Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Guilt Free Fruit Dip!

Keeping up with my promise that I made to myself- to stay on a healthy track, I am determined to find delicious recipes that will satisfy my sweet tooth. I have found so many good ones too!  Even though I have a million to share with you, I am just going to go with 2 greek yogurt dips. They are so easy to make. All you need is a spoon and a bowl- no blender or anything like that. They are delicious. They are healthy.

Up first is the favorite one in my house. I think nothing pairs better with it then strawberries, personally. My boyfriend actually likes to add some of it to his plain greek yogurt. Im sure we can find a bunch of different things to do with it. 

 Serving size is 2 tablespoons. 24 calories. 1 calorie from fat.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mind Body Beauty

hey pretties! If your not going to click on this blog post then I want to let you know in your blog roll that I am really thinking hard about changing my blog name to the title of the post. giving it a blog face lift. what do you guys think? Let me explain my decision

this picture has nothing to do with this post. I took it and thought it was a good one (:

When Meet Makeup first went live, I was selling Avon & Mark. products like crazy. I first had a website on yola site that was mainly for people who knew me in my own town to go on and look at the different products from Avon or Mark. to see swatches, reviews, sales & what not. It was really a lot of fun for me! However, not too many people looked at my web page considering they can simply call me up to meet and look at all my goodies I have. Even though it was fun for me, I wanted something different.

I, like everyone else who was inspired to make a blog, watched a lot of you tube videos. Some of the youtube girls have blogs that I went to and it looked like a lot of fun so I wanted somewhere where I could talk about & sell avon & mark. and also talk about other beauty products that I love. Meet Makeup came from mark.'s slogan "meet mark" which I thought was completely clever, right? (: My blog has taken so many different turns and makeup is discussed but there are so many other things that are focused on besides makeup. hair, nails, photography, candles, fashion, food, etc. etc.

In the past year, my life has barely changed but I changed as a person. I have been through different places of work, not having employment at all, funeral's, weddings, make-up's and break-up's, now I am I proud new mommy to my baby puppy, Stella (: Even with all of these changes, My blog has not changed at all. It has always been that one place that I could come and take comfort in knowing that, for the most part, I control what my blog is and what it will/will not be. I think in order to really be a better "me", everything in my life needs a makeover every once in while, yah no?

When people see "Meet Makeup" they may think that makeup is all it is. I have been hand cuffed to the name meaning that I didn't want to stray away from the makeup part of the blog.

Another reason I want to change it up is because Meet Makeup has always been a responsibility or a commitment to me. A fun & rewarding commitment, yes. Nowadays when I buy a new product, I really pay more attention to it then I would have a year or so ago (beauty blogger's, you know what I mean by that!) and I think that has actually made me smarter & more responsible when it comes to buying products. I personally think that it has also made me even more passionate about the things I blog about. I love coming here and letting you guys know what I think about certain products and am completely flattered by all the love I get and honestly surprised that people seriously come here to see what I think. haha! Thank you for boosting my self-esteem, guys. (: ok now I am going on and on and getting mushy over a freaking blog. My point is that since I have a sense of responsibility to my beauty products & my blog, I want to have a responsibility to the other things in my life. I want to keep the momentum going with other things, not just beauty products.

nothing to do with the content. That's Stella, my puppy, waiting for me to pick her up. I was too busy blogging (:

Mind Body Beauty
the component's of my blog will be as follows:

Beauty: I know I could never leave behind my beauty blogging mind-set and it is without a doubt my biggest passion in life- it runs through my veins. So this blog will still be everything it has been. Be on the look out for everything I have done in the past: favorites, FOTD, NOTW, hauls, reviews, spring/fall fashion trends, & whatever else I have been doing. 

Body: Remember my resolutions? I do! I intend to keep remembering it as long as this blog, and myself, is still living and breathing. I always seem to make a healthy lifestyle change but I never keep it that way. I want to bring even more fitness and food to my blog. I want to become more responsible when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, learn a thing or 2, & and share my story to inspire the rest of you! This doesn't mean that there will be less beauty blog post's. It just means I will be blogging even more to squeeze this newer part in.

