Wednesday, June 29, 2011

(first!)OOTH- Maxi Dress & Animal Print

Hey everybody! While going thru my camera and all of my pictures on the computer (Im sure I had well over 1,000 pictures on my computer) I sorted and organized all of them and I found this picture which I took on the 5th of May and forgot about it! so here's my OOTD.

I think this day me and my mom just went to lunch or something but I love this dress! I have been wearing it as a cover-up every time I go to the pool. I just love it, you slip it off, slip it on. I love wearing dresses because it looks like your really dressed up when actually your really not. So comfy! Maxi Dresses I think are my favorite trend for the summer

  • The dress is from Rainbow. It was somewhere around $17 I think.
  • The shoes are from JC Penney's. They were $30 on sale for $15. I love those shoes! They are from Olsenboye which is one of the Olsen twins clothing line. Well both of the Olsen twins own the company, but it's just one of their companies out 3? (I think)

I love Rainbow because they have the cutest clothes but the downfall to there stuff is you really do have to try everything on- I know I do. it looks nice on the rack but when you actually put it on your body it isnt complimenting any part of it! The dress is see-through. esp. the white parts of the dress. Luckily I had a slip (have no idea when/where/why I had one, but I did) so I put it on when I don't have a bathing suit underneath the dress.

Hope you enjoyed my first OOTD and it inspires you to do one also! Thanx for stopping by! -Erica

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Eye Look: Bronzed Kiss

Hey ladies! Happy Sunday! can you believe I meant to post this last week, thought I did and then realized I didn't- I put the look on Beautylish and totally forgot about my main squeeze! (aka my blog)
Its nothing too dramatic and thats why I have been loving it for the day time. I never use brown liner and for this look, I did- I think it is perfect for a beautiful summer day when you dont wanna be too dramatic, and for me I very well can be!- cute and toned down. plus bronzed makeup I think is the quintessential color for summer- I hope you all enjoy it!

Jesse's Girl Eye Primer
Stila Shadow in Coco for brows
Avon Smooth Minerals Shadow Stick in Limestone as highlight
Mark. Shadow pan in Cocoa Puff:
- Lightest shadow for all over lid
- Medium for crease and outer corner
- Darkest for liner on lid
Smashbox offset Shadow Converter (to create the liner from the darkest shade)- 
quick tip: Visine works the same way the shadow converter does!
Almay Dial Up Mascara on the first dial, I just put mascara on the tippy tip of lashes
Avon Glimmer Sticks Liner in Brown Sugar  in water line 

I didn't have any pictures of my face with this! Oh well, The day I took this pic I wore this & went to the post office and then went bike riding on the trail

here's a little pic I took of some of the makeup I used for my look- I have been experimenting with photography and have really been loving it!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Nail Polish Collection

Hey Bloggers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day and I have been taking pictures for this post for about a week now. Wow! The colors are hard to capture esp. when they're all so similar sitting next to each other! But I think I got them...perfect actually! So yay! I have a big polish collection & I have been exited to share it with you guys and just let cha know what ones I love and opinions on the rest, so here goes: 

quick *note* I will mention the polishes from left to right, as pictured, so there's no confusion.
I keep all of my polish on the top of my dresser in this cute box I got from Victoria Secret- it was a set of a candle, lotion, and oil i think it was that came in this box- after 5-7 years I have had the box it is still really durable

Out of all the color's I have, I have the most pink ones! Some of which aren't pictured, my mom borrowed them
Essie French AffairI love this one, a really pretty pale, muted pink and the exact dupe for this one is the Finger Paints in Brushstroke Blush (pictured), You cannot tell the different between the 2 once painted on nail. 
Sally Hansen in Bubblegum Pink- I love this one too, another favorite. A couple shades darker than French Affair
Finger Paints in Brushstroke Blush- You can find this brand at Sally's
The color that is cut off is one I got for Christmas- and doesn't have a name
(2nd pic)
Covergirl in Sassy Strawberry 
China Glaze in Shocking Pink - Neon, but not as bright as the next one:
Nina Ultra Pro in Punki Pink - Neon pink which is perfect for the summer! I bought this at Sally's. Need a couple coat of this stuff- and since it is so neon, it goes on more matte than glossy- use a top coat

Sally Hansen Insta-Dry in Mint Sprint. yes it dries quickly and I love the brush. If you can picture a foundation brush, that's is what the brush on this one is like. It comes to a point, almost- which I really love the brush on it
Sally Hansen in Mint Sorbet: Love these muted/pastel colors. My favorite Green I have
Avon Nail Wear in Jade

Avon Nail Wear in Vintage Blue: Another pastel. I love this one, and almost forgot about it! I have been wearing it all week! It like a perfect sky blue.
Sally Hansen in Blue me Away!: Its a nice bold blue.

