Friday, August 3, 2012

Physicians Formula Eye Shadows

Keeping up with the 30 Day Blog Challenge, (which I ditched weeks ago! oopsie!) the next topic is My Favorite Brand. That was where I stopped doing the 30 day challenge. Simply because this was a tough one. How could I pick just one favorite brand? I just could not do so. There are so many brands I love I wouldn't wanna leave any out! However, I would love nothing more then to make a recommendation.

One of my favorite brands is Physician's Formula. Even though they do not have many lip products, which may be my favorite beauty product ever. That is also debatable. PF has some really awesome eyeshadows! And awesome blushes but that is a whole 'nother blog post!

Top 2 Bottom: For Blue Eyes, For Brown Eyes, The Nude Palette
Top 2 Bottom: For Blue Eyes, The Nude Palette, For Brown Eyes

Overall, each palette always has great colors that coincide with each other. I think they are an ok price, somewhere around $10. I found 2 of these on sale for $6 a piece. Score! 

Today I will be going over "For Brown Eyes" only. To see the Nude Palette complete with dupes and swatches, click!

The eyeshadow pigmentation is nice. They are not as velvety as Stila eye shadows, but I would say they are very comparable to Urban Decay as far texture and pigmentation goes.

The "For Brown Eyes" palette has to be my favorite one out of the 3. That's just by chance I guess because I do have brown eyes. But, blue colors really flatter brown eyes too! Im just a sucker for cooler colors and purples. Yummy. I could go on and on about the color combinations. Here's my favorites:

If I could have one complaint for my readers, I would say the fact that some of the colors in the palette take up only a small space wouldn't be ideal for everyone. It's not really ideal for me either, but you will only find darker shadows in the smaller spaces. I don't have any problem getting my crease brush into those smaller/darker colors, but I am brushing it's neighbor color by a hair. Keep that in mind. Usually I find that I don't need as much of the darker colors than I do the lighter colors anyway, so I am cool with it. For 2 reasons:
  1.  In most cases, darker colors are more pigmented then lighter colors. PF shadows would be one of those cases. Looking back I wished I would have swatched the lighter ones, but again, I do have swatches of the nude palette here. It's not that the lighter ones aren't pigmented, they are! It's just that I find that I have to pick up color twice with lighter colors. I will only need to stick my brush in the darker colors once.
  2. I need more of the lighter colors and less of darker colors anyway. I think most people would agree. So if I get less of the darker colors in the palette, it's fine because I only need that much.

The packaging is nice and durable. It comes with a slanted sponge tip applicator which I think is nice to have. You can use it for any of the darker colors to put over top your eye liner to seal it on. The brush also comes in handy when I want to add some eyeshadow to my bottom lashes as well. 

Lastly, here's my Stella puppy who needs to be in the middle of everything. She loves to stand right in front of my light source when I am trying to take pictures! Then I start snapping pictures of her and she runs away! lol!

Complete hit! Obviously your color preference may vary but I guarantee you will find a PF palette that you will love!

So if you learned anything from this blog post it would be:
1. Physician's formula eye shadows are the bomb &
2. I am extremely indecisive.

you learn something new every day!

About the 30 Day Challenge that I started 2 months ago (lol) I will still be finishing that challenge, but I will do them sporadically (yes, I learned that word from Clueless). So be on the look out for those. 

do you learn vocabulary from movies?
whats your favorite eyeshadow at the drugstore?

 Have a fab weekend, girl (or boy)!

till next time


Laura said...

This palette looks awesome! I've been wondering about this one! Thanks for the review!

Jackie said...

Hi! Thank you so much for following and commenting on my blog, the things you said really made my day. :)

I've wanted to try those Physican's Formula palettes for the longest time, but the selection at my CVS is ridiculously limited and they're never there. I'll have to wait until I go to a drustore in Manhattan, or worse, another state entirely, before I can get them. They look absolutely beautiful though! Great post!

KatXoXo said...

I have not seen these before. They all have gorgeous colors!!

Sophia; ❤ said...

These palettes remind me of the NAKED palette by Urban Decay :) they look like great dupes :)

Found your blog through 'Blog Hop' and i'm your newest follower :) Hope you'll stop by and check out my blog too :)


Stacey Kane said...

Ive just been browsing through your blog and I absolutely love it <3 I found you through bloglove therapy blog hop and am now following x

Tawny said...

I have the Nude palette and love it!
Beauty by T

devorelebeaumonstre. said...


p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

Erica J said...

Laura: You are so very welcome chick!

Jackie: remember one thing: I would NEVER come to your blog and tell you lies! I feel like it doesn't help anybody out. it was the truth girl! i loved your blog! keep it up! & I am so glad to be the one to make your day (:. also going to manhattan to get PF eye shadows is cray-zay! I know they have PF at rite aid too! maybe you can check there?

Kat: cannot believe you have never seen these! like i just said to Jackie, they have PF at rite aid, cvs, & ulta & I think walmart too! they are worth it! esp. if you can get some coupon action and wait for a sale! i bought 2 palettes and a PF mascara for around $15! yay!

Sophie: yes girl! have you seen my dupe post? I compare the nude palette with naked and lots of them are dead on!

Stacy: I love to hear that ppl are actually browsing! that makes me a happy girl (:

Tawny: me too! you can dupe almost any shadow for the naked with it too! so if you see a tutorial for the naked (kandee's kim kardashian one is AWESOME!) try it if your into that kinda stuff! which i am sure you are since your on Mind Body Beauty! ;)

Beauty Monster: can I call you beauty monster? lol! thank you so much for the heads up! I am on my way!

thank you girls for commenting!

ASH♥ said...

The nude palette looks gorgeous!!

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