Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tarte Blush & Bronze on the Go

Something I almost never indulge in is higher end blush. In fact, this will be only my 2nd high blush. But I seriously love blush. I was just always completely happy with my drugstore blushes. Until, I heard that Tarte's Amazonian Clay Blushes actually have real staying power. My blush is always the first thing to go on my face. So, thank goodness for Ulta's check out counter. They always have higher end mini products for a fair price. Ulta's checkout counter is how I found out about another holy grail, anyways. So I figured why not?

You get 1 Amazonian Clay Blush in Dollface (.11 oz) + 1 Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess (.11 oz) for $15. To be completely honest, I don't see a reason to buy a full size (.20 oz). I feel as if I will not be hitting pan on these for a long time.

You already know how I feel about amazonian clay. I use it in my face wash (Kiehl's) and it is amazing. I like to fact that my blush is all natural, and actually good for you.  This blush has vitamin c, e & beeswax in it as well.

Because it is made with Amazonian clay, not only does it stay in place longer than any other blush, but it also "minimizes oil in and around pores to balance skin and keep product in place", as said by I can say that statement is completely true. It's funny because I will get oily everywhere else besides where I have applied my blush and bronzer. It is good for other skin types too, see the benefits for your skin type on the site: Blush & Bronzer.

Amazonian Clay 12 Hour Blush
I was happy to find out Dollface was included in this deal. I have wanted it for ages. My skin is fair/light with warm undertones & I think it looks nice on my skin color. However, this is a pretty universal color. It is also fool-proof. Swipe your blush brush into the product. No need to even tap off the excess. It isn't chalky in the least bit (better not be!) And it is very buildable. There is no such thing as over doing it with this blush. I think part of this is because it blends like a dream. Can't say it lasts for 12 hours but I will say it lasts 3-4 hours. That's pretty good for a blush! It is described as a light pink.

Tarte Amazonian Clay Bronzer in Park Ave. Princess
This bronzer, like the blush has the same staying power & consistency (see above) It does have shimmer in it, but personally it doesn't bother me too much as long as it isn't chunky. I use it for contouring and I think it is the perfect shade for my skin tone/color. Unlike it's counter part Dollface, I think people with light/medium skin tones could pull this off as a contour. Any darker, and it would be nice for a sun kissed highlight, maybe? It can also be worn as an eyeshadow too! So if you want to try this duo out, it's not a complete miss if the bronzer is too light for your skin tone/color. The color is described as a shimmery gold.


*funny story*
While I was at work the other day, the owner had her niece and nephew come in, who are 2 & 4 years old. They are such sweet little babies! (The little boy got mad at his younger sister for calling him a bow. LOL!) Anyhow, the little girl came up to me and asked "whats on your cheek?". Hmmm....I was wondering myself what was on my cheek. When I looked in the mirror, there was nothing there but my blush! ha! That was 2 hours into my day so there you have proof it lasts!

I have always wanted to dive into the Tarte brand. I knew if I ever tried Tarte, it would automatically become 1 of my favorite high end brands. I still have yet to try the Amazonian Clay Foundation! That will be my next purchase from Tarte!



Beauty Writer said...

I bought this little set a while ago and I love it! I hope they make more of these with different shades :)

MeetMiss Jackson said...

yeah that would be nice! I would love if they did one with the coral or red blush colors. just because i have all pink blushes!

DianaLuv said...

I love these! They fit in my bag perfectly and work great for touch ups

Tawny said...

I've wanted to try dollface for ages! That looks like a great set!
Beauty by T

Ann said...

Ooh, looks like I'll be heading to Ulta! I love the mini sized products so I can try lots of different things without committing to one :)
xo, Ann
Glitter and Glaze

LauraMck said...

Both of these products look beautiful. I wish we could get Tarte in Ireland xxx

Amber said...

What a great deal! I agree you dont really need a full size blush becuase it takes so long to hit pan!

Priska Siagian said...

love your blog. new follower anyway, if you don't mind, follow my blog.

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing.

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