Mind: to be completely honest, I just thought Mind Body Beauty sounded really cute but once I got to thinking about what this blog has been and what I want it to become, I realize this part of the title does have a meaning. The mind part will be all the other stuff that's on my mind. happy thoughts, outing's. That kind of stuff.

It has been a huge blessing for me to find this part of me and to get the opportunity to exercise this part of my mind. I would welcome feedback from you all. Even if you have never commented on this blog, or any other blog: tell me, tell me, tell me! If it's negative feedback, I am a big girl, it is what it is, and I will welcome constructive criticism! Do you think you will read more? Read less? What else would you want to see on the blog?

And I also wanted to say thank you to you guys! You guys inspire me on a daily basis! Thank you so much for sticking with Meet Makeup and I hope you join in on Mind Body Beauty too! I'm tellin' yah, your gunna love it (:

for a couple more weeks, the blog will remain with the name "Meet Makeup" along with the same url. When it changes I will immediately letcha know. Before I start changing all of that I want to make my header and all that jazz. The blog will be under construction for a little while but before I start messing with any of this, I will be posting these few blog post's.

Yours Truly
Erica J

Sunday, February 19, 2012

January Birchbox Review

Hey guys! So if your new and wondering why I am talking about last month's Birchbox, I will fill you in. I was a little tired of just hauling the boxes that I thought I could do more of a review and be much more beneficial to the blogging world. Instead of me talking about my expectations for the things in my box, I would have had enough time to try them out to see what I think. This is also a motivating factor for me to actually try everything in my box and use it to the last drop. Let's get started, shall we?

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Moray: ($20) Stila is quickly becoming my favorite high end brand and this product did not disappoint! The only color liner I use is black- for the most part, anyway.. I really don't like brown and I will try purple every once in a while on my lid but my waterline is always black. This liner is really unique. A really dark greenish color with green specks of glitter in it. I find it is a great alternative to brown for me. When im in the mood for something different, this has been fitting the bill. I do find that it can start to smudge off of the water line after a few hours.  It goes on smoothly on the lid, and doesn't really budge there once applied.

However, I do have one complaint! It is really hard to twist up and once it is twisted up, you cannot put it back down. When I first received it, I immediately called Birchbox to let them know I got the liner tube and package, but no liner. I felt really stupid even admitting it to the B-box rep. She then made me feel better telling me they had the issue of twisting the liner up and even went so far to tell me they had to call Stila to ask how to use the liner. Was she just trying to be nice? I don't think so......maybe? Whatever, once I figured out how to use it, it was good to go from there. It can be a pain from time to time though.

Jouer Body Butter: ($32) I think if anybody were to own this body butter, it would be Lisa Vanderpump. It is extremely luxurious considering it's nice frosted glass packaging, extremely creamy consistency, and light, floral scent. I think this was nice to sample because I am so used to my overbearing, so-good-you-can-eat-it Bath & Body Works butters (which I love) I never really go for anything else. I probably will not be re-purchasing it because B&BW is easier to access and easier on the wallet. I do feel rich when I have Jouer's on though. I am probably not making any sense. These are my weird thoughts. If I can help just person with this paragraph, I have done my duty (: On a more mature note, I do want to mention that, out of any body butter's I have ever tried, this one is the least bit greasy. It is actually not greasy at all, as some butter's can be. I really love that the most about it. I don't get my keyboard all messy a minute or 2 after putting it on. It is just straight moisture. Im giving it a 5/5 because of that. It's just that price. ouch.

Borghese Curaforte Moisture Intensifier: ($67) I got my Birchbox around the same time my Proactiv Face Brush came and I started using them both and after a week or so, my skin wasn't reacting well. It just seemed red and irritated so I back off of both the Borghese Curaforte and the Face Brush for a day or so for my skin to go back to normal. When I brought both back in, my skin actually got better then before both of them and I was really pleased!

