Monday, December 31, 2012

It's the Last Blog Post... (And What I Got for Christmas)

Of the year! I have had like 10 days off of blogging - wow! I have had such an awesome Christmas but I am sure glad it's over and I can start focusing on my life. I wanted to share with you all what I got for Christmas along with some pictures from Christmas as well.

 I wanted to show you all of my Christmas happenings thru a POTW blog post, but I didn't get any. I wanted to do a Christmas cookie series because I made the following: 7 Layer Cookie Bars, Hot Chocolate On-A-Stick, Coconut Macaroons, Fruity Pebble Fudge, Soft Caramels, (all of these recipe's are pinned on my Pinterest board under Christmas Cookie + Christmas Cookies) + the Slatkin & Co. Marry Cookie candle sugar cookies. That recipe doesn't call for enough flour. So we added some and they were a little dry. Nonetheless, really run to make and decorate! Here's pictures of those babies:

Here's everything I got for Christmas!

This year for new years, we are hanging out at my house (just like we do every year) and then walking up to the bar before midnight, having a toast, then walking back. We are planning to get pretty drunk! haha! Whatever! I haven't been drunk in at least 7 months and the last time I went to the bar was 2 years ago! It's unbelievable to think about because I remember when I used to go out every night! Anyway, please have a safe new years! Don't drive if your going out with a bang like me!

And By The Way...
Thank you for such an incredible year in 2012! No matter what what crazy stuff is happening in my life, good or bad, my blog is my "happy place" and my experience with blogging just keeps on getting better and better. My "that look's fun" little project that started 2 years ago, turned into a true passion + I don't think it would have been that way if it wasn't for all of your support and all of the inspiration I get from all of your blog's + comments! Let's make 2013 even better!

Be Safe + See You Next Year!

Yours Truly,

Friday, December 21, 2012

Broke Girls Gift Guide + DIY Gift Basket's (Part 1)

Here's the stuff I got for my Mom, Boyfriend, + Best Friend. I figured it would be helpful (or fun) to share all of the gifts I got. As you can tell by the title, I am a broke bitch! But, I know some pretty good ways to save money and make a nice gift out of a few little things. I never say "oh, everyone's budget is $X amount" To me, that's silly because if I can find a great deal that doesn't meet the exact budget, that's fine with me! Nobody is going to know exactly how much you spent on them. It's the thought that count's, people!

This time of the year, they have little gift baskets everywhere....boring! I don't know about you, but I like to make my own! it's so much more fun that way!

Gift #1:
To: Alex.
Alex is my long time best friend who shares the love of stuff with me. Meaning, when we get together we will look online for hours going from nail polish, to jewelry, to dog clothes, to recipes, to ornaments

The girl loves Hello Kitty and anything pink. I found the cookies with strawberry cream, the vanilla and raspberry cotton candy, & the cleansing hand wipes (sweetly scented) all at 5+Below.

Alex shares my love of beauty items, and I can't tell you how many times she has said she wanted a matte bronzer. I got one from Wet n Wild in Princess on sale at CVS. It looks more along the lines of a satin as opposed to a true matte. The good news is that there isn't any chunky, loud glitter.

She swears by the Sally Hansen nail strips and says they will last on your nails for 2 weeks. I found those at 5+Below as well.

She just recently moved into a house and is re-doing her room pink and black. The wall decals were perfect and I found those at Big Lots. I didn't realize until recently that they were chalkboard(s) and came with some chalk! How cute!

She really tries her best to stay on a healthy track. Last year, I bought my dad a juice and smoothie book and her and I sat around for like an hour writing all the recipes down, haha! Plus, I feel like when you have things like that that your exited to use and put into action, your more likely to do so and in turn stay healthy + reach your goals! Plus, she loves smoothies. Another 5+Below purchase.

The tumbler seemed to go hand in hand!  Not to mention, we are both always stealing each others cups to take with us on the go. One with a straw and lid is perfect on the go and something she actually needed. I found some other tumbler's at 5+Below and Wal-Mart but none were as cheap or as cute as this one. Here's to another great buy at Big Lots!

total= $24
Gift #2
To: Mom
Hardest to shop for. Good thing she gave me a small list I could refer to. The things on her list included Clinique foundation and lotion & some bras. I bought those, but I will say I splurged a little bit on her. That woman deserves it!  Not that Alex or Phil do not, but yah know. Im partial to the lady that I was inside of....moving on. Here's the rest of the cheaper, stocking stuffer, type of gifts.

