Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My Body Spray Collection!

I have soo many!!
Listed from Left to Right

VS: Sexy Little Things- My Favorite one! You can purchase this at Victoria's Secret as a perfume as well, the body spray is $10. It smells delicious, reminds me of Paris Hilton a bit if anybody is familiar

B&BW: Dark Kiss- If you have been reading for a while you will know this is one of my favorites! It smells sweet almost like pink sugar and kool aid in a way but if anybody remembers Sweet Cravings (By Victoria Secret) they had a candle and some lotion it was a line of things like that a few years ago...it is exactly that is what im thinking since B&BW & VS are owned by the same company

Pink: Sweet & Flirty- This one is pretty much just Sweet Pea from B&BW although it has another note to it...like a little bit more of a perfumey smell to it, a little more of a mature note in there some where to me.

Pink: Pretty & Pure- I really like this one alot it does smell really clean and fresh. Calgon Morning Glory is a good dupe for this one if a had to chose one...although I like Calgon better...why do I have this one then? Reguardless, It does have a sweeter note to it- great scent. I favor this over Sweet & Flirty

Avon Naturals: Cherry Blossom- Yummy. It does in a way smell like a cherry and also a blossom, so the name is perfect. It has a warmer vanilla like smell to it compared to the Violet & Lychee

Avon Naturals: Violet & Lychee- I wanted to say that this and Cherry Blossom are my favorite Avon scents, this one is my top favorite Avon Scent. I hate to compare to Calgon's Morning Glory again but it reminds me of it. But this one doesn't have a sweeter note (like the Pretty & Pure) it has more of a floral note, hence the Violet.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Daring Citrus)- Even tho I really don't like citrus scents, this was my favorite out of the Blushing Temptations Bunch, I honestly cant smell any citrus. Other notes include magnolia and musk.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Pretty Petals)- I think this is Cherry Blossom in another bottle lol. But to be true, it has notes of Jasmine, Grapefruit, and Warm Amber.

Avon: Blushing Temptations(Sparkling Plum Blossom)- Notes in this one are Raspberry, Plum Blossom (duh) and White Woods. To me, it smells like Kool-Aid.

Degree: Sweet Romance- Not Shown! I forgot about it! How could I? also really LOVE this one too! (I say that about all of em, but I love em all). You can also get the Sweet Romance deodorant, I love pairing them, it smells clean and girly.

I have def. learned one thing about myself...I have too many body sprays that smell alot alike...I am not buying anymore forever...
This is a TAG! Everybody who comes across this, Try it out and then link in the comments! I love body sprays!! They are my weakness (obviously), I wanna know everyone's best and worse (if there are any) - Thanx For Readin!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Clinique Freebies!

Hey beauties! So going on right now if you buy something from Clinique over $20 you get some goodies! You can either get the pink or the purple and I opted for the purple. I liked the pink lipstick better but I wanted the purple eyeshadow more so here's the purple collection:
What you get:
  • 2 Makeup bags, one big and one small
  • Dramatically Different Face Lotion- My mom loves Clinique and this lotion reminds me of my child-hood because of that- you either love it or you hate it. Im not sure what I think about it yet, I gotta try it out longer
  • Take the Day Off Makeup Remover for Lids, Lashes, & Lips- this makeup remover isnt too bad, it took my day off- it is oil based tho
  • Pretty Lips Color and Gloss Duo- I like the formula of this award-winning lipstick, it's nice to have it just in case im going for drama one day I can pop this out- color is quite nice but it's not something I will use on a daily (I prefer the pink one! why didn't I choose that one?)
  • Lash Doubling Mascara- (claim) Magnifies lashes 2x their size and thickens them to max volume in minimum time. I personally like other mascara's better- but for me a new mascara is my favorite thing! So I am liking this although I have tried drug-store mascara's that are better than this- it's all in the wand yah no
  • Clinique Color Palette- I loved the palette that was why I bought it- the colors are matte and for some reason I have been going with matte lately. I heart this little palette
All and all this is a wonderful deal and ladies were so sweet, they rung 2 of our items up separately so we can have 2 of these goodie bag's (1 for me and 1 for my momma)
Thanx for Readin!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Review: Physician's Formula

Hey ladies and zombie! I hope everybody is having a great holiday weekend! Happy Easter or Passover! I wanted to do a little bit of a review, I haven't done anything makeup lately, so my blog is missing it (and so am I). Physician's Formula is one of my favorite brand's in drugstore's. I have had the Cashmere Bronzer for quite some time but I just got the Happy Booster blush a couple day ago, I have wanted it for a long time!