This stuff is not only meant to moisturize your skin,  "it also helps your other products sink in more deeply so that active ingredients can perform more effectively. As if that weren’t enough, the lightweight formula boosts skin smoothness and clarity." (birchbox.com)

So I have been putting this on after my Revitalizing Toner (Step 2) & Before my Repairing Treatment (Step 3) following the rule of applying the light product first, and heavier products after. The consistency of the Borghese Curaforte is a very runny serum. I found out that applying them in this order really made this stuff work 10x better! (Before hand I was apply the serum after all 3steps and I didn't notice much of a difference) First off, it really made my skin extremely soft. What I mean by soft is I used to have very small pimples that would never go away and it has smoothed them out to what are becoming non-existent. I also do think it is helping my other products (Proactiv, esp. step 3) work even more effectively. I do have acne prone skin and Proactiv has always made my skin manageable, but with this added in my skin is even better. I have really liked this stuff.

Here's an awesome article about How To Layer Skin Care I found on Birchbox.com

LaraBar in Chocolate Peanut Butter: I like Larabar's, but don't love them. I am not a fan of alot of nuts and such. This bar was the best bar I have ever had! I ate it in the middle of the night and the next day went to my local health food store to see if they had any of the flavor in stock...they didn't. They asked if I wanted to buy a whole box of the flavor for $30 (16 bars) that they would order for me. I can't spend $30 on freaking Larabars, but wish I could have. I don't have an original picture to show you, I hope this one will do. credit

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy: I thought it was a really nice fragrance. This is right up my alley. If you guys like a fresh summer time scent, you'll love it. I am just going to read right off of the package for the description:
Wild Berries & Mandarin.
Honeysuckle, Gardenia, & Jasmine.  
(^^would go perfect with Jouer body butter!^^)
Amber, Caramel, Vanilla,
Sandalwood, & Praline.

There's my birchbox from Jan in review form. I do hope you guys like this type of take on it. For the most part, I usually love everything in my birchbox. Maybe not everything is a total hit but I usually like the majority of my box. Last month I really loved everything. be on the look out for this months (feb) birchbox post, next month! So far, im not really impressed but I will fill you in soon enough!

Have you guys had a chance to try everything in your box? What do you think? 

thank you guys for reading!

yours truly,

Saturday, February 11, 2012

YBF Beauty: Your Best Friend Beauty Haul/ First Impressions (pic heavy)

Hey guys! I am not sure if everybody is going to know the brand YBF. It could be because the only place you can buy stuff from the brand would be on HSN. I personally love YBF.  When I first found out about YBF a few years ago I was watching HSN but never ordered anything from the brand. But I did love watching her (Stacy, creator of YBF) using everything on camera and I lusted over it.   Then last year, I got a chance to try the Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe from my Birchbox. I quickly realized it was one of, if not my all time, favorite brow product. You guys have seen it showcased on Meet Makeup many times. This kit was the "Today's Special" and was $25 + $5 for shipping and handling. I think it was a great deal and a great way to try out some new-to-me products from this brand.

Everything Included In The Kit:
Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe
Brighten, Hide, & Scuplt Concealer
Golden Gleam Bronzer & Baby Pink Blush
Neutralizing Pressed Yellow Powder
Illuminating Creme & Neutralizing Creme

The main thing that used to get me wanting her makeup was the mention of the booklet you get which tells you how to use all of the products. I love that kind of stuff (obviously)! Here's some photo's of the booklet you get with all of the goodies. FYI, the booklet is a rubbery paper. It's neat. Some of the things it covered was brows, eyes, face, & lips complete with diagrams and the like. It is an awesome little book that any beauty blogger would love. I also think this would be a perfect little gift for a teenager because of the booklet. Here's some photos of a couples pages

Brow Pencil in Universal Taupe: Like I mentioned, this value pack came with another brow pencil. I didn't open it just yet because my other hasn't ran out yet. If you frequent Meet Makeup, then you have seen this Brow Pencil many times! The product itself is very skinny, making precise application achievable. That last sentence makes me sound very smart (:

Brighten, Hide & Sculpt Concealer: Ok as far as concealer goes, it isnt thick enough to be any type of concealer. I have never really thought of using a creamy product to contour so this was quite new to me. However, I have been loving the results it gives when I use the darkest color as a contour. For night time looks, I can even go back in with a contour powder and it's not going to look like it's too much. In the day, it is perfection. With the lightest color I think it is a nice subtle highlight since it is lighter then my skin color and it does have some sheen to it, but no shimmer. If you guys want a kind of "how-to" of sorts on how I use this, let me know because I would love to show it off!

