Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Favorite Healthy Meal Bars

I love taking Luna Bars to work with me. I have breakfast when I wake up {which is in the form of protein} and meal 2 is always made right when I am running out the door. I bought myself a cute to go tumbler to take it with me to work. By 1pm, I am still at my job. A pizza and wing restaurant. If I don't grab a bar to eat around this hour, I will cave and go for a flat bread or burger. Bars are perfect to throw in my bag and take with me so I don't do that. Here's some I currently have {had} lying around.

Luna Bars:
are anywhere from 200-300 calories.{?} They do fill me up and are equal to a full meal for me. I never really finish a whole bar. Unless I am really hungry.

Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar:
This is my favorite Luna bar. It does kinda have that meal bar taste/texture, but it is the closest healthy thing I have had to a brownie. It is so rich and dense, like a brownie would be. There is a layer of caramel on the top of the bar and that part is perfection. It is just caramel perfection.I found this flavor at Wal-Mart for $1 near the vitamins.

White Chocolate Macadamia Luna Bar:
Before I discovered the Caramel Nut Brownie Luna Bar, this one was my favorite. This has white chocolate coating on the bottom, like the bottom was dipped in white chocolate. It is delicious. It reminds me more of a dense granola bar

Peanut Honey Pretzel Luna Bar:
I was expecting to find pieces of pretzel in the bar but I didn't find any. It does mix sweet and salty, however. It has a peanut butter type of coating on the bottom, like the white chocolate in the macadamia bar. The texture is also a type of dense granola bar. This one was pretty good.

Perfectly Simple Bar:
This reminds me of a plain Lara Bar. The texture and mixture is the same. I can't say it tasted like coconut cream or coconut for that matter. It has very few ingredients, all good ones. There was only one ingredient that was different from the Lara Bars. Evaporated Cane Sugar. I personally don't mind a little sugar. These were on sale last week at Target for 80 cents.

Coconut Cream Lara Bar:
This on the other hand was not a plain Lara Bar. It really tasted like coconut cream. Lara Bars are known for their very few ingredients and all this had was dates, almonds, coconut, coconut oil, and maybe I am missing a couple nuts or or something. The texture of these if you didn't know are a little firmer than a no bake cookie.

Other Delicious Bars:

Home Made Fudge Brownie Lara Bar:
If you have never been to Chocolate Covered Katie and you love Lara Bars, you need to check her out. She is where I get all of my Lara Bar recipes/ideas. She calls them Fudge Babies. Damy also has some good Lara Bar recipes too. You can make your own Lara Bars with whole, healthy ingredients. Nuts. Seeds. Spices. Oats. Dates. Raisins. Coconut. Awhile back, I posted a recipe for a Lara Bar called Fudge Brownie Balls.

{the rest of the photos were taken with my iPhone}
 Kind Bars:
These were recent discoveries and can I tell you about the Coconut + Almond one? OMG it was like eating a gooey coconut macaroon! This was my favorite bar I have had. I am serving these next Christmas instead of my coconut macaroons. Nobody would know the difference. The Blueberry + Pecan one was pretty good too. I know the Kind bars are not as filling as a Luna Bar but they do hold me over.


Odwalla Bars:
Another new discovery. I get these at Wal-Mart. These are also pretty filling but nothing is as ever as filling as a Luna Bar. those babies are dense.

White Chocolate Macadamia:
This one just looks so yummy and it was pretty good. This is more of a chewy bar.


Banana Nut:
This was my favorite of the 2 Odwalla bars. It's even chewier than the White Chocolate Macadamia and has little chunks of nuts or oats or something. It was delicious. It will be my new every day bar.

 There will be more to come on my workout routine, diet, meals, grocery lists, organization, and other ways I stay on track soon enough if I thought that's what you wanted. Let me know if any of that intrigues you.



Coco said...

I was on a really strict diet a few years ago and I was OBSESSED with the Luna bars! So good x

Kendra C said...

I love love love and LaraBars, they come in so many yummy flavors!!



Erica Jackson said...

Coco: you were? i hope you lost the weight or got stronger if thats what you intended on doing. i am guessing you did because you look awesome <3

Kendra: omg i know. i think the coconut one is my favorite out of any of them. actually for sure. its awesome

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