these pictures of different polishes and I thought I would share them w/ you all! Otherwise, the pics will go to waste! *Super Quick Post!*

Green- Avon Jade
Orange- Sally Hansen Sun Kissed
Pink- Sally Hansen Bubblegum Pink
Blue- Avon Vintage Blue

Sunday, July 3, 2011

If I Was A Nautical Pirate....

I love this nautical trend that is sweeping over the summer! It is so americana, classic, & pirate-y! I love the stripes, beachy theme, red, white, and blue colors: it's perfect for Independence Day! To me, it's reminiscent of the 40's and 50's. So if I was a nautical pirate or (naval attendee), this would be what my life would look like (in collage form).

Lipstick- Nars in Jungle Red- When ever I think of a Navy Pin-Up from way back when I think fire-engine red!...or Jungle Red
Purse- Chanel....enough said
Skirt- Love Label- I sense a nautical theme because of the vertical buttons, which are so cute! What sets this one apart for me, is the extra fabric around the waist- I think it gives it a modern twist! definitely a 2011 trend
Necklace- Forever 21
OPI- Yoga-Ta Get This Blue- Since I went with the red lipstick, I think a navy blue nail polish would be cute as long as im going for the red, white, and blue look.
Bikini Top-not too sure where this is from...sorry!
Shoes- Shoedazzle- Adara
Bedding- I love the thicker navy blue stripes paired with the white bed, and the rest of the bedding, I think the nautical theme when it comes to interiors is great and can def. be pulled off- as long as you don't go over board! I love the wicker storage box too- nice touch. This room looks like it belongs right next to the sea!

I hope everyone is having a fab holiday weekend! And if your not american and/or dont celebrate Fourth of July, just pretend you do so that way you can have an excuse to celebrate, relax, and have fun! The past couple days every which way I look I see fireworks! I love this time of year!!
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