Cashmere Bronzer (in the lightest shade) - So I have been tanning for a couple weeks (which I have sensitive skin, I have found the Perfect Face Tanning Lotion which I will include in my favorites) and when I got this product it was too dark for my face, I hated it. (I was NC15). Now that I am a couple shades darker, I think it is the perfect bronzer. I comes with a little mirror and a little bronzer brush. I just use my big bronzer brush but the mirror comes in handy throughout the day. It is supposed to make your face feel soft and nourished and it is very soft on my skin. It also last's about 8 hours with primer and liquid foundation on my face- I did pay about $12 One thing about this product that I did not like- I am expecting the packaging to stay in tact! With this one, it did not- The compact was glued together, not bolted. The packaging is really cute, but...it just didn't stay together.  Also, the pan fell out of the compact!!  Would I purchase this again? I like the color- it is perfect for my skin color (now) and also it does feel very lightweight and soft....but it fell apart on me....I would rather try something else. I love Physician's Formula and I dont think I am ever going to stop buying it because aside from this poorly made item, Physician's Formula is one of my favorite brands.
                you can kinda see where is ripped in this picture

Happy Booster Blush (in natural)- When I heard it smelled really good, I knew I wanted to try it just because of that. On top of that, packaging is so cute-a chrome pink. The hearts that make up the blush color are really pretty as well. I really like how it 's 5toned and not just one color. This blush is perfect for layering. Depending on how blushing you would like to look for the day (or night) you can layer it on- It is really beautiful.  It isn't too heavy at all either, nice and light but it really does give you a natural blush to your cheeks. the Natural color is basically my dream blush color. They also use natural plant extract's that are supposed to help protect your skin & that give you the same effect of endorphins (and endorphins make you happy!) I don't really know about all of that- I just know I love the color, the formula, and the scent as well so then yes, it does make me Happy! lol.  This also comes with a mirror and a little brush. . Would I purchase this again? absolutely! I really am so Happy I bought this Happy Booster!

Here's some swatches of them: (sorry, not the best but I hope you guys can see it ok!, let me know!)
  without flash

Friday, April 22, 2011

Keeping A Journal (for exercising)

Hey My Lovely Followers!! I am so glad I have so many! over 30 is really a blessing for me and as long as you guys keep reading, I am gunna keep posting! I love blogging it is so much fun and thanx for all of your support and comments!! Just a quick side note about My Healthy Journey what has been helping me is keeping a journal about everything I eat, drink, and all the work-outs I have been doing so that way I can track my progress!

                 They were a dollar a piece!! sweet! I love little things like this!

Mainly I have been trying to stay away from red meat, drinking 8 glasses of water a day, among other things.

in order to lose 1lb a day :  How much you weigh x 10 = How many calories you should have a day.

4 days of cardio for 20 mins. Like I will go for a jog or ride our exercise bike.
4 days of strength: 1: Butt and Legs    2: Abs & Back    3: Shoulders and arms   4: Stretch for like a half hour
(you can do both strength and cardio in the same day if you prefer, but I did ask around and a lot of trainers have told me you should have one day of rest)

It has been working for me I look slimmer, I feel better, and of course I am much healthier! Don't forget to treat yourself once in a while tho!! Thanx for reading too!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Cute Storage and Organization Tip

hey everybody! My major used to be Architectural & Interiors I have an obsession with being organized and I just love little touches in a room. I am really fascinated with architecture and interiors, so I am always on the hunt for great adorable deals. I picked up some stuff recently pick little things up all the time so I wanted to share some things with you guys I am sure you will all enjoy!