She needed a new perfume and when I smelled Angel in the store, I swore it smelled like popsicles! Idk wtf but the deal was 2 for $15 at Victoria's Secret plus I had a $10 off of any purchase. I paid $5 for 2 mini's, which makes 1 $2.50.

My mom's name is Penny and she loves anything having to do with the name. Since Lucky Penny from Essie was already on my wishlist, I figured I would buy it for her and then get a chance to use it later too! But, when I compared that with China Glaze's Magical, I couldn't pass it up. It is more of a taupe and definitely more cooler in color and has a sparkly+metallic finish. Im Sold. It's all mine. Wait! This is for my mom.....Oh yeah, from Ulta.

Joico shampoo and conditioner I have heard really, really good things! It is also really, really expensive! I felt like such a luxurious product, fit perfect for a Christmas present for my mother because she would never splurge on it without ever trying it to begin with. They have a deal going on at Ulta, 5 things for $10. This shampoo and conditioner (could also be used as a deep conditioner) were included so pretty good deal.

A Notepad. Always comes in handy. Found at Big Lots. They have these everywhere. You guys already know!

Eco Tools Makeup Brushes were something she really needed! She has 1 blush brush and she always is using mine so I figured know she has some of her own (: I bought these at Marc's which is local but you can get these at any drugstore.

Big Sexy Hair Root Pump was a part of the 5 for $10 at Ulta. Can't hurt.

Redken Shine Flash 2. Ever since I got this in my Birchbox months back, she was the one that used it up! I have had this present on the back burner for a while. Full price for the smaller can is $8. Oh well. I guess some things are just worth it. I got it at Ulta.

Milani Lipstick in Orange Gina was a part of the CVS beauty clearance. She loves her corals. Hurry and check your local CVS! They may still have things marked down! Here's what I got!

Aloe Vera towelettes were found at Big Lots for $1. That is how my mom likes to take off her makeup. Good deal.
 total $34.50
 dont forget about my video!
if your wanting more gift ideas & if you like watching videos, check it out! I hope I have time to post part 2! finger's crossed! If not, have a Merry Christmas!

Ok! I am going to stop here! I can officially wrap these babies! Ill go for part 2 in the next couple days. Fingers crossed that we get just a little bit of sun while im off the clock so I can photograph the rest! I am off to make the rest of my cookies! There will be a blog post for that too! Can I fit all of this in before Tuesday? I hope so! The holiday season isn't over until January officially in my book, anyways.

And alleluia! The world is still turning and we didn't get sucked into a black hole! Thank you Jesus! I knew you were gunna wait it out! lol

Happy Holidays! Don't forget to slow down and enjoy it!

if you need more idea's, go to my DIY Gift Basket's blog post from last year. I did some different stuff!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Current Obsession: Vanilla Bean Noel

How many obsessions can I have? A lot, apparently. I wait all year for this scent to come out. I could never pick out wtf was in it besides vanilla. But I knew it was more than that because even though I love bakery scents, im not one to just go for a plain vanilla body spray. It smells too...vanilla-ey. I like a fragrance with depth, a fragrance with volume. 

Vanilla Bean Noel is really unlike any other vanilla scent with the name "Vanilla" in it I have tried. For example, the cotton candy and cupcake body sprays don't count. Most of the time, scent's like that do have a note or two more then your average vanilla.

Vanilla Bean Noel smells like vanilla, yes. But it also has something in there that reminds me of an ice cream fragrance or something. It is much sweeter than just vanilla and smells like a creamy bowl of.....cotton candy ice cream? When I read the bottom of my Vanilla Bean Noel candle, here's what it said:

yep! It's that caramel mixed with cream in there that makes my brain go right to a bowl of  creamy ice cream topped with sweet caramel. It's weird to me that sometimes you can smell the creaminess or tartness of the scent. How do they do that? Yah no? It really boggles my mind thinking about how in the world they get something like cake batter extract....Who knows. In all fairness, this is a light hearted beauty/lifestyle blog, and not a very scientific one! Thank-God!

