Sunday, May 29, 2011

NARS & MAC dupes: LOTD4Less

  • Mark. Pro Gloss in Sexy. I think this color is a good dupe for Nars Turkish Delight. It has that perfect nude/white/pink if yah no what I mean
  • Maybelline Lip Stick in Born With It - great dupe for MAC Cream Cup
  • NYX Matte Lip in Tokyo

Friday, May 27, 2011

Are you having this problem with blogger?

IDK WTF is going on...everytime I go to another blog I cannot see any of their followers and I cannot click on the button to follow them.....? If anybody else is having this problem and knows any way to fix it lemme know if you can !!!! thanx guys!

Candy Bars....that are Healthy?! -Grocery Shopping Ideas

Do you love sweets? candy? chocolate? ice cream? but you wanna fit into that bikini on monday, don't you?  so what should you do? cave and go crazy on junk? or should you eat healthy food and skip the sweets? You don't have to choose anymore....I have found the ultimate junk food/good for you list! Some of you may know if you visit my blog regularly, as of about 4 months ago I started trying to eat alot healthier and exercising on a daily basis I have really found some great foods- a lot of these are even better than any other dessert...without A Million Calories!

  • Oreo Dipped Delight Bars- I usually dont really care for Oreo's but these could be mistaken for a candy bar that would rival a Snicker's any day...they are literally delicious about only 100 calories! Ok so not exactly an actual candy bar but if I fed you this along with a milky way you wouldn't know the difference! The cream in it isnt reminiscent of the original Oreo- it is much gooey-er and hits my sweet tooth harder *and* did I mention only 100 calories? where can you find these? I find them in my diet/health food section
**Please dont mind my un-personal images! my mom took the camera, so I found these online! Boo!**

  • Cheesecake bars- Wow! they are hard to explain, but they are really delicious. It does remind me of cheesecake! - again only 100 calories with these. where can you find these? I find them in my diet/health food section. Usually they have a deal like 2 for $5 so you can grab these and the Oreo bars together.

  • Skinny Cow Truffle Bars- although these are expensive at around $6-7 and if you like Italian gelato and would pay that much for it then I suggest you try these out. The hard chocolate that is drizzled on the bar melts in your mouth- they are much creamier than ice cream- My favorite on the list are these! where can you find these? I can only find these in half of the grocery stores I go to, but I have seen them in many Wal-Green's- so that much is true! and trust me guys, they are worth the hunt

    • Another delicious snack is Cottage Cheese and throw some Peaches on your Cottage Cheese- I am not talking about that cottage cheese that grows on the legs (trust me I have plenty of it!) who dosen't like Peaches and Cream? and yah never know the more cottage cheese you eat, the less you will have growing off of your body!

    • Gushers- Love these & im sure you all know what they are but instead of the starburst with no nutritional value, Gusher's are a low calorie treat, low fat, and are actually high in Vitamin C. you know that stuff that gushes out? that is actually fruit juice concentrated from pears!

      • Angel Food Cake- there are 0 grams trans fat in Angel Food cake plus it is delicious especially with fruit of your choice on top. I think Strawberries go great with Angel Food Cake!

        • String Cheese! yum! nothing like a string cheese to make my day a little more whimsical and make me feel like a kid! There are 80 calories in each stick but the calories from fat are around 50...not a good look for string cheese but you do need dairy daily! so honestly, its better than a cheese steak! right?

        • Edy's Creamy Coconut Bars- 120 calories per bar with 25 calories from fat also have 3 (mg) protein and %8 calcium...after all of the boring stats about the coconut bars I need to tell you that is you like coconut..and creamy goodness...these are going to be your new bestie!

          • Lastly, I love banana's I usually eat one a day and I found this nice good for you snack along with recipe: 
          • Break 1 graham cracker square into 2 rectangles.Top each piece with 1/4 teaspoon Nutella. (Nutella is a hazelnut spread made out of natural ingredients.) Then slice a banana and sprinkle toasted shredded coconut. Makes: 1 serving Per serving: 71 calories. What you get: Potassium.

          • While hunting for these pictures online I found a blog that offers a Clean Eating Recipe Index wow this list is long and has food for every and any body! If your on a healthy journey like that link!

          Thursday, May 26, 2011

          FOTD: Rebel Roses & Plums

          Hi ladies! this is actually my very first FOTD! I always take the pic and it seems like it never turns out like I want it to! My camera has a mind of its my camera was in a great mood and ready to focus and look closely!