I was shopping at Big Lots and decided between this or Revlon Colorstay invisible lip-liner....I was not sold in that "invisible" mess (anybody tried it?) so I opted for the much more practical, useful high-heel ring holder! Dont you love?!

Me and BFFF had to drive her mama out to Pittsburgh to catch a plane this past weekend so we decided to stop at Ikea while we were out there. I am really crazy about organization especially when it comes to paper everywhere. Something about seeing a bunch of paper on the floor makes me wanna puke! (im so weird, I know) Love these: 2 of them for 5 bucks!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Happy Thoughts #5

                                        #16 The City
                                       #17 Playing The Piano
                                       #18 Blogging!
                                    #19 Love
                                   #20 money

Sunday, April 17, 2011

All About Icing Products

For me Icing products are definitely a hit or miss. What I got from Icing the pat few weeks:

1. Angled Brush $5
2. Icing Nail Polish in $3
3. Flaunt Beauty- My Sultry Palette $1 (on sale)

1. Angled Brush: I purchased this because I really needed one, the only one I had was from my Milani Brow Fix and it was getting beat up, it really wasn't made for long time use + I use that one to apply my gel liner as well. When I got the Icing brush home I realized that it was a larger brush when it came to the actual bristles and that is a downfall for me. Because of how large/wide it is, I really don't like to use it for gel liner, it doesn't give me an accurate, steady line. Not as precise as my Milani brush so I do use my Icing one as my brow brush and the Milani one for gel liner still.

                Left: Milani Angled Brush Right: Icing Angled Brush

2. Nail Polish in Preppy Purple- My favorite color for the season is the pastel purple so when I seen this I really wanted to try it and was so exited about it! Even tho I do have an addiction of sorts to this purple pastel, I had one from Avon (and later bought one from Sally Hanson). When I got it home, I realized it wasn't that true pastel color I was hoping it would be, it does have a shimmer to it which makes it look a little on the silver side. Wasn't what I thought I was purchasing so Icing nail polish can be deceiving! The color isnt bad. Beware: you do have to apply a few coats (3) to get the color shown!

Left to Right: Icing Preppy Purple, Avon Luxe Lavender, Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac

                     So for the most part they look the same color, Right?

     Left to Right: Icing Preppy Purple, Avon Luxe Lavender, Sally Hansen Lacy Lilac

Kind Of...I guess it was fate for me to pick up the Icing polish just because I already have 2 other pastel purples. But, I was thinking the preppy purple was going to be more of a pastel and less of a shimmer. Now, if I am ever going to buy polish from Icing I will swatch them at the store. (no your not allowed, but it is hard to define the true color from seeing it in the bottle.)

3. Flaunt Beauty- My Sultry Palette. This I am really impressed with! First of all the packaging is intriguing and adorable so that is obviously a huge plus! For a dollar you cannot beat this very highly pigmented palette. It comes with 2 shadows, 1 blush, 2 glosses. The shadows are very shimmery! well not too shimmery, they have just enough shimmer. With the exception of the blush which isn't very pigmented, but for a dollar it is a wonderful deal! Enough said, the pictures will tell all:
                           "I love the print that looks like lace, so cute!"

2 on the Left are Shadows: Blue Hypnose Brown Smolder. Middle: Blush Warm Rose. Right: Lip Glosses: Top Spicy Bottom Bewitched

Swatched with one stroke name from left to right: (Shadows) Hypnose, Smolder (Blush) Warm Rose (Glosses) Spicy, Bewitched

All and all my favorite item is the Sultry Palette! Do you have any Icing products that you love or hate? I hope everybody is enjoying their Sunday! Thanx for Reading too!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Whats In My BirchBox?