 Yellows & Orange:
Maybelline Express Finish in Sunshine: Not a huge fan of this one. The color is a tad bit distorted in the picture but not by much. Its a bit brighter in person, I think it makes my nails look like i've been smoking a lot of cigarettes and they have stained my nails or something. 
Sally Hansen in Yellow Kitty: They shoulda named it like vanilla cake or cupcake or something I think, it's just cuter! either way, Its a muted/pastel yellow. It has the same brush as the Mint Sprint, which I love
Nina Ultra Pro in Solar Flare: I found this brand at Sally's Beauty. I wanted a Neon color that I could put on my toes for the summer when i'm tan, I just love neon's for summer. This is a nice color but once its on you def. need a top coat because it is matte, there's no shine to it at all! and be prepared to layer this color on!
Sally Hansen Sun Kissed: As the only orange, it's a nice orange punch for my collection

Sally Hansen in Lacey Lilac- My Favorite Purple
China Glaze in Flying Dragon - Described as neon on the bottle, This one has blueish glitter running through it. 
Icing in Preppy Purple- I compared/reviewed this one here
Avon Mirror Shine  in Polish- Love these although the polish goes on really thin, but they are pretty! I have this one in pink too
Avon Luxe Lavender- a tad bit darker than the Lacey Lilac

Avon Mirror Shine in Peach Ice:  I really like this collection from Avon. The colors look like metallic flakes on your fingers, they are really different. This one is nice. I just hate how you cant see the color through the bottle- sry guys
Essie in Sand Tropez: I love this. A pastel nude, perfect for me! 
Zoya in Jules: I got this in my BirchBox a few months ago, and this isnt one I would purchase on my own, but it is a pretty color and really different from any color I have, so that's a good thing.
Avon in Sheer French Pink: This is my second bottle of this, I love this for french manicures. I sometimes wear it alone as well.

 Blacks & Silvers: I hate to say that these ones never get used, mainly because they are all a bit old but I was so hip to the "dark nail" trend a couple years ago that will be making a come back by this fall! yay! I am exited about that.
Revlon in Patent Leather- black with sparkles  running thru it. actually im throwing this out- too gooey, it was my favorite polish when I bought it tho. I remember it was a good dupe for my private jet by OPI. I remember that because Kim Kardashian was shopping for it in the episode that she found that little dog (remember?) so I immediately had to have it- well at least a dupe
Finger Paints in Gallery Glam- yeah gooey as well because of how old it is. just black.
Finger Paints in Silver Sculpture- I bought this along with Gallery Glam and surprisingly this one isnt gooey. The formula is different I think its because of the metallic finish. Comparable to any of the Avon Mirror Shines as far as formula goes. Has a purple undertone to it
Pure Ice in Silver Mercedes- again very comparable to the Silver Sculpture as far as formula goes and color as well although this one is a truer silver

Reds- I have like 4 reds and they aren't pictured! Sorry guys i forgot about them because I never use them- i use one of them only to put the cherry on top of the cupcake

So yeah there's my collection and as we both learned I am a polish hoarder!  Ive seen posts like this and I think its a great idea to just see who has what and who recommends what so if you did a "polish collection" I would love to see it so please lemme know!
thanx for reading!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Channeling Kourtney Kardash: London Fog & Tangerines: FOTD

Hey Beauties! I did my makeup like this last night for a night out! Hope you enjoy! I love this look, it is a smokey eye look which was inspired by the promo pics for Kardashian's new season (6) that Kourtney took- I love how she did the bright lip and the dramatic eye...I cant just pick one yah no! I think it is appropriate for the night-time so I had a lot of fun creating this look. I re-discovered the taupe color I used for the medium shadow color, I love it- it's Mark. London Bridge which is think was unfortunately a limited edition color from the Flip For It's they did a couple years back, the London Bridge was (obviously) in the london palette. It looks silver in the pan, but as soon you swatch it or use it, the color is a really pretty taupe/gold color.