          • Primer: L'Oreal Studio Secrets Magic Perfecting Base
          • Concealer: Maybelline Super Stay (Light)
          • Foundation: I have been mixing because of my tan: Revlon Colorstay (220)   
          • Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse (Light Beige Med.0) 
          • Highlighter: Revlon Beyond Natural Concealer/Highlighter Duo (Light 300). Highlighter part only 
          • Bronzer: I again have been mixing Physicians Formula Cashmere Wear in Light                   
          • The Body Shop Exotic Sun Powder in shade Sunset Bronze 1 
          • Blush: Physician's Formula Happy Booster in Natural  
          • Elf Brow Cream in Light                                                                                                         & Milani Brow Fix in 02 Medium
          • Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer
          • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk in inner corner/ near tear ducts 
          • Avon Smooth Minerals Eyeshadow Pencil in Limestone on brow bone
          • Mark. Shadow in Lotus all over lid
          • Clinique Eye Shadow in Brandied Plum in crease
          • Mark. shadow in the Rebel Rose quad in Saucy in outer corner
          • I tight-lined Mark. Keep It Going Gel Liner in Entourage & I also used it on the upper lash line
          • Almay Eyeliner Crayon in Black in waterline which I got on my CVS haul recently 75% off!
          • Almay One Coat Dial Up Mascara that came with the liner
          • Maybelline Born With It Lipstick
          • Soft Lips in Shell

          Monday, May 23, 2011

          CVS - %75 off! Hurry - Go Now!

          Before you go...check out what I got! Lot of really expensive things for cheap! cha ching! haha but for real guys, my bill was $21.37- John Frieda, Essie, Almay, Sally Hansen- great products for a great price. I am so exited to get on with it and share it with everybody!This is the stuff I live for! Im sucha dork- (:

          • Essie Sand Tropez (nude) and French Affair (pink) I paid $3.89 for each and I saved $3.90...I love these pretty pale colors I cannot get enough of them! I never bought Essie polishes before because I just thought they were a little expensive, so I was exited to try these out- esp. the Sand Tropez. I dont have any other color like it. Really pretty and different- its nice to change it up once and a while!
          •  I also got the Sally Hansen in Yellow Kitty (paid $1.95 and saved $5.84) and I have been wanting to try it forever ever since I seen it on MissGlamorazzi's cupcake nail tutorial I thought it was really pretty- I actually posted it here I like this because it is a pastel as opposed to a true bright yellow - I dont like the bright yellows and if your into the pastel nails - this color is for you! Trust me, the picture of Yellow Kitty on my nails doesn't do it any justice. I dont think I have seen any other yellow like this yet anywhere- and *trust* I have been looking!

          • Sally Hansen Continuous Treatment Hardening Formula for soft thin nails. I have my avon nail hardener which comes off much more liquidy- which is a surprisingly great formula- then this one does. I have tested this nail hardener and I am on the fence with this one- I might review it if I do see any positive changes. This formula is time-released so maybe im not giving it enough time...I dunno. The promise is that it will provide nourishment and transform nails for 10 continuous days. it's been 2 days so far and I unfortunately don't see or feel change a huge change, like the Avon one however, I only paid $2.47 and saved $7.42! so it was nice to try it out anyways. For the $2.50 I paid, It's not bad at all

          John Frieda Collection Luxurious Volume Full Splendor Conditioner- This was not part of the %75 off sale this was $7.29 but they have a deal right now for some John Frieda products that are $2 off so I paid $5.29. I have been hating my Tresemme conditioner- I feel like it weighs down my hair and makes it greasy after only a day or so, so I really wanted to try something different. My main thing when it comes to my hair is volume...I gotta have it! The promise John Frieda makes is that it "builds fullness at the roots; strengthens and conditions (lets hope so on the conditions part!) where needed for silky, full bodied hair." My hair tends to split at every single end of my top layer and in turn makes my top layer ends really frizzy! So I have high hopes for this-

          Almay mascara One Coat Dial Up and Liner - for $2.12 bucks! what?!? I saved $6.37 with this! yay! I always need a new mascara and I was running low on liner so this was perfect. The brush for the mascara im not too fond of. at almost a buck a piece I really cannot complain. I personally like the first setting (there are 3 settings) on the mascara just because the higher the number goes, the more the mascara packs on to the brush...which means spider I really believe it is all about the brush, and it was a miss with this one. I do have really long lashes and what I look for in a mascara is a thicker wand with smaller "fingers" if you know what I mean...I hope. Regardless, not bad for two bucks. The liner is fine as well. Nothing special, but nothing horrible.

          thats my haul- what did everybody else get at CVS? if you didn't get anything or didn't hear of the sale until now- go shopping and then come back and tell me EVERYTHING lol jk- but no it

          Friday, May 20, 2011

          Get Kelly Osbourne's Look - For Less!

