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Happy Thoughts #4

#9 Architecture- I just love it- I love going to a city that I have never been to before and strolling around town looking at buildings. A city's architecture tells a whole story on the city it's in. I love how the designer puts in so much detail, it's an art I can absolutely appreciate...
#10 Television- I really think i'm a reality T.V. addict! haha! I get so emotionally involved in each show! The show's I like are Kardashians, Holly, Kendra, Real Housewife's of Beverly Hills, Lock-Up (yes i love lock-up surprisingly!) Pit Boss, Jon & Kate plus 8 (now it's just Kate plus 8) Real World challenges, oh do you guys remember I love money?!? what happened to that series of reality shows!? I miss those ones ): I also love cartoons like South Park, Family Guy, Aqua Teen.. I also like Food Network & History...Any t.v. show there is really
 #11 Animal's- I did not have a dog growing up, I had a parrot growing up- Candy. he was soo cute! He was an amazon parrot- he talked and laughed, and danced to music, he would even play tricks on us! haha, he was hilarious! When I lived in Nevada I had a puggle/boxer mix named Bugga! You wanna talk about the cutest-ugliest dog? He breathed really heavy and he was attached to my hip all day long! he was my baby! his voice was the cutest! I miss him so much! I love how animals have larger-than-life personalities- they are like humans. I hope I can adopt one soon.
#12 Pin-Ups- I think it comes from my obsession w/ old Hollywood. I also love photography of women. Pin-ups are so intriguing. There's something about a strong women standing up for what she believes in and back then this photography was very controversial. I can totally relate to the pin-up ladies
 #13 Comedy- Haha! Laughter is the best medicine! I love watching stand-ups to name just a few- Dane Cook, Jo Koy, Katt Williams, Kevin Hart. I also love all of the comedians on the round table (Chelsea). Anything funny I appreciate. It really is the best medicine, me and my boyfriend can just laugh for hours, you know that laugh that make's your stomach hurt? I can (try) to find the comedy in everything.
#14 Fashion- If I ever had a chance to go to any kind of fashion week, i think I would literally die!  I love watching the red carpet things they have on E! I mean fashion is so fun! You get a chance to dress up yourself and play with all the new trends, I just love fashion- another great art-form.
#15 Life- You thought i was gunna flowers, didn't you? I do love flower's because they are just beautiful, they smell so fresh, (and spring is my favorite season). But when I see flowers to me they represent life. Kind of like how babies do, they grow so fast and they are so... ALIVE! lol no but really there's something nostalgic about flowers for me, For some reason they make me reminisce.. just love 'em.

What are your Happy Thoughts?? Thanx for reading too! 
and BTW these are never in any particular order! I have wayy too many Happy Thoughts to even categorize or rank each one! I just call them as I see them!

Spring Trends (part 2 of 5) :Interiors

i love this one
Think: Antique, Vintage, Bold Stripes & Prints. When I think of trends for interiors, I think a piece, or a print that can also be considered timeless. With the color for the year declared by Pantone, this has been my color since I was born. The Pantone Color Of The Year is a bright pink color called Honeysuckle. It is supposed to reflect on nostalgia & have an energetic impression. Think: sweet, childhood memories! They were also going for really girly, and they nailed it on the head in my opinion!  "Courageous. Confident. Vital. A brave new color, for a brave new world"... And Bold it is! Here are some Honey Suckle, Bold Prints - Beautiful rooms I found.

"Let the bold spirit of Honeysuckle infuse you, lift you and carry you through the year. It’s a color for every day – with nothing “everyday” about it." -Pantone Spokes Person

 Like I said its not only the pink colors that are making their entry, its also the bold colors. The Picture above I think also reflects on the fashion trends of spring for this year which are shiny, metallics.

This is my absolute favorite textile I found for this spring! Love the Honeysuckle Pink with the bold print, but I also love the white, subtle background as well along with the birdie! So adorable!

These 3 prints are obviously not honeysuckle, but they are the interior trends. I love that Tiffany's blueish green on these 2 textile's & what I've been finding for textiles besides honeysuckle and bold colors are Peacocks, Birds, Shiny, and these Potted Flower looking prints. These are both nice examples of sheer beauty (no pun intended) but with that punch of color

I always loved the Pink & Brown together!
The next pictures are perfect idea's of vintage, antique, pink but with that fresh new look in opinion anyways...

No honeysuckle pink but still very pretty, love the ceiling, dont you?

I honestly love the "HoneySuckle" Kitchen. I feel they pull it off perfectly. If your going to go with hot pink cabinetry, Let the walls be white and the rest be very minimal! My bf would never let me do this, but if I lived alone, this would be my kitchen for sure!
Maybe with a backsplash like one of these....

and to prove that trends repeat themselves here are some things I got back in 2007 which are still as beautiful and fresh as they were when i bought them...

Bijoux Terner ($10 for all 3) I love these! I barely ever use them cuz they are so cute!

Bijoux Terner ($10..everything is if you were wondering) its a cute right? How's that for bold colors?!

Chinese Box I Got At Target in the Dollar Section around Christmas.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Spring Trends (part 1 of 5) MakeUp, Color

So the color of the year declared by Pantone is a color called honeysuckle. Its a nice refreshing pink, and I am exited its a pink!

Im going to talk about my first favorite for makeup this spring! and it is all about these beautiful, sheer, nude/pale, pastel, pearly color's for me!

I couldn't remember which make-up brand was advertising them and when I went to find out online which one, I guess CoverGirl, Maybeline,& Revlon have all caught on to this pearl-tastic trend. (which ive been seeing every color of the pastel rainbow on the menu for spring!)  MAC is also coming out line called Sheer-Jeanius for this spring, with a limited edition lip-stick, which is very similar to the pearl color's (all pic. names start from the left)

Acid Wash, Pretty Please, Riveting Rose,
Can I have the Pretty Please!...Pretty Please?!

