Thursday, January 10, 2013

Universal Nude Lip Combo

Because I am so fair skinned (esp. in the winter months!) it's hard for me to find a really great, neutral toned nude on the market. That is probably why I lean toward nude pinks but I am really glad I found something that can truly suit my skin tone. This combo is neither too dark making me just look...weird. Nor is it too light, making my lips look like straight up concealer (although I welcome that look a lot of the time!). It's really a perfect neutral, medium, nude color.

ELF Lip Stain in Heartbreaker:  
If there ever was a perfect nude lip for all skin tones, it would have to be this one. As you can see from the swatch, it does look darker next to my skin. There is a fine line for "nude" when your my color! But for me, this is a really nice, non-pink nude! I think a girl that is much darker than me could pull this off with perfection. im talking Kim Kardashian nude. I can't wait to get a tan! However, with my fair skin it looks simply subtle and weather I wanna go for a subtle eye look, dramatic eye look, heavy contour, it doesn't matter. It will look good with any thing! So any eye look, any face look, any skin tone (fair to deep!) this just might be perfect. Out of the 3, this might be the most universal of all. It is the lightest color and instead of leaning pink, it leads more towards coral. Not that it's coral by any means, but I think because it isn't just straight up brown, it is the most flattering. Not to mention, darker nudes are just awful on my lips. I hate those. 
 As far as performance, it goes on rather silky smooth. Then, just like any other lip stain, it will dry and you will feel it dry. It's the nature of a lip stain.Once you add the clear lip gloss, you will be good to go for a little while. I recommend adding it throughout the day. The actual color of the stain will fade after an hours or so (maybe even less time) if your going to use the clear gloss over top. If you don't, it will last and be dry. Guys, im not going to tell you it will last forever and a day: it won't! That is why I really like adding some sort of  pigmented moisture (aka a lipstick)

L'Oreal Fairest Nude: 
Here is the only nude lipstick I have found at the drugstore (yet) that doesn't have a pink base. I do love pink nudes, but I have so many! The scent of these L'Oreal lipstick's is like baby powder. Im not a fan of the baby powder scent but I don't really mind, just a head's up. As you can see, this is a little darker than Heartbreaker and is more of a brown nude than a coral nude. This color can get into the danger zone. Anybody lighter than me (as if there is anyone in the world that could possibly be fairer than me) this would look just brown. Not nude. For my skin tone and much darker this is a nice, natural, neutral nude lip.

ELF Studio Lip Liner in Natural: 
Just like it's lip stain counterpart, this color is perfect for any girl or any look. This is a universal lip liner which can be used with a bunch of different lip color's: Pinks, Nudes, Berries. When choosing a lip color to go with it, it's really a matter of taste. I really like using this under my pink lipstick's because it will give them a more natural, nude look. The possibilities are endless with this liner

So, there's my 2 cents.
Have you tried any of these?
Do you love them?
Hate them?
What is your skin tone?

Everyone's opinion is different! Make sure to tell us all what you think + what your favorite non-pink perfect nude lipstick color is!

thank you for reading!
Love You!



Hunter87 said...

My favorite lip stick is that L'oreal one such a pretty color.

Erica Jackson said...

Jazmin, I am sure it looks gorgeous on you with your deeper color!

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