Golden Gleam Bronzer & Baby Pink Blush: This is the one product that I am really exited about. I have been using it almost every day. When I swatched this blush, I thought it was the most beautiful blush I think I have ever swatched. Im not going explain, im just going to show you

no flash
no flash

Neutralizing Pressed Yellow Powder: I do have a lot of redness on my face so since yellow does neutralize red, I couldn't wait to try this out. When used with any powder brush it does not come off yellow on your face. When I swatch it though, it looks yellow.

 here it is, blended in. It looks almost non-existent, like it should.

Neutralizing Creme & Illuminating Creme: 

Neutralizing Creme: This is basically to neutralize any redness and it even mentions that it actually covers up fine lines and wrinkles...im not too sure how that would work though. I don't have any wrinkles just yet but it isn't anything different then your run-of-the-mill neutralizer. This is something I am going to have to keep using however it is much creamier than the "concealer" and will cover up much more then the concealer.
Illuminating Creme: I am one for highlights, it is my new obsession and I think I may do a blog post on my faves. But anyways, I was exited try this one out too. This formula is exceptionally creamy. So creamy that I make a dent from the slightest touch. I think this would be good in a tube/stick. Regardless, I really like it. It's a nice highlight.

these are the swatches from both the Illuminating Creme (top) and Neutralizing Creme (bottom).  The Neutralizing Creme I actually blended out for some reason.

So that's that for my YBF haul. Have you guys ever tried anything from YBF? If so, what have you tried? If not, are you thinking about trying any of these products now?

p.s. Shout out to Alyssa & Alex if you ya'll are reading!!! Shout out to the rest of yah too! love all you guys!

yours truly.
Erica J

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Macadamia Natural OIl Deep Repair Masque

"Revitalizing hair reconstruction for dry, damaged hair."

When I first heard about this stuff I knew I needed to try it. My hair is extremely damaged from heat and dye. I seen it at Ulta for around $30 and I realized that was pretty expensive. So, I heard on Youtube a while back that Amazon has it cheaper, and left it on the back burner of my mind until a couple months ago. I went on Amazon to find out if they had it any cheaper....welp, they did! all 8.5 fl. oz. of it for $17! oh yeah! I payed like $3 for shipping so I really think if you wanna check this out, check out Amazon first. I saved $10 (:

"Our Macadamia and Argan oils combine with tea tree and chamomile oils, aloe, and algae extracts to produce miracle like rejuvenation."

First thought was that it didn't smell like macadamia nuts, which was a surprise, lol. It smells like a salon conditioner basically, with a strange twist. I can't describe it. It's nothing awful, it's just different. The texture of the masque (mask) is also much less creamy and much more thick then any conditioner. It is almost like there is serum running through it, as you can see (last picture below). When it is in my hair it feels the softest I have ever felt my hair. I have already used it 7x and I think I can get another 3 uses out of the jar- maybe even another? My hair is long, it goes almost past my boobs so if you have shorter hair, your going to get more out of it.

The first time I used it, I used it as directed:

"Liberally comb through clean. wet hair and allow up to 7 minutes of penetration before rinsing. No heat necessary. Deep Repair Masque is an intense treatment. Use no more than twice a week."

I left it in my hair and put a shower cap over top so I didn't condition all of my pillows. I left it in for 20 minutes. I washed it out. I realized how greasy my hair felt. I also noticed that my hair was really weighed down- almost like I didn't even wash it: ouch. I almost wanted to just give it away but then I remembered my blog and I felt as if I had an obligation to use it again. My blog saved me money for once. You will never see that previous sentence written on Meet Makeup again. 

I used it for a second time a week or so later. But this time I put it on during the shower. I first washed my hair with shampoo and then put the masque all over my head of hair, skipping conditioner. Afterward, I exfoliated, shaved, washed my whole body, my face, & brushed my teeth- normal shower routine which took me about 20 minutes. Right before I got out of the shower, I washed out the masque. I am not sure if it was the heat and humidity of the shower or what but it really made such a difference using it in the shower for some reason. Don't ask why, I really don't know. Lately, I have been putting the masque mostly on my ends and then using a little bit of another conditioner on roots just to save some of my masque. I think it works just the same: maybe even better because I am using more conditioner? The science behind it, I can't explain to you guys! All I can give is my opinion.

