Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mind Body Beauty

hey pretties! If your not going to click on this blog post then I want to let you know in your blog roll that I am really thinking hard about changing my blog name to the title of the post. giving it a blog face lift. what do you guys think? Let me explain my decision

this picture has nothing to do with this post. I took it and thought it was a good one (:

When Meet Makeup first went live, I was selling Avon & Mark. products like crazy. I first had a website on yola site that was mainly for people who knew me in my own town to go on and look at the different products from Avon or Mark. to see swatches, reviews, sales & what not. It was really a lot of fun for me! However, not too many people looked at my web page considering they can simply call me up to meet and look at all my goodies I have. Even though it was fun for me, I wanted something different.

I, like everyone else who was inspired to make a blog, watched a lot of you tube videos. Some of the youtube girls have blogs that I went to and it looked like a lot of fun so I wanted somewhere where I could talk about & sell avon & mark. and also talk about other beauty products that I love. Meet Makeup came from mark.'s slogan "meet mark" which I thought was completely clever, right? (: My blog has taken so many different turns and makeup is discussed but there are so many other things that are focused on besides makeup. hair, nails, photography, candles, fashion, food, etc. etc.

In the past year, my life has barely changed but I changed as a person. I have been through different places of work, not having employment at all, funeral's, weddings, make-up's and break-up's, now I am I proud new mommy to my baby puppy, Stella (: Even with all of these changes, My blog has not changed at all. It has always been that one place that I could come and take comfort in knowing that, for the most part, I control what my blog is and what it will/will not be. I think in order to really be a better "me", everything in my life needs a makeover every once in while, yah no?

When people see "Meet Makeup" they may think that makeup is all it is. I have been hand cuffed to the name meaning that I didn't want to stray away from the makeup part of the blog.

Another reason I want to change it up is because Meet Makeup has always been a responsibility or a commitment to me. A fun & rewarding commitment, yes. Nowadays when I buy a new product, I really pay more attention to it then I would have a year or so ago (beauty blogger's, you know what I mean by that!) and I think that has actually made me smarter & more responsible when it comes to buying products. I personally think that it has also made me even more passionate about the things I blog about. I love coming here and letting you guys know what I think about certain products and am completely flattered by all the love I get and honestly surprised that people seriously come here to see what I think. haha! Thank you for boosting my self-esteem, guys. (: ok now I am going on and on and getting mushy over a freaking blog. My point is that since I have a sense of responsibility to my beauty products & my blog, I want to have a responsibility to the other things in my life. I want to keep the momentum going with other things, not just beauty products.

nothing to do with the content. That's Stella, my puppy, waiting for me to pick her up. I was too busy blogging (:

Mind Body Beauty
the component's of my blog will be as follows:

Beauty: I know I could never leave behind my beauty blogging mind-set and it is without a doubt my biggest passion in life- it runs through my veins. So this blog will still be everything it has been. Be on the look out for everything I have done in the past: favorites, FOTD, NOTW, hauls, reviews, spring/fall fashion trends, & whatever else I have been doing. 

Body: Remember my resolutions? I do! I intend to keep remembering it as long as this blog, and myself, is still living and breathing. I always seem to make a healthy lifestyle change but I never keep it that way. I want to bring even more fitness and food to my blog. I want to become more responsible when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, learn a thing or 2, & and share my story to inspire the rest of you! This doesn't mean that there will be less beauty blog post's. It just means I will be blogging even more to squeeze this newer part in.

Mind: to be completely honest, I just thought Mind Body Beauty sounded really cute but once I got to thinking about what this blog has been and what I want it to become, I realize this part of the title does have a meaning. The mind part will be all the other stuff that's on my mind. happy thoughts, outing's. That kind of stuff.

It has been a huge blessing for me to find this part of me and to get the opportunity to exercise this part of my mind. I would welcome feedback from you all. Even if you have never commented on this blog, or any other blog: tell me, tell me, tell me! If it's negative feedback, I am a big girl, it is what it is, and I will welcome constructive criticism! Do you think you will read more? Read less? What else would you want to see on the blog?

And I also wanted to say thank you to you guys! You guys inspire me on a daily basis! Thank you so much for sticking with Meet Makeup and I hope you join in on Mind Body Beauty too! I'm tellin' yah, your gunna love it (:

for a couple more weeks, the blog will remain with the name "Meet Makeup" along with the same url. When it changes I will immediately letcha know. Before I start changing all of that I want to make my header and all that jazz. The blog will be under construction for a little while but before I start messing with any of this, I will be posting these few blog post's.

Yours Truly
Erica J


Jackie said...

good luck with the changes! I recently renovated my blog and I'm quite happy with it!


Erica J said...

thank you kindly! I should head over to yours to check it out!

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I think a blog name change would be great. Do what makes you happy.
I've been wanting to change my blog name as well, but can't see to come up with anything better.

Dinorah ♥ said...

Hi Erica!! I think it's a great idea. I think it's wonderful, actually. I get what you mean about being handcuffed to the makeup part of it lol. I don't have makeup in my name or my description but I feel like I can relate. Sometimes, I feel that's what people expect from me, so sometimes I feel guilty for posting about something that isn't makeup lol. I can understand why you'd want to change it. From what I see, your posts are about all kinds of awesome things +I love the new name you're thinking about! It sounds like you know exactly what you want & where you want your blog to go & that's amazing. <3

btw Stella is adorableee!!
Those eyes melt hearts!

Erica J said...

Tiffany & Dinorah- thank you so much for your support and I am so happy someone can relate to what I am saying. I, for one, would love to see a lot more then the makeup part of beauty on a lot of other blogs too. alrighty then it is settled, I am going for the name change! thank you again for your support, really, I appreciate that

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