Here's a quick breakdown:

The Lotion: My personal favorite! It smells just like the candle description, which is just what the candle smells like (see previous paragraph). I sometimes wear this alone, without either of the body spray or shower gel and it holds it's own. In fact, this is the sole product that glues the 3 of them together if I were to layer the spray & wash with it. Plus, the lotion is the lingerer of the bunch. I apply and re-apply once every few hours and I get a whiff every know and again. 

The Body Wash: Runner up to the lotion. It smells just like the lotion and the candle does (see pre-previous paragraph). Worn with the other two on top of it (the lotion and body spray) really brings out all of the notes of the fragrance, not missing a beat. Worn alone I would say it is so-so. Smells great at first but isn't much of a lingerer without the other two, or the lotion at the least.

The Body Spray: If I were to judge the whole entire Vanilla Bean Noel line on this product only, I wouldn't be too impressed. My bff Alex swears it smells exactly like the lotion but amped up by 10. To me, I smell nothing but that bland, boring, one note, run-of-the-mill, average joe, vanilla scent I was talking about earlier. Without any of that yummy dessert-in-a-bowl finesse to it. However, layering it with the other 2? Your golden!

The Candle: Smells just like that description I gave (or the one on the candle. Your choice!) And because it's only a medium candle, the scent throw doesn't go farther than my bedroom. That is only because of it;s size as far as im concerned. I love this little baby. I wanna big one.

If I had the money....
I would buy 1 of each bakery fragrance Philosophy has to offer. Why have I passed them up for the past few years? I was in Ulta today and we spent a few minutes smelling each one. My cousin always get's Philosophy 3 in 1's and she always helps me write down all of the recipes. I remember we spent an hour one 4th of July doing just that. Maybe if Philosophy ever goes on sale.

I bought all of this stuff plus two 3 wick candles at Bath & Body Works on Black Friday for a total of around $20 for everything. I love those types of sales. Here's the rest of the stuff I bought in this video. To find out more about the 3 wick candles I bought click me

What's your favorite Christmas fragrance?

Do you make videos too?

talk to me!

Monday, December 17, 2012

China Glaze Haul: with the Cirque Du Soleil Collection + NOTW

I got a $5 off coupon in the mail from Ulta (rewards member) and I knew exactly what I wanted to spend it on.  Plus, China Glaze polishes were buy 2 get 1 free. I spent around $11 total on the 3 China Glaze Nail Polishes. 2 are from the Cirque Du Soleil collection and 1 is from the permanent collection. The other polish you see in the picture is Revlon's Cupid that I got from CVS for 75% off. They may still be having their clearance sale so go check it out! I bought my stuff a week ago.

China Glaze never lets me down when it comes to their glitter polishes. Last year, I had a gorgeous one from them called Lorilei's Tiara and this year with their Cirque Du Soleil collection, It's a Trap-eze! is my new favorite glitter polish. It is so gorgeous. I couldn't wait to put it on my nails. What you see in this picture is like 3 or 4 coats. I realize my nails beds suck! Don't judge me. Judge the polish only.

here's what one coat looks like. It is so pretty.

Here's the rest of the Nail Polish I got:

It's a Trap-eze! A white creamy base that dries clear over top all the glitter so you can get your full use out of them. I can't even begin the name all of the different colors of glitter in this baby. I am guessing I don't have to since there is a picture or two, anyway.

Igniting Love: What I would call a raspberry red. Also from the Cirque Du Soleil collection. Im wearing it now and it took 2 coats. Im quite fond of it, actually.

Refresh-Mint: A mint pastel blueish green. That's description is all over the place. It is what it is.

As for the rest from the Cirque Du Soleil collection, there was a hexagon glitter type of nail polish with a black base (everyone's going crazy for it!), a green glittery color, a red glittery color, a chartruse green, a medium pink, a deep violet + some others. They were all so-so in my opinion.

as I am ending this blog post, I am contemplating going back to buy a backup of It's a Trap-Eze! It's already getting gooey because ive been using it so much. Can we say obsession?  Get ready for another NOTD(week?) soon from the Circe Du Soleil polishes. I have something else up my sleeve. I do, i do.

a side note:
Please pray for the babies and their families at Sandy Hook. My heart goes out to them. It really is so tragic. That shooter dude looks like an old lady. That's not nice. I don't care. Too bad he took the easy way out & shot himself.

have a safe week, guys.