After my second use, my hair felt really soft, smooth and extremely easy to manage. That is something I think you can find in any run-of-the-mill hair masque. What stood out to me was that my hair actually felt stronger and looked a lot healthier. My dead ends also seemed to bind back together after my 3rd and 4th use.

Overall: I do think that it is a treatment you should stick with as the longer you do so, the healthier your hair will become.  However the price is a little outrageous, unless of course you visit Amazon. I cannot see myself paying $30 for the masque as well as any other masque no matter how good it is. With that said, I think $17 is a really good deal. I may or may not repurchase in the near future. I do think this will be a staple for years to come when I need some deep TLC for my hair. I do not think it is a must have unless you are having major breakage or if your hair is unhealthy. I have used other masque's and I don't like them as much as I like this. I do want to try other masque's and, this time, use them in the shower. I think it is my best bet.

picture of what it looks like:

Any other questions? What's your favorite hair masque (or mask)

as always, thanx for reading!


Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Truth or Dare

I have always seen Hard Candy and bought a lipgloss that I loved from them a few years back but haven't really gave them another look.

Fox in a Box in Truth or Dare: ($6) This box really caught my eye, out of the whole row of cosmetics. I have been having a love affair with all things blush oriented and my love for pale/bubblegum pink blushes (or just color in general) made me wanna try this out. I also loved how the other side was a bronzer. Another plus is that the bronzer only has just the slightest bit of shimmer - I actually thought it was matte at first look. I love the idea of taking a blush brush, flat top, angled brush (what ever my preference for the day), swiping it across both colors, paying attention not to mix them too much, then applying both my contour (bronzer) and blush at the same time. Another option you have with this is to mix both the color together and use it that way: all over powder, blush, or bronzer. I had to have this baby!

I think Hard Candy was going for a Benefit type of feel with these boxes and this particular box reminds me of Benefit's "10" box, although they are not dupes by any means. I don't have Benefit's "10" powder, but they are clearly very different. Totally different colors. 10 has more of a highlight/bronzer thing going on. With Hard Candy's Fox in a Box line, the pan doesn't reach the bottom of the box, which is fine with me. There is 0.20 oz for $6, which is fair.

Bronzer Side: Even though this powder cannot really compare to a high end bronzer simply because it doesn't blend as easy as my Laura Gellar one does for example. I apply both of them the same way, my Laura Gellar Baked Blush in Brighten in Honey Dipped and the darker side of my Fox in a Box Truth or Dare, swirling brush into powder and then tapping off the excess. When I go to apply Honey Dipped, I do notice that it doesn't take much blending to get the color exactly where I want it. I like my contour color to kind of fade into my natural skin color eventually and with Honey Dipped there is no blending required. When I apply Truth or Dare, I find that the powder kinda just stays where ever your brush lands first (which for me would be at the top of my "fishy face"). It does take a few strokes to pull it down my face and blend it out. I do sometimes like to go back in with a clean brush just to do the trick.

As for the blush side, there really isnt much blending to do. There is some, but not as much as the bronzer side. When I apply blush, once I see the color on my face, I stop application. I don't do this with bronzer because I would want it to be a little bit more visible to create a shadow. What I like about the blush is that I really do not need a light hand, it doesn't pack on the color making me borderline clown status. Some of you may consider this a negative point, chalking it up to not having enough pigment. For me, this is perfect. Have I mentioned it makes for a really pretty color on my cheekies? it does! I love the color of it.

For $6 I do think this was a really great powder as it kills 2 birds with one stone. So 2 different powders, at $3 a piece. I can even go a step further and say it kills 3 birds with one stone making it $2 a piece for each color you can achieve. Can I even go a step further and include the brush it comes with as an investment.....not quite. I am not a brush snob, I always give them a go when they come with products. I personally like the velour puff most powders come with over any brush I have but with this blush brush, it just isn't the case. I find I get better application's when I use my Sigma F40 which is an angled brush. Even my Mark. Flat Top Kabuki brush will fit right into the box, so fear not if you purchase this box powder...as long as you have another good brush of course. I do leave the brush in it's elastic band in the box because it looks so cute sitting there. It is just there for decoration though. I wouldn't count on it.

