Thursday, September 15, 2011

FOTD: Makeup Geek's Antique Gold...w/ My Own Twist of Course!

Hey beautiful bloggers! How have you guys been? doing pretty damn good! Let me give yah a little background to my story:

This past monday I started to look into going back to school. I have been paying off my loans to do so and I finally got a letter of recommendation from the loan place to go back-yay! so I went down to our local University (YSU) and found out I cannot attend there because I owe them money too- hey nobody's perfect! esp not me!

.....driving back home a bit sad, walking into my door, checking my caller ID. Casal's Aveda Institute called me about coming into check out their beauty school and they could not have called at a better time- There school is a bit expensive and I cant imagine paying as much as they want for the degree...a makeup degree for that matter - I know you can start behind a counter with out any certificate.

To make a (really) long story short, they are holding a competition that if you win, you get a scholarship to attend their school from first day until the very last with a free ride. If I win, I pay nothing!

Now your wondering, what does this competition consist of? You bring in your "model" (for me that will be my bfff Alex) & I need to come up with a glamour evening look- which leads me into my FOTD - I like to call it "Antiquing for your face"- whatever, it works.

A lot of the eye shadows are off brand and really don't have any name(s), so what im gunna do is post a picture of the color/product of the off-brand shadows instead. That way, if you wanna re-create this, you can refer to the color and make it your own!

-Concealer: Maybelline 24/7 Super Stay
-Foundation: Revlon Colorstay
-Powder: Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
-Blush: The bottom of the pan is blush- I love it! pretty light pink color! PICTURE
-Bronzer- Laura Gellar: Blush N' Brighten in Honey Dipped
-Highlighter- Covergirl Eye Shadow in Bedazzled Biscotti

Lips: I almost always do my "signature" lip combo which is:
-Liner: An L.A. Colors liner that dosent have a name. It's a medium pink color
-Lipstick: Maybelline Born With It
-Nyx Matte Lip Cream in Tokyo

-Primer: Jesse's Girl Eye Primer review here
-Extra Base: on brow bone and inner tear duct Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk
-Water Line: Physician's Formula liner in Black (yah no, that 3 pack I got)
-Tight line & Lid Liner: Mark. cream liner in  Entourage (black side) - I need a new one! it is going bad (obviously)
-Crease Color- Covergirl Eye Enhancers- Sea Glass Palette in the color Jade
-Blending Color & Above Crease Color: Clinique in Beach Bronze
-Lid Color & Tear Duct- Color Works - Yellow Top Color (picture below)

-Outer V color- Darkest Green Color of the palette Bottom Right

I got this idea from this site on this page ! I love Makeup Geek (& Jangsara for that matter) and I think she is perfect person to learn from if your wanting to take beauty a little more serious

Oh yeah in case anybody is wondering what I will be going to school for (if I win) will be Esthiology and that covers makeup, skin care, brows, & body care.

Any tips you can possibly give me? Anything at all! Comment, People! Take Care and Thanx for reading (:


LifeLover said...

You should do a beauty and fashion channel in youtube, i would definitly be a subscriber. I have a question, how i add badges on my blog?


Erica J said...

oh thanx i've actually been thinking about it. what badges did you want?

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