Yay! My Birch Box Finally came!! I feel like I have been waiting months (I actually have been waiting since mid February, so it has been 2 months) A quick explanation of what Birchbox is: A service which you pay $10 a month and they send you high-end sample beauty products. There's a bunch of brands they teamed up with (Nars, Benefit, Zoya, etc) to let people try out stuff before they really make the commitment to buy something. What ever you like, you can rack up points and get the product of your choice full size (or you can pay for it). Not only that, but you are signed up on the site so there are some other perks you get like little little video on products you receive or how-to's. You also make a beauty profile when you sign up so they know your hair type, skin color etc. so that way when you are sent certain products they will work for you.
 I was soo exited to dig into my box, I used a pen to open up the package and obviously marked my birchbox! lol

OK, on with the Haul:
1. Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel "This organic peel doesn't mess around: natural fruit acids dissolve even the most tenacious dead cells for an immediately brighter, smoother complexion" is what the card reads. After cleansing your face at night your supposed to apply this to your face and leave it on for 10 minutes. It is supposed to give you a brighter complexion, firm skin, and eliminate the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It is an exfoliator as well, it has raw cane sugar in it, which I thought was interesting. They also gave me a little sample of their Stem Cellular Repair Moisturizer to use after I use the peel. The moisturizer claims to decrease DNA damage (what-ever that means) & improve cellular damage. I am really into skin care I feel that is the first, most important step to outer beauty and I am always looking to up my ante with my skin care regimen.

2. LIV GRN Earth Eau de Parfum the card reads: "Made from biodegradable and sustainable ingredients, this lush scent is laced with jasmine and sandalwood." This scent smells so delicious! I smells just really clean and feminine. It is a perfect spring scent. It does have a floral note to it (duh Erica, jasmine is in the scent) but it is a bottom note. The first thing I think about the scent is fresh and clean.

3.LaVanila The Healthy Body Butter (card) "Made from all natural shea and cocoa butters, this satiny cream is lighter than your usual butters - perfect for warm spring weather" They formula is really thick but it definitely isn't greasy. I can say it does feel light-weight. I received the vanilla lavender scent. The scent smells like an aroma therapy candle. If you like that scent, you would like this. Not one my fav.scents I know my friend Alex will love this tho. I like the formula but not the scent, so this one's for Alex.

4. Zoya Nail Polish in Jules Zoya is actually an award winning company for their formula of polish. It wont chip on your nails is what they claim. for me, so far so good. It's been about 24 hours since I applied it, and I like the formula! I think ill will be using Zoya alot from now on. Isnt the color I would have picked, but it is pretty and something different to ply with (sorry if you cannot see the true color of this polish, It was hard to capture!)

5. They also gave me a little something extra to go with this months theme which is going green & being eco-friendly-

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How To: Get Clear Skin For The Summer!

Since I was 20, I have been plagued with skin that has a mind of it's own! Sometimes dry, other times oily. I have been trying everything to make sure my skin will remain clean & blemish free! Especially with summer coming up, you really don't want a ton of make-up on your face when your at the pool or if your sweating it off so here's some really great tips and tricks:

1. Wash your face in the morning and at night following these 4 steps:
a. Wash It Off!- Use a Cleanser to wash off all make-up with some kind of tool. I use Loreal Deep Facial Cleanser and I came with a little rubber sponge, which is good to deep clean. Washing your face in a circular motion, concentrating on one area at a time (mainly your T-Zone) is going to give your face an even deeper clean. I reviewed the Loreal Deep Facial Cleanser here
b. Exfoliate: Find an exfoilator that works for you. (I use proactiv) Using an exfoiliator will remove the surface layer of the dead skin cells. Get a cleanser with tiny grains! Big Grains will rip and tear your beautiful skin up!
c. Toner: Kind of like insurance for your face. It will remove all of the remaining traces of dirt, oil, & make-up. 
d. Moisturize: Make sure not to go overboard, it will clog your pores. A good way to tell if you are not moisturizing enough is if your skin feels tight, that means it is crying for moisture!
2. Going out in the sun isn't good for your skin but who wants to stay cooped up? Nobody! If you are going out in the sun make sure to use a blocker that is Non-Comedogenic, Non-Acnegenic, or Oil-Free to prevent clogging pores. Go a step farther and wear only "broad spectrum" sunscreen's which block both UVA & UVB rays. Active Ingredients would be Zinc Oxide, Avobenzone, or Mexoryl.
3. Pamper your skin. Give yourself a facial. I will be doing a post coming up about how to exactly do so, but there are plenty of good masks out there, and alot of good recipes to make your own as well.
4. Try not to pop your pimples. Unless I have just given myself a facial I will "extract" the white/black heads. I never touch the red infected one's, if you do try to pop those it will drive all of the bacteria deeper into your skin. If you have a red pimple, use Visine on it, it gets the red out, as they promise- even with pimples! it's amazing! (any dermatologist will tell you never pop any pimples, but it does work for me but ONLY if I take all of the necessary steps to "extract" them. How to give yourself a facial is coming soon on my blog)
5. Take Biotin! It is a vitamin that is good for your nails, hair, & skin. I have been taking biotin and I have noticed some huge changes! Like with all vitamins you must take them on a daily to notice any changes.It also helps with the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins which is a definite plus!
First of all I am an avid Proactiv user and I really love it but it can be expensive! If you haven't tried it yet, I say to go for it! It really is a small investment for what you will be gaining. Clear skin, clean face, more confidence! Also if you register online, you get a bunch of free steps which include: moisturizer, daily oil control, refining mask, & vitaclear which has biotin in the packets all for around $30 if I am not mistaken. To learn more about it I talked about it detail here