  • Revlon Colorstay Foundation
  • Maybelline Dream Matte Powder
  • Physician's Formula Cashmere Bronzer
  • Mark. Just Pinched Instant Blush Tint in Peachy

  • Avon Smooth Minerals Jumbo Pencil in Limestone on brow bone
  • Mark. Keep It Going Long Wear Liner in Entourage- I tight-lined & lined upper lid
  • Almay Eyeliner Crayon in Black on waterline
  • Milani Brow Fix Kit for Brows
  • Almay Dial Up Mascara (black)
  • Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer, I reviewed
  • NYX Jumbo Pencil in Milk

  • Lightest Color: (White) Mark. Rebel on ball of eyes, on brow bone, & near tear ducts
  • Medium Color: (Antique Taupe) Mark. London Bridge in crease, in the outer corner and the inner corner
  • Darkest Color: (Black) Mark. Corset in outer corner of eyes. Also lined underneath eye.

  • Avon Ultra Color Lipstick in Tangerine and I also lined my lips with it using the pointy part of the lipstick

Friday, June 17, 2011

Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer

Hey guys, I have been wanting to do a review on this for a really long time! So here it goes

Jeese's Girl Website: "Your eyes, like an artist's canvas, require a primer for best results from your vibrant color palette. Jesse's Girl Eye Shadow Primer provides a silky, crease proof base for smoother application and long lasting color."$5.99

*the color I used for the Primer swatches is Luvstruck by Mark.
First Thought: when I first picked this up, I honestly didn't like it! I liked my Mark. one a lot better. The mark. one just seemed to have a more concealer like consistency and plus it acts as a concealor. This review isnt about the mark. primer tho which I could possibly do one in the future but I really don't use it as much as this one.

 Consistency: it feels like they took it and blended the formula to make it whipped or something.It is really light & airy formula. it blends into your lid well, not heavy what so ever.  

Color: It is a really pale nude color on the packaging, but I think that any skin color could use this stuff. The color you see in the package isn't the color it comes off on your skin. It basically just clear on the lid/skin.

Application: I just dab it all over my eye lid with the doe-foot applicator, and then I blend it into my lid with my finger.-but here's the trick with this stuff- make sure the primer is evenly applied or the color of your shadow will stick (and almost come out darker) on your lid where the primer is more heavily applied.

What do I think: I mean it really does everything that a primer is supposed to do. My makeup does not crease at all through out the day. Having said that, my makeup stays on throughout the day. When I do take off my makeup at night tho, it seems as if the shadow I put on at the beginning of the day is nonexistent on my lid by then. So it would be nice if it had more lasting power but like I said, it stays on through pretty much the whole day- but not quite. For $5.99, I think its a good product. I have had it for around a year now, so a little goes a long way. 

  • Ok now, idk if this is going to be a good thing or a bad thing for anybody else but the formula distorts the color -in a good way- I think personally. As you can see, on the pink swatches I did (above and below), It adds another dimension to the color. It makes the color a bit more shiner & deeper.

  • With the 2 swatches I tested I noticed also the swatch with the primer underneath does stick around much longer than the   one w/out the primer underneath.
Left swatch w/out primer
*please note* I swatched them twice because my camera died! This last pic and the other swatch pics are different pictures, to let you know. 

whats your favorite shadow primer?

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Birchbox Came!

yay! I love birch box! they keep on getting better and better every month! I am just going to jump right into it:

Kate Spade Twirl- We have all heard of top notes being that first scent when you spray a perfume you smell? The top and only top note to me is citrus! I really don't like citrus scents, so I didn't like this at first. After it dried down the citrus went away and it smelled quite nice. The top, middle, and base notes for this scent are all so very different. Many different dimensions to this! Love the packaging too. I actually wore this today and you know what it reminds me of? the Degree body spray in Classic Romance

Laura Geller Baked Blush N Brighten- First thought: sweet! a full size high-end blush which retails $30 in my box? I need to remind you that everything in this box adds up to ten dollars. Thanx BirchBox! It was originally a cream that was baked which made it a powder. Emily Noel always talks about Laura Geller so I was really exited to try this out.  If you haven't already, go check Emily Noel out! I love her channel! I do have to say its a bit shimmery so if you are going to purchase, I would recommend using a very soft hand with this- and don't forget to tap your brush! My skin is very fair so this was a good color for the summer- It may be a bit dark for those winter months for me

No Flash

Oscar Blandi Olio Di Jasmine Hair Serum- I have yet to use this but I am exited to try it out! I love hair products! Since creating this blog, I have really been getting into photography, thats why there are sometimes so many pictures! I cant pick just one to show you guys!