          While watching Chelsea Lately the other night, Kelly Osbourne was the guest and she looked so cute! her style is so cute and unique- this was my favorite look I have seen in a while, I just had to find out how to replicate that awesome outfit she was wearing! Below is a collage I took the liberty of making (it was so much fun!)-

          • Shoes-I am not too sure what/who she's wearing *but* I found those shoes to the right of the picture that I thought were just as awesome-pair of sparkly pumps that look comfy enough to wear considering the platform where the ball of your foot is. Steve Madden's Caryssa Shoe for $132- not extremely cheap but im sure Kelly's are much more expensive

          • Necklace- So simple & easy plus it goes with the ribbon theme. I found one just as cute on the Forever 21 site for $4.80 it's called: Opaque Beaded Ribbon Necklace
          •  Shirred Khaki Skirt from the Gap to replicate her khaki skirt $18 not bad for a khaki skirt!
          • I love the ribbon theme- all different textures and colors of each one I think makes the outfit. As far as the ribbon in her hair, I thinkit looked awesome on her...but she's going on Chelsea Latelyand im...going to the mall or work or to just go and hang out- I dont need that huge thing in my hair so I found these also on the Forever 21 website in a set of two Lace Bow pins. Much more wearable for meand i think it brings a touch of uniqueness with something a little bit different.
          • The bag she's wearing is the Mui Mui 1862 Black Sequined Tote-This bag cost $238. I found my bag on Macy' with a metallic under-layer shining through the diamond and teardrop perforations on this unique purse from AK Anne Klein. was 89$ but now on sale for $65
          • The belt Kelly is wearing is the Linea Pelle Black Wide Sectioned Waist Belt which is up for grabs for around $150 if im not wallet hurts just thinking about a belt that expensive so I found this Scalloped Stretch Belt on for $6.80. I actually think the cheaper one is cuter! With the Forever 21 Belt the buckle matches the bronze theme going on and it is also a great color blocking piece.  
          • Lastly but not least is her awesome top. The top was what really made me love her whole look I think. I love the thick stripes & I wanted to find something with thick stripes because the top is a great color blocker because of that, do you know how hard it is to find a 3 quarter length top with thick stripes? Its really hard haha so I decided to just stick with the LA Made Paulina Stripe top in Black which I found on for around $50. What I like about the LA Made top is the sleeves, how they kinda poof at the shoulder- very on trend.
            So yeah guys, theres my first  Dress For Less post which was so much fun to make! *what do you all think? I hope you enjoy and I hope you have a great day too and thanx for stopping by!

            Top the look off with a pretty coral lipstick like she did-
                                                                                                                         Lipstick Image Courtesy of

            One Last Thing:
            I found this on Amazon for around $30 afterward, I thought it was a perfect example of Kelly's look: pic sux- i know! It gets grainy if I blow up the pic too much so enjoy..hopefully!

            Sunday, May 15, 2011

            What's In My May BirchBox?

            Hey ladies! Birchbox time!! I just wanna say that I am loving this service so much and for $10 a month a cant think of a better way to try something new! So on the the *Haul*

            So it seems like they have been going with theme's every month and last month was for *Earth Day and this month is *Mother's Day

            • Stila Eyeshadow in Coco- this is the reason I signed up for this was to get makeup products! So this was awesome to get, it's an $18 dollar shadow (this is not a sample, this is the regular size shadow) This is going to be perfect for my inner corner & liner, and because it is a matte color it will be great to fill my brows as well. Only downside (if there really is one) is that it didnt come with a pot and I don't have a palette to stick it in but I mean for this price, I am not complaining one bit!

            • Bulgari Mon Jasmin Noir- "The Italian fragrance house's latest winner has waves of ripe fruit with a base of heady jasmine" is what the card reads- My first impression was woah this is expensive because in the sample it has a spray thing as opposed to taking off the cap! I sprayed it on my wrist and I thought it smelled like an old rich lady...*no*...After a few hours I was catching whiff's of it here and there & I realized it was the perfume. I really liked it after it dried down, I cant describe the scent (so I suppose they description is good enough) but it is a very sophisticated,complex scent. It smells really rich but also it smells delicious after a while- Not something I would have bought on my own, but it's not bad at all.
            •  Archipelago Pomegranate Soap- "A triple-milled ultra smooth soap loaded antioxidant-rich white tea and pomegranate to gently clean hands & body" I have not tried this yet, however I am exited to! when I opened the box this scent came bursting out! I love the detail on the bar of soap too- well played on their part (:
              • Ahava Mineral Hand Cream- "This satiny cream is rich without being heavy, and sinks into skin for major therapeutic benefits" If anybody watches Miss Glamorazzi on you-tube you will know this brand- she always raves about this hand cream. I didn't think it was bad at all- yes it is silky, I dont think it is greasy. I had my friend Alex test everything with me and she loved this *but* thought it was a bit greasy- It smells clean, It's nice. Also wanted to point out it has dead sea mineral's in it- huge plus

              •  Treat Tiny Prints Card-Just a card you can write what you want in! cute, too bad I didn't have this on mother's day or I would have givin it to my momma! I also get another another free card & get %50 off of any additional purchases- is the site if anyone's interested 
               Card Opened:

              All of this for $10 is not a bad deal at all! I encourage everyone to sign up! Who dosent like a little present every month on their doorstep?  No 2  Birch Boxes are the same it seems like, so what did you guys who get BirchBoxes get in yours?

