Thursday, January 24, 2013

Neon, Bright Lips (Feat Maybelline Vivids)

Well, im ready for summer! Are you? This weather is killing me. It has been so cold up here in Ohio and I cannot wait until spring at least. January 1st of every year I am ready for the summer. Bring it on. I just wanna take a damn walk! That is my jam. I guess that is why the new spring trends really speak to me. If it's not warm out, we can at least pretend with bright color on our lips, right?

Neon lips seem to be the hottest trend for spring/summer 2013 

I see it in magazines, beauty blogs/vlogs, + of course on the shelf at the drugstore. The deep dark red lips of the winter? No thanks. A bright neon lipstick? I will take that any day!

Maybelline Color Sensational (New Vivids Line) in Fuchsia Fusion
The Vivids line that Maybelline just came out with all pack a punch of color. They had a neon orange, a purple, some reds, and another really pretty bright pastel pink one called Pink Pop that I must find asap. (btw, I found it and it seemed that Fuchsia Fusion and Pink Pop are  similar. Here's a comparison) I settled for Fuchsia Fusion simply because I have never seen any lipstick as bright as this one -at my local drugstore, anyways. Look at that color. That's no joke! I would call this a cool toned pink which is good for making your teeth look white. Trust me, nobody is really going to see the teeth with this color on your lips anyways! What you see is what you get on your lips here. That swatch? Is exactly what it looks like on the lips. You'll see.

So effing bright. 

I love it. 
I can't wait to pair it with a neon polish on my toes. And a neon bra under a crisp, white tank top. 

This lipstick is a cream finish and isn't really drying at all. Because it is so bright, re-applying isn't really necessary every hour. Because it is bright it seems to show wear much quicker than any other nude or everyday pink would. I do recommend prepping your lips before using this because I did notice some settling into the lines of my lips with it. I have been liking using my Sugar Fresh Lip Balm before hand. Then like 15 minutes later I will add Nyx's Dolly Pink Lip Liner around my lips and in the center. That seems to really help with keeping the color from fading into a splotchy, uneven mess.

Revlon's Super Lustrous Lipstick in Siren
You have seen this here before. It was my favorite bright lipstick from last summer and one of my absolute favorites for 2012 all together. (blog post to come!) It says it's a cream finish, but I find it to be just a little bit drying on my lips which are the tall tale signs of a matte finish lipstick. But, it doesn't look matte. With that factored in, im calling this a satin finish - it's in the middle of a matte and a cream. I think because it is drying on my lips, it keeps the color there longer. I don't wear a gloss over top because I don't have an orange gloss but I do like to add a clear lip balm to my purse when I wear Siren so it doesn't feel so dry. Sure, I will bring the lipstick too but I almost never find myself having to re-apply it very often at all. I would say once or twice for a night out *if that*. This one can also show a little wear throughout the day/night. Nothing you can't fix! I need to find a good orange lip liner.

Here's the swatches:
I think you can guess which is which. 

What are your favorite bright colors to wear on your lips?

Have you tried any other colors from Maybelline's Vivid's Line?

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Jen - Kitsch N Sync said...

I've not tried any from this range but I love these two! I love brighter lipsticks for the spring and summer... I'm getting a bit bored of my plum and darker shades.

Jen xx

Kendra Pahukoa said...

sooooo ready for summer!

Stacey Kane said...

these are both beautiful! The coral looks perfect for summer, I'll have to keep an eye out for these thanks for sharing x

Chantel said...

Love the lipsticks. I am so ready for Summer too!

Kristen said...

I feel your pain with wanting to be spring already!! I grew up outside Pittsburgh and I feel like it was winter for-freaking-ever!!! Like we'd still get snow late in March! *sigh* anyway I love the bright lipsticks!! I have to work up courage to wear them 'cause I always feel like people are staring at my lips like I'm crazy! Lol.

Erica Jackson said...

Jen (I love the user name, by the way!) im with you! i think your gunna love the maybelline vivids line if its some brighter colors your wanting!

Kendra + Chantel: uhh huh!~ its needs to get here now! lol!

Stacey: your welcome!

Kristen: you grew up near pittsburgh?! im in youngstown, girl! how awesome! i love pittsburgh. that city just has a charm to it. it's supposed to get warm next week, then drop back down the week after if your still over in this area. dammit. try one of these lipsticks out and just wear 1 swipe at a time! build it up as you go so its not a huge transition or change for your lips! the link for siren i did in another blog post, i compared that to an avon lipstick. its a really pretty coral color that is still bright but much more wearable for an every day girl

Daily Diary of a Brown girl said...

I love love love bright colors ... these look beautiful

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