Monday, April 2, 2012

Julep Maven Box for 1 Penny!

Hey guys! So last month (march) Julep Maven was doing a promotion for people that don't have subscriptions to the Maven box. You paid 1 penny for the box. 1 per house and per person. I was exited because I love nail polish and since there nail polishes are on the expensive side, why not pay a freaking penny and get a couple plus a hand scrub!?

This month, they have another code for this offer and it is "penny". If you have never had a Julep Maven box, try it! Even if you don't like it, it was a penny, what did you lose, yah no? And by the way it's not a penny plus shipping or anything, you pay exactly one cent. 

Another thing I liked about Julep Maven is that you can choose what box you want before hand. It's not a guessing game. However, whatever 2 or 3 nail polish colors come in each box, you can't add or eliminate. So I got the Boho Glam box because of this color, Alicia.

Alicia is gorgeous pastel coral. It was like nothing I have ever had or anything I have seen before! Alicia is a cream finish and it goes on extremely smooth. Even if you mess up and now have streaks, it will basically dry down to one smooth coat, which is awesome. Absolutely fool proof. In a NOTW coming up, I only had to use 1 coat on a couple but mostly I used 2 coats on each nail. One thing that I thought was weird was if I didn't use a top coat, the nail would get smudges on the actual nail polish. I don't mean the actual polish shifting, I mean like grey smudges. I guess I brushed up against something? either way, with a top coat, your good to go with it.

As for Portia, I wasn't necessarily exited about getting it, but I did think it was a nice color. Plus I am a little suspicious of glitter polishes... I like to open up the glitter polishes right in the store to see exactly how much glitter will be on the brush. With Portia, you barely get any. As you can see it is a sheer polish tinted blue with some sparkle to it. However, the Julep Maven website did describe the polish as just that, so I wasn't getting led on or anything. I haven't used it yet so that is all I can say.

Here's my heart swatches of Portia (left) & Alicia (right). As you can tell Portia looks like it would be a gorgeous top coat for any given blue polish. Not a stand alone polish. Or a polish that will form a nicely shaped heart. As for Alicia, she is my new best friend!

The Hand Facial I thought had a cutesie name. It smells like citrus. I am not too keen on citrus, but it smells good, I guess. Nothing like the best thing that has ever went up my nose or anything, ifyaknowwhatImean, but good. It does have exfoliators in it, and you know me I love my scrubs! We do have a Mary Kay hand scrub in the bath room now that I can compare it to and I like the Mary Kay one better. The Mary Kay one has much smaller granules and I feel like that element calls for a better scrub & it smells much nicer (an extremely light, fresh, & clean scent with a small hint of cucumber melon) 

Evening out the pro's and con's, I cannot complain for 1 penny. But with the regular price, which I believe is around $17, I am not too sure yet. I feel like for that much money, you should be able to pick out the nail polishes that go in the box. You can only pick set for set, not polish by polish. So, I dunno. I guess if you are contemplating signing up for your monthly box, take it or leave it. Either way, I hope I helped!

on a side note I am almost done with this season's trends series. Click here for examples of this past fall trend's series. I am also doing a Fashion TAG which I made up by myself and I must say, it's a pretty good TAG! If you are interested in being tagged, let me know in the comments! I will being tagging a couple specific people but I am not too sure who would be interested so please let me know in the comments!

Do you guys get the Julep Maven Box? What do you guys think of the Company? If you don't get the box, are you thinking of taking advantage of the promo code?

stay beautiful,


Anonymous said...

your so lucky ! you got the PORTIA ! Ive been wanting that color! ITs so pretty!
great blog!
NEW FOLLOWER ! thanks for visiting my page(:

Erica J said...

I haven't used it yet but I will probably use it soon so I will keep yah updated, girly! no problem, I liked your bloggie (:

MariaSelf said...

Thank you INCREDIBLY much for the info, Erica!!! I'm already doing their style test right now and ready to sign up for the "penny" box;-))))) thanks to you! and thank you for such a great review!!! Helps a lot cause I didn't even know about Julep brand before!:-(

Erica J said...

oh cool! so glad to here your signing up (: can't wait to see what colors you got

MariaSelf said...

I already got my box - so fast! Will definitely feature it in my upcoming post and put a link to your blog as a "thank you";-)))

oKayeAmy said...

I just ordered mine a couple of days ago. Pretty sure it'll be here by Friday. I'm excited =)


Modish said...

This Glycolic scrub looks awesome. I have been eyeing Philosophy’s Glycolic hand scrub and their foot scrub. Glycolic acid is a great exfoliater. I have a glycolic gel (50 %)that I try to use once every two weeks and I use a mild 4% glycolic lotion nightly. It's great stuff.
I found you through blog hop and I like your blog :) You write about the things that interest me!
new follower :)

LifeLover said...

I would love to do your tag erica!!!

Small Town Gal said...

I just signed up yesterday so think I will get the May box. So excited about it! I have always wanted to try Julep but they are pricey.

Found your awesome blog through Blog-Hop. Visit my blog if you like:

New follower of you now :)

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