  Docile, Indigo Pink, Painted On

Ive have always bought the Soft Lip's Balm and you always get a Tinted Lip Balm with the regular Lip Balm. I have these two colors: Sweet and my favorite, Shell Pink. 

I first got hooked on these a couple years ago and my first color was Pearl and I still look for it to this day! The Shell Pink dosent have as much pigment as it does sheen to it, so I usually wear a really pretty pink lip stick I got for a Christmas present IDK the brand name or else I would recommend it! or ill put Lip Tints in Rose by Avon underneath it.

 New Smash Box In Bloom Spring line Long
Wear Lip Gloss SPF 15
Also be on the lookout for bold lip colors (coral, red, pink)

Survey Says: Lips For Spring is can go either way, depending on your own personal preference obviously: Bold Red's & Coral's Vs. Pearly Pink's

nail art is also a huge trend for spring (lucky for us nail lover's)

Here are all the nail color trends for Spring:
Orly Spring Collection: Precious.
Revlon keeping up with the Bright Nail Trend's & They are scented!
Avon Pastels:  Jade, Luxe Lavender, Vintage Blue

Tiffany's Blue
these avon color's came out last spring and i wanted every color!
when i went to go and fetch more (i couldn't obviously wait until i put my next order in) and couldn't find these pastels anywhere! Im so happy they are everywhere they are my fav. nail trend this spring!!


MAC's New Jean-ius line is keeping up with the Neutral and Bold Trend
 Frayed-To-Order & Biker Blue

Survey Says: On the nails it's Bold Vs. Neutral

Other Trends for the Spring:
white eye liner

Monochrome Pink

According to, "In 2010 spring season pastel makeup used combination of pastel colored eyeshadow but this season the way to go is monochrome" (same color, different hues). Two hues can be used to combine to create a shadow effect.

Mostly the colors used for spring season 2011 are pink, blue, red, lavender, orange, green  --and all the shades look sexy.
Bold Bright Red Lip, With Green Shadow
MAC Jean-ius Shadows. Beautiful Blue's:
White Jeanius, Stove Pipe Black, Motorhead, Diva In Distress

Pastel Blue w/ a Hot Lip

Survey Says: Bold Eyes!

Thanx for reading! Stay Tuned for my take on some of these awesome trends!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mark/Avon Haul- Review

I am an Avon and Mark. rep and my package got here a few days ago! Yay! Im would like to share with you all what I purchased: (this originally was going to just be a haul, but since my camera has been messed up latley, I obviously could not post pics, so i've been using the product- so you get a too-fer!

Mark. Self Sanctuary All That Fizz Scented Bath Balls - I wanted to try these and I wasn't sure if I would like them, but let me tell you the box that they came in was so cute & intriguing , and as soon as I opened it, you can smell the bath balls, which smell like candy! ... $4.99

They are also wrapped like candy! You get 1 purple ball, 1 yellow ball, and 1 pink ball. This product I have not used yet. If you want to know how they are, just comment below and ill keep yah updated!

 Mark. Mezzo Snap To It Case- Now the diff I would say between avon and mark is that Mark. is a little more trendy than Avon. although I love them both equally, I absolutely love Mark.'s shadows. There taking a thing or 2 from mac with their build-your-own palette. Its the coolest. It comes with a dual ended brush (1 side is for blending and the other for placing color's) Mark.'s shadows are very comparable to a higher end brand make-up, and I recommend if your going for a higher end look but for a cheaper price- go with Mark. Also with the case's, there are magnets that hold the blushes or shadow's on the case. Kudos to Mark. $6

Mark. I-Mark shadow in shade- Biscotti.- I ran out of this a long time ago and ever since I tried Mark. shadows I really dont use anything else. They colors are really pigmented and with a good primer, they will last all day long. Even w/o a primer tho they last pretty long. $5

Mark. Blush & Bronzer Brush- I mean, that's really it! lol it's just a blush brush! I like it tho. Oh yeah if you do get it, use more of a stipple motion when you apply your make-up. I use it for bronzer, blush and loose powder.$7

Liiv Botanicals Vitalizing Eye Cream with SPF 15- I really like that it has spf 15 because my skin is very acne-prone and to prevent scarring or anything like that, its better to use an spf type of cream or makeup on your face. Im exited to use this item. it actually smells really good too. just fresh, not strong. Also around my eyes are really red too. Weather you go with this cream or not, I recommend investing in some sort of eye cream. IDK the price b/c I think this was discontinued. You can double check if you would like to. I wanna say $7 but don't quote me!


 Avon Nail Experts Strong Nails Length & Strength- This is a great product. I used it the day a got it (a couple days ago) and I can tell a difference. They are much stronger and where they were breaking, they are not anymore. For only $ you cant beat it. The consistency of the Nail Expert's Strong Nails is like a liquid almost if you were all wonderin. This is a new item!! $6

Smooth Minerals- I really love this powder. I bought 2, it was BOGO for half off. I got Light Beige and Ivory. I mix them to get the perfect shade. Then, when I go tanning, I can just use the darker of the two (which would be Light Beige) My MAC color is NC 15 (I know, i'm really pale!) I get full coverage with the Smooth Minerals. This is the new and improved Smooth Minerals too. You see at the top how it has a stopper? You shake it upside down so you only get a little bit and don't waist all of your loose powder! Great Idea! A good buy for me. $12

Remember Ladies! 
FREE Shipping for AVON w/any $40 order when u shop w/an ERep!! That's Me!  
Click Here (Use Code FS40 @ Checkout) 
Any Order Over $35 for shopping Mark. get's free shipping as well! 
(Use Code MARKFS35 @ Checkout)

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