              Saturday, May 14, 2011

              BubbleGum Zebra's- NOTD

              I was playing around with my new Nail Art Polishes: 

              • Sally Hansen in Bubble Gum Pink (my favorite nail polish for the spring/summer!)
              • L.A Colors nail Art in Black
              I hope everyone is having a fun-filled weekend! 

                Thursday, May 12, 2011

                Some Great Give-A-Ways

                Hey ladies I have been seeing a lot of good give-a-ways lately but these are the top 2! Check em out if you would like to- and Good Luck!!

                **Jacenda's Giveaway**
                  Sigma Travel Brushes 
                        Ends June 1st

                **2000 + Followers Give-A-Way**
                       Mac, Sigma, BH Cosmetics 
                                Ends June 20th

                I encourage everyone to go and check em out for sure! I hope everyone is having a wonderful Thursday!!  Thanx for Stoppin By!

                Wednesday, May 11, 2011

                Small NYX Haul

                Hey everybody! They just opened up an Ulta a few days ago where I live and I was so exited to go and check it out. I really have been wanting to try NYX products for some time so I thought this was a perfect chance- For NYX products its Buy 2 Get 1 Free for the whole week at Ulta. Plus I did have a %20 off coupon! So here's what I got: 
                   Nyx Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk, Soft Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo, Lipstick in Summer Love

                From left to Right (or) Top to Bottom Milk, Tokyo, Summer Love - I could pick just one swatch! you notice how Summer Love Varies a bit?

                NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil- I like this alot. I have seen it in many You-Tube videos and I have been wanting to try it for a highlight and for the inner corner. I really like it alot. It has great pigment to it and now that I have purchased this, I have been using it as a highlight under the brows,  I dont think I would be able to live without it! it blends pretty well I have also been putting it above my cupids bow, I think it's perfect to shape my lips. 

                Soft Matte lip Color in Tokyo- It is not lipstick or a gloss, It's a lipstick cream that goes on silky but looks soft matte is what the bottle reads. I love this color! it's a really pretty pink as you can see. The only thing about this is it can be kind of drying to your lips after a while & the color fades slightly. I have been carrying a lip balm along with this lip cream and that helps the dryness throughout the day. I just love the color. Just a side note it smells like cupcakes! yummy!

                Lipstick in Summer Love- This is a nice nude lipstick in the respect that it is really soft. I can only speak for this one lipstick but with Summer Love it is more sheer than matte, which is fine- as long as it isn't to sticky or glossy.  I really wanted to post a pic of it on my lips but my camera wouldn't cooperate because the swatch differs a bit on my lips. it looks darker on my hand than on my lips. I like the color it gives off, I like lighter color on my lips. Not the perfect nude for everybody- I have a tan and I like it on my tan skin. I am not sure if I didn't have a tan if I would like it or not. Looking back I wish woulda tried Strawberry Milk...but I decided to step outta my pink box!

                I love this Brand! They are so generous on prices and the product's are great! i was really impressed with the jumbo eye pencil with how much pigment it gives off.. Anybody else have anything they like from NYX that is worth checkin out? Thanx too for stoppin by!

                Monday, May 9, 2011

                Perfect Summer Beauty

                Hey guys I wanted to do something different than a Wish List post so I decided to go with another spin..but its pretty much the same thing! enjoy

                First off you need to smell good and stay fresh and clean on a beautiful summer day and I love layering scents going with Body Wash, Lotion & Perfume and one of my favorite scent's is Falling in Love by Philosophy

                When it comes to my hair and summer they dont get along. The humidity makes my hair extremely frizzy so something I have been wanting is Bed Head Spoil Me- it will de-frizz your hair while repairing and also will give your hair a light movable hold.

                I have been obsessing over concealer for some reason and my list keeps on getting longer and longer! Some of them I really wanna try: Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage & Benefit Erase Paste

                Bumming around on the beach calls for a new, awesome bikini that I have worked soo hard to look good in! This one from VS is perfect for me. I love the way the top looks. Wireless Push Up Halter in White Paisley

                Any girly girl would know Heels + Bikini = Summer Beauty! I have been really wanting a pair of nude heels...with spikes!! OMG soo freakin awesome! These are from some other world...

                And oh yeah, this bag! I have been eying it every time I walk into Target. Milani Floral print bag
                what has everyone else been wanting for the summer?
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