Pangea Organics Toner for Normal Oily Skin- I love the idea of this stuff: fair trade, Organic all that good stuff. It's a toner- I mean there's nothing really to this besides the fact that it is a huge sample, basically a travel size which is perfect. I can just throw this in my bag and use it as a refresher after the pool, or on your face throughout the day- If you are familiar with Mist Opportunity from Mark. it is basically the same thing. I also got a sample of the Facial Cream.

Herban Essentials Orange Towelette's -Last but not least (well maybe least) I received these, they are fine. They smell really orange-y! If you don't like oranges, your not going to like these! But the towelettes are really durable actually, and they kill germs so that's good....but yeah, they didn't really stand out too much. I don't want to be ungrateful tho because the box is awesome! nice *extra* touch then, birch box. Not of my best pictures ever but what-ev's you get the pun intended....actually yes it was intended lol.

This was by far the best BirchBox I have received! I urge you to sign up! for $10 a month, it doesn't get any better, honestly.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Inspired by Kardashian's

So I was actually half-tempted to dedicate another blog to the Kardashian' going a bit to the extreme tho lol- going a bit far but can we just make it a Kardashian month? Seriously, I have been so inspired by them since I watched the premiere on Sunday.

Kourtney's House- OMG Love it! Kourtney is definitely the more shabby chic one of the group, I love her new home! It has character! The white cabinetry, Blue Shutters, Love Love Love it! Her's is the most different house of them all.

I cannot find a pic of Kourtney's new house!! Damn! I wanted everyone else to gush with me! Oh well here's a picture of her that Is so beautiful! I love her makeup! I like the bright lip and bold eyes together, I def. wanna do a FOTD with this as inspiration!

Jenner's House Makeover- They did a beautiful job on the house, I absolutely love it! I actually do love the entry way tile at the Jenner's- black & white blocks. It reminds me so much of Cher Horowitz(s?) house. Clueless was my favorite movie growing up, I used to try to dress like her and I would do drawings of what I thought the rest of her house looked like! haha I was a dork even then! so the Jenner's house is a bit nostalgic for me, I have to say (: The decorator is Jeff Andrews.

Jenner's house. Dining room.

Jenner Kitchen: love that Back-splash & and the oven

Kim & Kris are so adorable we all know that she has been looking for love forever now, right? Having met all of her boyfriends (on television, of course) I have to say that they are cutest together. You can really tell they love each other- so exited to see what is to come with those 2. I think I like Kris as much as I like the Bruiser just from seeing the 2 minute clip of him at the beginning of the show, along with the trailer.

I found this on google, and the website mentioned this is a pic at the Jenner house the night they were engaged:

To just fill you in on my thoughts for the past Kardashian year: I didn't really get too much into Khloe and Lamar mainly because of Rob.....& Khloe... I have to admit. I however, did love and enjoy Kim & Kourtney Take NYC. It seems as if Kourtney is growing up (for lack of a better word) and we all used to hate Scott right?! Ever since K&K in NYC...maybe even a little before that- I can see Kourtney's attraction to him...he has a huge personality. My bf will even watch Kardashian's, and he will actually like it (trust me, its hard for him..more of a show for the girls) if Bruce & now if Scott are in it.
I love these Promo Pics- Khloe

So am I the biggest Kardashian/Blog dork for actually taking notes during the show?!? You dont hafta tell me, I already know (:

The shoes that Kim tripped on at the dinner...yes those have made an appearance on my blog before! The Spring Trends post a did a while back....

ah ha! great minds think and kim...are now besties! now only if I could start a shoe fund and actually buy them- Louboutin (mega) heel- it is too bad she tripped on them...I will let that slide. god I love her whole outfit at the dinner, she looked stunning. I just love Kim so much!

Whose Side Are You On?

Kourtney & Khloe vs. Kris - They are both kinda right- thats a tie

Khloe vs. Kim - Kim's - she was there for Khloe when she married Lamar after only like a month. And Khloe mentions that Kim is a "relationship girl"- I have to admit that I am the same way...I always have a boyfriend- I am happy that Khloe apologized to her in the end. So funny when she said "I ain't no basketball wife honey, he is a reality star husband" ha! that is so true! I honestly would not know who any of these athlete's are if it wasn't for the Kardashain's, would you?

Rob vs. Kim - Kim again for sure- Wow she looked like really pissed at him when she mentioned he's only is nice to her when he needs something...Idk what his problem has been but all I have to say to him and his attitude is no.

Favorite Kardashian for the season:
I think it's going to be Kourtney....or Kim.

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