If Any Of You Guys Have Some Great Tips Feel Free to Comment About Them!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Summer Bunny Give-A-Way!!

Hey ladies!! KissAnMakeUp is giving away a bunch of really nice stuff! Alot of Too Faced stuff and honestly even you don't want to enter, follow her! She is seriously one of my favorite bloggers! If you are entering, *Good Luck* & may the one that gets picked, WIN! (:

Here's everything that's up for grabs:
http://kissanmakeup.blogspot.com/2011/04/summer-bunny-giveaway.html    <---Go here to enter!

What I Got: Lush: First Look

hey everybody! I ordered some stuff online from Lush and here is what I got

 (Left to Right Top:) Rock Star Soap, Creamy Candy Bubble Bar, Mrs. Whippy Bath Ball,
    (Bottom:) Honey I Washed The Kids Soap, & Ice Blue Soap (Both samples)

I have hearing about Lush all over this world wide internet and I have really been dying to try it. So I decided to just order off-line since we don't have a Lush in my neck of the woods. Alot of the stuff I got, I researched on YouTube, and Blogs, and of course the Lush website because I obviously couldn't smell anything & I have found out alot of the things I have been hearing about the different scents, I smell something totally different:

1. Rock Star Soap. I love the color of it. It's like a light pink. It is intriguing because the way it is cut it looks all rustic and looks like you can eat it, that goes with everything I purchased tho. It says bubblegum on the site, and everywhere else I researched it I found that alot of people think it really dosent smell like bubblegum. I can smell the bubblegum in it. It smells like sweet tarts or candy or something like that.

2. The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar. it is the same scent as the Rock Star soap. Looking back I should have gotten another scent just to try out different scents, but I didn't! I think because this one looked so cute and again like candy! Looks like candy, smells like candy.

3. My Whippy Bath Bomb: The white "whippy" stuff is like dust. Everytime I took it out of the bag a little would fall off of the bomb. But when it is inside the plastic bag it ships in, It smells like strawberries very much. Once I open the bag or take it out and smell it (be careful if yah take it out tho, it's messy) I think there is some kind of cinnamon smell to it. It smells a little spicy to me, which is weird it wasn't what I was expecting.

4. Honey I Washed The Kids: This was a sample and one I really wanted to purchase because it seems like something I would really like. As you can see in the picture, It doesn't look like it does online. It dosent have the honeycomb thing on the top of it. This was just a sample but I kinda feel like if they wanted me to sample, they should have put a little bit of the top in the bag at least b/c (maybe) I think it does something with the scent. My first thought when I smelled it was margarita. I am not a fan of them (Jose and I do not get along AT ALL) but I did like the way it smelled. It has a citrus note in it as well. To me it dosen't smell like honey. My BFFF (her name is Alex) and my BF (Philly) smelled it and mentioned the citrus although my mom can smell the honey. Everybody has different "taste buds" in their nose meaning not everything smells the same to everyone and I think this soap is a great example of that. Over all I actually really love this for some reason, I cant really put my finger on that other note, and me not being a fan of tequila or citrus I don't no what it is about this, it is mysterious and mesmerizing and I really do like it.