Friday, December 14, 2012

My Christmas Wish List

Christmas is coming up so quick! After this blog post, I have 6 more planned before Christmas! Everyone in my life has been asking for a Christmas wish list. I love doing collages for the blog so I figured I would do one for people to refer to if need be. Some of this stuff is so expensive and I feel bad even asking for it. This is specifically all the things that have been on my wishlist but you can buy me whatever you would like to. If I get not one thing from this wish list, that's just fine! Here's an idea anyhow....

A new comforter. This one is from K-Mart from Mizone called Lyon Raspberry and its only $50! I would also love a plain white alternative down comforter other than that one. That's because I wanna buy this twin bed comforter from Marc's for $20 (an outlet type of store) to put at the foot of the bed and it would look so shabby chic with a white alternative down comforter.

T-Bars for my jewelry. I have pretty creative jewelry storage going on right now but I have always wanted a t-bar. 1 for my bracelets and then 1 for my necklaces. They sell them at Pat Catan's for like $9 or something in that ball park.

A Hoodie. I just really need a new one. The one pictured is from Tilly's. That one's cute.

The nail polishes. I have been obsessing over the glitters and the duo chromes. The Living Daylights from OPI is seriously stunning. I have been wanting Penny Talk ever since I tried Nothing Else Metals (I wore it here and here) from that same line. Oh! Essie also has a polish called Beyond Cozy that has silver and gold glitters in it. Love.

Legally Bronzed by Benefit. I wanna try Benefit really bad and what got me hooked on this was the Hoola Bronzer and High Beam. The other 2 products would be awesome bonuses. from Sephora or Ulta.

Forgotten Beauty Wishlister's

Essie Beyond Cozy

Tarte Fantastic Foursome Blush Set (Sephora)

Sephora's In the Glow Set

 Books: Youtube made me want both of these. I love the Fowler's and I also love L.A. When I heard they wrote a book called Beneath the Glitter I knew I had to read it.  Spirit Junkie is something that Heather from For the Love of Kale loves and she is always referring to it in her videos so I really want that one too. Basically any type of self help, financial help, spiritual book, cook book, diy book....any of those type of books would be perfect for me.

Cupcake Soap Dispenser: I seen one like this one at Wal-Mart and I almost bought it for myself. Then I realized I was shopping for other people! Hey, im just throwing it out there. It's across from the beauty and christmas section. *wink*

The Sims 3 Expansions: If you didn't know, I love The Sims.These are the 3 expansion packs I want next.

Lumineers Tickets: I have fallen in love with this band. I love "Hey Ho" and I love the video for it. I found out they are coming to Pittsburgh in April and I really wanna go! The last time I was at a concert was in 2007. It was 311 at the Palms, if you were interested.

White Based Lighting: I realize it would be a lot easier to if I could film or take photos for the blog with white based lighting. Otherwise, I have to wait until it's sunny. Which is almost never this time of year.

 There's my wishlist! 
Whats on your wishlist? 
Did you do a blog post or video about it? 
Link us!

What do you guys think of Elle and Blair? 
 It seems like you either love them or hate them. I love those two! fun fact: Elle was the first channel and first blog I ever followed or subscribed to! She inspired me to even start a blog. Your entitled to your own opinion and I would love to hear it!

Thanks for reading

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

CVS Beauty Clearance Sale

This is a really quick heads up on the CVS sale along with some of the stuff I bought that wasn't on sale. I am doing a video on all of this stuff + some holiday items (gifts, decor, cookie boxes!) which I have yet to film but I will link it here as soon as I do it so you can hear more about each item. I really wanted to get this up quick so you guys know what your going to find at CVS. The sale usually goes pretty quick!