Overall: I really like the powder and I find myself using it a lot. That could be because I just bought it like a month ago but I really do think it will be in a few favorites posts in the future. It is a beautiful powder. I am giving it a  
4 out of 5. 

The reason I am not giving it a 5
a.) The bronzer side isn't as blendable as I would prefer although it isn't impossible 
b.) the brush it comes with sucks, but it is cute.

Good Points:
a.) price $6
b.)the fact you are getting 3 different options with one powder, a contour, a blush, & the mixture of the 2
 c.) the blush side is beautiful and looks really nice on
d.) the packaging is so adorable I like to keep it out of the drawer.

You can grab this at Wal-Mart and that is the only place I have seen Hard Candy stuff.. Looking back on this review I seriously cannot believe I had that much to say about a freaking blush! haha! I guess I am just a beauty blogger at heart! I hope all of this info gave you guys some incite on it if you were on the fence about buying it.

Has anybody tried this? Whatcha think? Have you tried anything else Hard Candy? If so, What is your absolute favorite Hand Candy product?

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you made it through this thing, haha! 

Erica J

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

January Favorites

So much good stuff this month! I couldn't narrow it down because I am crazy pants (Snookie reference) and I have beauty/fashion/fragrance/bath: the works! I am going to be doing a separate fashion faves in a fews days so BOLO for that. I guess with all my Christmas stuff and all of the after holiday sales, I out did myself. Wanna see my favorites? k!

Be Enchanted body spray from Bath&Body Works. I haven't been this obsessed with any of B&BW scents (excluding candles) since I purchased Dark Kiss. This actually is really similar to Dark Kiss but this one is more fruity. I can tell you that Be Enchanted is more of a spring scent in comparison to Dark Kiss. If you like Dark Kiss, try this. Bath & Body Works scent description:

"Frosted florals sweetened with sparkling, sugared pomegranate inspired by all that glitters"


Nuxe Dry Oil: I got this in my December Birchbox and recently reviewed it here with a little more detail. But I really love it as a highlight for my face. It doesn't irritate my skin at all and that has something to do with the "dry" part. You shake it up before you use it. Look how neat it looks before you do so:

Stila Eyeshadow in Kitten: There is a lot of hype around this eyeshadow, and when Stila was having their sale in December, I grabbed this for $4! Obviously it came broken and I just got my new unbroken one in the mail like 2 days ago. They forgot about me until I emailed them again. Oh well, the point is that it is just so pretty. It goes with any color, honestly! I love using this as my highlighting color. Extremely pigmented. *Love*

they actually match, don't they?
Top: Nuxe Dry Oil Bottom: Stila's Kitten

no flash

with flash


China Glaze Lorilei's Tiara: I did a NOTW about this polish. It is so pretty! It caught my eye as soon as I walked into the store. It has small silver glitters with bigger blue glitters every now and again. The best thing about this polish? I can get away with one coat! It covers my whole nail! I always do 2 coats, yah no, just in case. If im in a hurry, im good with one. I also love it because dry time is like 1 minute or 2.

Bath & Body Works Pocket Bac in Chocolate Chip Cookie Lunch Box Edition: I got this for 25 cents during their Hello Yellow sale after Christmas and I wanted to grab all of their "lunch box" ones. They had juice box, PB&J sandwich, and a couple others and I am actually not sure why I didn't but this one was different then those ones because it was chocolate and I do not how they do it but it smells like freaking chocolate chip cookies! Just like a chocolate chip cookie. it has the bakery cookie smell along with a little bit of chocolate- it's too cool. I can't get over it. With a candle, I can kinda see how they make the scent exact but with antibacterial, I don't get it.


Bodycology Body Scrub in Hazelnut: What drew me to it was the way it smelled. I am usually not a fan of nut scents or even hazelnut for that matter. When I opened this up in the store my nose went hay wire! It smells so delicious- like a breakfast pastry on steroids. The smell alone will make this a monthly favorite but that is just the start of it. I have been using this every time in the shower and it just really makes my skin so smooth. I love exfoliates and I wanna go as far to say I cant live without them, but honestly, I can live without them I just really love them. This one smells exceptionally good and I think I actually like it better then my expensive C.O. Bigelow scrub. Just throwing that out there.