5. Ice Blue Soap: It smells like a piece of winterfresh gum. I love winterfresh so I do really like this scent. I guess I never thought of winterfresh as a soap. I think when I do try this it is going to be cool to the touch.

I really am happy I ordered from Lush, although I wish I could have went to the store and picked stuff out, just because I could have picked stuff out with my nose as opposed to my eyes! Lush is definitely one of  a kind, I cant wait to try it all out!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Review: Loreal Go 360 Clean Deep Facial Cleanser (Sensitive Skin)

Hey Guys! This has been a long time coming! I know I promised it a long time go but I have been having mixed feelings about it so I will tell you all of them.

So first off I got the cleanser for sensitive skin (it's in the blue bottle) That was initially why I picked it up. Usually your options for cleansers are dry vs. oily. My face can be both at the same time! Trust it has a mind of it's own and it is very sensitive. I guess you can always get the combination option but my skin is truly sensitive.

This cleanser was pretty average for the first couple of weeks. I do wash my face day and night and when I was using this I wanted to really see what it was like so I didn't use my old stand-by Proactiv. I wanted instant gratification with this and I didn't get it. I know that you do need to give your skin and the cleanser a couple weeks to really start working, so I just kept using it but I didn't really have high hopes for it for some reason.

After I got half-way thru the bottle I really notice I change in my face. I do have acne prone skin and my pimples were really diminishing in a way. Not that every pimple was cleared off of my face but it did make them a little smaller.

The best thing about the formula tho was that my face was very smooth after using it for a few weeks as well. Like I said my face can be dry and oily all at the same time and I find if I do use this it makes my face soft and kind of evens the combination of dry and oily out. It meets exactly in the middle and makes my face really smooth! With this formula, they did as they promised and it was very sensitive on my skin. I cleansed it with out going over board by making it dry as some cleansers can do.

I also liked how it came with the little scrubbie which is made out of rubber. I think that this was my favorite part. It isn't too rough on your skin like a loofah or a washcloth would be but it's isn't too easy on your face, it gets more work done than your hands would get done! I think this little thing was what alot of people have been looking for, including myself

I dont really have any negative things to say about this. I really liked it, It is around $5 if I am not mistaken so it is very affordable.

Overall thought is I will still be using this to take off makeup and really cleanse all of the dirt out of my face before I use my Proacitv daily. Since this doesn't have any kind of exfoliator to it I do like to use my Proactiv still. But it is a very good face cleanser. Will I be purchasing this again? Yes I probably will, but if I dont purchase this again soon, I will be keeping the little scrubbie that came with it just because I think it really helps with getting all of that dirt out of your skin. Although the formula is great, I loved that scrubbie! I think the scrubbie and the formula go hand in hand. I say if you have sensitive skin, definitely try out this cleanser.

Thanx For Reading!!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

March Favorites!

April First is here and gone, so that means March Fav! My first march favorite is about hair, Ive really found that jelly works well for hair gel. im serious i mean like grape jelly! your hair stays in tact, and plus your hair smells fabulous all day. After a while, your hair feels smoother....im serious...Sike! Im JK!!! April (belated) Fools! You guys didnt think I was serious, did you? Is this the latest april fools joke you have ever seen? Who pranks on the 9th of april and calls it april fools?! In all seriousness (to an extent) on to my true favorites for the month. I am so late on all of this, I have been trying to revamp my blog (as you can see) And it has been alot of research and what not. still not done but it's looks ok for now, to invite a new post! So...

#1. ELF Brow Kit. For $5 it doesn't get any better than this. You get 4 different stencils (only 3 in the picture, where's my other one?), a consealor brush (for some reason), Brow Gel, and Brow powder/cream duo. Oh yeah and tweezers which i didnt realize were missing! but what sold me, were the stencils and I needed more brow gel. when i got the kit home I realized the brow color cream stuff was awesome. The dark color is cream to define and shape, & and the light color is powder to fill out your brows. I love this little kit, My eyebrows are forever on-point.