  1. Milani Lipstick in Orange Gina $1.49 ......................................................................................................................................I saved $4.50
  2. Wet n Wild Bronzer in Princess $1.49......................................................................................................................................I saved $1.50
  3. Wet n Wild Single Eyeshadow in Creme Brulee (matte cream color) $0.99....................................................................I saved $0.83
  4. Revlon Top Speed Nail Polish in Cupid $1.45.......................................................................................................................I saved $4.34
  5. Rimmel Eyeshadow Quad in Precious Crown $2.89...........................................................................................................I saved $2.90
  6. John Frieda Root Booster Blow Dryer Spray $5.46 (not on clearance).............................................................................I saved $1.83
  7. Physician's Formula Trio Eyeliner for Blue Eyes (the best drugstore liner! It wasn't on clearance but they did have the 3 packs of cream liners on clearance!) $11.49

I spent a total of $27.97

some stuff is 75% off while other items are 50% off. Go get it before its all gone!

Thanks for reading!
Yours Truly,

Monday, December 10, 2012

Most Wanted: ELF HD Blushes

A few months ago, every beauty blogger was going crazy for these to get at a chance to try them out. If you know how much I love ELF products, you will probably know how bad I wanted to try these as well. They were sold out for-like-ever. Until last month, I finally ordered them.

I have watched/read other girl's reviews on these and everyone mentions how hard these are to work with if your not familiar with this kind of blush set-up. I am not familiar with this blush set up at all and they have been really fun to play with. Every girl has also been saying that they are "dupes" for the Makeup Forever HD blushes. I don't own those but when I heard that I had to try these because they are so unique to any drugstore/low end beauty item I have seen or tried. Some have been loving them. Some have been hating them.
left: Headliner // bottom: Superstar

I got the lightest two shades Headliner & Superstar considering I am a fair/light skin tone. The 3 darkest one's looked like they might be a little bit much for me. When I first opened them, I tried to pump some out. What came out was not blush or even pigment for that matter. It was oil. Eww. After a lot of shaking I finally pumped out some pigment. I have to shake Headliner every time I use it or else I will only get that oil. The consistency of these after the fact is really silky and smooth, which is really nice.

Although I can see how any one person can go overboard with these babies. Have you ever heard the expression a little goes a long way? I am sure you have. Forget that expression applies to anything else but ELF's HD blushes.

What you see on my arm is one pump.
top Headliner // bottom: Superstar

What you see swatched is one pump spread out. If I were to really blend those 2 swatches, it would have covered my fore arm with pigment. You can see how pigmented they really are and that's a good thing, you just have to work with it! I will most likely have these 2 bottles for years and years to come.
top: Headliner // bottom: Superstar

Headliner: This one has been described as a baby pink but I do think it is a muted baby pink- baby pink mauve, if you will. I have been finding myself going for this one the most. Maybe when I get a little tan going on I will use Superstar. Or maybe I just favor the color all together

Superstar: Let's call this one a peach with pink undertones. Or pink with peach undertones. It doesn't matter. You clearly see the color, anyhow. I can and do use this even though I am fair skinned. It's not impossible by any means. It really is just a matter of taste.

How I use it:
  1. I pump out 1/4 of a pump. The littlest bit I can get, so I don't waste it. That much is even too much for me. -With my finger, I swirl or blend it onto the back of my hand.
  2. Then, I wash my finger off
  3. Taking my newly washed dry finger, I dab it back into the blended blush from the back of my hand.
  4. What you will see on your finger is even too much, in my opinion. so...
  5. Rub that finger together with another.
  6. Dab 1 of those finger's onto apples of cheeks or wherever you want to apply it.

I have been really loving using a contour powder, then adding the HD blush onto my apples. Then I usually finish off with a powder blush on my cheek bones. I like the look of it alot.

Here's what sucks
Besides the fact that Headliner needs shaken every time I use it or else I will get oil on my hand (that one's temperamental for some reason) The packaging of it is disintegrating. Just the packaging for Headliner. Whatever. it doesn't compromise the quality of the product, I am just put off by things like that considering I like to photograph every makeup item I buy.

So, I think these HD blushes are good picks, once you can get the hang of the application! Give em a go, next time you order something from ELF's site!