Slatkin & Co Candle in Hot Chocolate: You guys know I love candles and I have a new favorite every month and this month it is definitely Hot Chocolate. It's funny because it does smell like chocolate and I usually do not like chocolate candles but this one is just so delicious! It smells very up scale, bakery like. I don't want them to do away with it for the summer! here's the scent description, which is spot on:


Other Favorites:

please excuse my unoriginal picture as my bf ate all my Krave! They are that good!

Have you guys tried this Krave cereal? It's amazing! It is a crunchy shell but then has creamy chocolate in the middle. Since I am back on my healthy track, I needed something that was delicious, but also good for me. This is loaded with vitamins and the like and is a whole grain cereal. It even has more nutrient's then my Kashi Vanilla Island cereal which I found really surprising.Ill be doing a food type of blog post soon, showing everything I have been eating and <3ing for my healthy diet, along with nutrition facts.

Celestial Seasoning's Herbal Tea Sampler

I have been drinking sleepy time tea for years now & I will drink it any time of day because it is so delicious. It's taste's like peppermint and chamomile. Fruity tea's are ok, I make them every once and awhile, but all of these tea's in the Herbal Sampler are right up my alley. I really like every single one of them. Now, I don't have to drink Sleepy Time tea in the day time. I also really like mixing these in with just regular tea bags to boil a big pot and then chill it for a delicious iced tea.

New season's of my favorite shows are on! I am just going to name a couple and not speak on them too much because it seems like me and the rest of the beauty community are on different wavelengths when it comes to tv. I really am not a fan of any of those CW shows. I dunno I cant get into them! I love reality shows things like Forensic Files and Lockup- docudrama's. Real stories. But I hate shows like CSI- the scripted drama's I do not like at all. Tell me if you love any of these shows:

RW/RR Challenge Battle of the Exes: My favorite team is CT & Diem - do you guys remember Diem? I love her! and CT too...he's pretty hot. Lemme know in the comments if you guys are exited for the new season!

Little People Big World: This show hasn't been on in a couple years and they just started back up again. I love that show im so happy it's back on! They are just such a good family with excellent moral's and values.

Dog The Bounty Hunter: I know! Everyone makes fun of me for watching Dog but seriously I love that show. And there is lots of family drama this season which is usually not included in the previous season's.

Kardashians: I know all you guys love them. I did a blog on Kardashian's a while back and it is the most read blog post on my blog. Out of the 11,196 visit's I have had on my blog, 743 of those are coming to read my Kardashian's post! isn't that crazy? So in that post I mentioned how I am not loving Khloe one bit and Kim was my favorite. In fact I didn't even really watch Khloe & Lamar. 

This season of K&KTNYC (season 2) I do love Kim but she has been a bitch lately. I know she hates her husband or whatever but I have been with my boyfriend for 2 1/2 years and we are still not ready for marriage. Even though were not married, we try our best to meet in the middle with dis-agreements. I still feel like I have a commitment to him even when we aren't getting along so well. After 2-3 months, she decided it isnt going to work (which is fine, that's her choice and im not knocking her for that) what makes me mad is her attitude about it. anyway, Khloe has been my favorite for this season and they are doing another season of K&L so I am actually exited to watch it. 

I also thought I liked Kris H. before this season in NYC but since watching this, he is wayy too immature for Kim and doesn't deserve her....but if your going to get married I feel like you loved that person enough to try and make it work. Blech, Kris reminds me of this annoying kid I used to date when I 18....yeah, he's, well IDK how old he is, but certainly not 18!


I have my absolute favorites which I mentioned a couple favorites ago, but I recently discovered a new (for me) channel that is quickly becoming one of the first videos I click on in my YT feed. I have always read their blog and just never watched the videos. Her Late Night Cravings is so much fun to watch and what I love about them is that they are always hauling and talking about different things then I usually see. That is something I really love about them- they are really easy to watch and to get into. Check them out!

As you can see, I have a million faves for the month but whatareyougunnado - Hopefully you guys got some good idea's to try some of the things I have been loving or have even been inspired to do your own favorites post. Also, I hope someone loves the Challenge's as much as I do because I need to talk about it!

Erica J
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