#2. Mark. Gloss in Sexy. When I seen it in the catalog a million times, I looked passed it every time. I just always get pink colors for my lips. It wasn't until somebody ordered it off of me that I got to see the true color of it. I fell in love and had to have it. It's really pretty. It's almost gone and I just got it not even 2 weeks ago! It's a bit hard to capture the color of it on camera, but I think this is the truest color I got. Although It's a bit lighter in person.

#3. LOreal Tanner Sublime Bronze- I am pretty pale, my skin is quite light. (NC15), yeah very light. I do get nervous about self tanner's. With this one, so far so good I have to say. I have been putting a layer on a day, although it acts instantaneously. It's not like the Natural Glow in the respect it isn't gradual. It comes as spray. It doesn't make me orange. Although you cant put it on your face which would be nice. My only gripe about it is that it is quite hard to get off of your hands. I had to scrub and exfoliate...hard. Right before I put it on tho, I exfoliate my skin to make sure it looks even. And another thing about it, is that it takes really long to dry. It may feel dry, but it's not. I don't suggest leaning on anything, it will come out darker in that area...if that makes any sense. If you do have any questions about it, just ask.

#4. B&BW Candle. Strawberry Patch. It smells so delicious. Sweet & Fresh. Kind of like a laffy taffy if I had to choose one thing it smells like. It has a really high throw too considering I got a small one. the 3 for $5. I can even smell it when it isn't burning. If it's sitting next to my computer, I have to look over to see if it's lit. It's divine.It was so awesome, It's all gone!I found this pic online
#5. Dark Kiss from B&BW. I got a body butter & a body spray. I liked it so much I went back and got a small body wash. The body wash smells a little bit different tho. It smells really sweet but girly. My current favorite scent. I think I love the butter the best, It soo smooth and yummy! I wanna eat it!
#6. Maybeline Super Stay Concealor. I just bought this a week ago and it is a favorite. I usually shy away from concealor in a tube with a doe foot just because the one's I have bought in the past, the formula is just really watery. My BFFF purchased this and I tried it and I really loved it. She is a shade darker than me but I still loved it. The shades they do have are good for any skin color. I do have a hard time finding the right match for my skin, and this was good for me. I got the cream color. I really wanted to try the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage but on sephora.com my color is always sold out! I couldn't wait any longer so I bought this and I love it! It is not watery at all, it is wonderful!

So there's my March Favorites. If you did a favorites post, they are my favorite to read so feel free to post a link in the comments so I can check yours out!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Many Uses Of Coffee Grounds!

Hey ladies! I have been trying to put up my favorites for a couple days now, but as soon as I took the last picture my camera died!! So gimme at least 48 hours and I will have it up, but I thought this was really cool and I am a huge fan of coffee so I hope guys like!

-Brew a fresh pot of coffee. Make sure to have a cup!
-3 tbsp of coffee grounds and make sure it's caffeinated!
(Use grounds within 20 minutes of brewing before oxidation occurs.)
-1 tsp salt in a small bowl.
-1 tsp of oilve oil
-Scrub mixture over entire body while in the shower.

-you can even mix it up and add more ingredient that you know are good for skin, be creative! I'm not a professional here, I am just really creative (or so I like to think)

It's best in the morning, considering it's caffeinated. Since it works as an exfoliator it will remove all of the dead skin cells, which results in better looking skin!

Extra Tip: Use it in your hair (be sure to rinse out of course) and your hair will become very shiny and soft. If you dye your hair often, mix a bit of coffee in your shampoo. It acts as a color enhancer.

Another Extra Tip: Coffee Grounds is even good for cellulite! or should I say isnt not good for it!
Ever notice the ingredients in cellulite treatments? the main one is always caffeine! Mix a small amount of used grounds with your moisturizer – something like a teaspoon to an entire bottle. The coffee grounds will stick to your skin until the lotion dries, which is what is supposed to happen! So don't rub off!

-Until I researched this, I had no idea about these versatile grounds. You can even replace coffee for espresso for an even better effect!
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