Have you tried these HD blushes out?
What do yah think?

take care

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Current Obsession: BCBG Affirmation Bracelet

Here's my problem. I love trendy jewelry. And lately, cheap, cute Forever 21 type jewelry has just not been enough. My Tiered Southwest Pendant necklace already broke twice since I bought it! Phil fixed it for me, but still. That sux. It was only $7. That's the problem. Sometimes you just get what you pay for. 

I have been going to Macy's here and there to just stock the jewelry department every now and then, wondering when I was going to cave. I didn't have to! On my birthday, Oct 8th, Phil asked what I wanted and I knew just what it was:

This was my number one pick. 
BCBGeneration Bracelet, Metallic Leather, Amor Bracelet. 
Gun metal leather band, rose gold lettering, affirmation reading "amor <3"....obviously. It couldn't have been more perfect. 

It has button closures or snap closures that fit in 2 different sizes.

If I had the money, I would already own half of these affirmation bracelets. I just hate the one's that say something like "taken" or "duh" or "omg". Those are a little too trendy for me. Don't be surprised if you see a blog post about all 3 said affirmation bracelets in a few months. I can't promise anything.

Here's the only bad thing about having higher-end trendy jewelry. It will go out of style eventually. And nobody knows when. I am praying (not literally- I am not that pretentious!) that the arm candy trend will at least go for the next few years. I want to get my wear out of this bracelet.

Not only is this trendy, but it also serves another purpose. Every day I wear it, I remember to radiate love. My re-hab counselor would be proud.

This is $18 at Macy's right now if your interested. 

Thank you again to Philly for my birthday present. I love it.

Do you have any Higher End Trendy Jewelry? 


Sunday, December 2, 2012

Slatkin & Co. Christmas Candles

Maybe your rolling your eyes because it's only the second of November and im already talking about Christmas. Maybe not. The really cool thing about the blogisphere is that everyone seems like they have been ready for Christmas since a few days before Thanksgiving. Yes! That's why you guys are my people! On black friday, I went to Bath+Body Works. I love that store. Among some other things, I got 2 candles for $20. I explained in my video that I saved over 70% off of my total purchase! I just wanted to really talk about the 3 wick candles I got for now. So you seen the haul, time for the review.

Merry Cookie
Sometimes with the Bath + Body Works bakery candles, they don't barely smell like anything once you light it (Im talking to you, Frosted Cupcake!)  On a scale of 1-10, I would say Merry Cookie is about 7 or 8 judging on the scent throw. The description reads that it smells like a bowl full of cookie dough and it couldn't be more true. It really smells like cookies! Not cupcakes, or anything else. It smells just like a sugar cookie. It's my favorite out of the 2

Cinnamon Frosting
I wanted to find something to replace my Cinnamon Sugared Donut that B+BW sells during the fall. They had it last year around this time, but they got rid of it really quick this year. I was bummed because it is seriously my all time favorite. If I was comparing the 2 I would tell you the Cinnamon Sugared Donut smells exactly like it sounds and it is much sweeter than Cinnamon Frosting. Cinnamon Frosting's scent description is almost identical to Cinnamon Sugared Donut except for the clove in the Cinnamon Frosting. The cloves gives it more of a spicy scent which I don't mind but if I had to choose, I would go for Cinnamon Sugared Donut.On a scale of 1-10, this would be again a 7-8 with the scent throw. 

Not only do you get the candle, but you get the corresponding recipe to go with it! I always wished they would have done this & this past fall, I have been looking for Cinnamon Sugared Donuts everywhere to eat. Well, now you don't have to wanna eat the candle! You can make the real food! haha! Plus, it's Christmas time which means, time to make cookies to pass out, which means you wont feel tempted to eat the whole batch! I am making Christmas Cookies again this year. I may do a series about it on this blog or on Meet Miss Jackson. let me know if you would like to see it here or there

I really, really, really, wanted a 3 wick of Vanilla Bean Noel but they were all out. That is my favorite. I got a medium one + some other things but i'll talk about all that next time.I wonder what the recipe is on the 3 wick Vanilla Bean Noel......

1 more thing....
The 3 wicks are supposed to burn for 30-45 hours. there is no way these burn for 45 hours! 30 maybe. 

a side note:
Do you guys like Youtube Videos? Do you guys make Youtube vidoes? If so, check out my channel and leave a link to yours below! I would love to become Youtube friends too!

till next time
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