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ELF Studio Blushes

I love ELF. They are my favorite on-line store. I know that might sound crazy but seriously, I love them. Maybe it's because they are so cheap but you can really find some gems in the ELF collection. My favorite is the Studio Line products. Almost everything I have tried from the Studio line is really nice. Almost everything in the line is $3 and you can find some codes online to get some money off. I never order without one. Shipping is like $8.

I always hear about these studio blushes and I bought a couple last year and thought they were pretty nice. So, I decided to buy more. Im glad I did because I have a couple of new favorites! The Studio Line blushes come in different finishes and different colors (clearly) and im here to express my opinion on which one's are which, which are crap and which are great!

With a setting spray + a primer, these will last longer than an hour but thats about it. I find that any blush I have ever tried in my life doesn't last any longer than that (except Tarte's blush in Dollface! That will last a couple hours) In that respect, These are your average blushes as far as staying power goes.

Giddy Gold: 
One of my favorites. It is a really pretty, shimmery, gold color that I love using on it's own as a blush, highlight, and an all over bronzer all in one- one super quick look that is different! I wasn't even going to get this one but I am quite happy I did because it's like nothing else I have. The color is just gold! I love that it has shimmer, I think it plays up the bronzed look. Plus, my face has redness and this is a nice change on my face as opposed to a pink blush. I think this would be perfect for that "bronzed goddess" type of look. Once the summer hits, I think this will go hand in hand with my Radiance Enhancer from ELF called Sunrise. I will be talking about it here once summer hits.

Pink Passion: 
A bright cool toned matte pink blush. This is the only matte one of my bunch and I think because of that it is the most chalky- like very chalky! You can tell from the swatch how chalky it is + it is the most intimidating to me. Over on The Beauty Milk, Coco did a review and a FOTD using this which made me wanna try it out again and make it work for me. Maybe when I get a little more sun, it will work. Coco has a really gorgeous deep skin tone and I am quite fair. Check her out! She's so pretty and her blog is so cool!

Candid Coral: 
A shimmery coral color. Very similar to Tickled Pink although Candid Coral is a little more peach. Each name is fitting because this really has more of a peach tone to it than Tickled Pink. This has a really pretty sheen to it. I love blushes with that type of finish.

Tickled Pink: 
Almost identical to Candid Coral, although Tickled Pink is a little bit different. I would describe it as more of a pastel pink and just like Candid Coral it has a really pretty sheen.

Mellow Mauve:
 I would call this a dusty rose color. Very creative. Or we can call it mauve. Out of all the blushes, this one is the most silky. It really is gorgeous to the touch and has more of a satin finish. Another one of my favorites. Looking straight on at the blush in the pan, I see there is some shimmer particles. When I actually swatch/apply it, I don't notice any shimmer going on. In going with a satin finish on this. I am fair skinned and thought this would be too dark. Turns out, it's not! It's really pretty.

Gotta Glow
This is the highlight of the bunch. More yellow toned than pink. Let me tell you, I was the most exited about this one! I used a big round brush to apply this to my cheek bones and when I added it there, I noticed a bunch of shimmer. There is a tiny bit of duo chrome pigment (barely) but mostly all shimmer. You will be very shimmery wherever you apply this and because of that, this one will last longer on your face than any other Studio Line blush mentioned in this blog post. I can't say this is perfect for a day-to-day highlight, but maybe if you have somewhere special to go, or if your a cheerleader, this may be a good option. I love highlighters and I have never tried a real powder highlight. I have many cream highlight's and I use some eye shadow's to highlight my face from time to time, but I can't say I am over the moon about this one. May I recommend a Holy Grail Highlighter? Try the Radiance Enhancer from ELF's Studio Line. Spotlight is my absolute favorite. I love it.

Now for the Swatches:

These were all swatched once over with the exception of Gotta Glow. I wanted you to see the true pigment.

As far as the swatches go, Tickled Pink & Candid Coral are almost identical in comparison. 

I am not going to tell you which one's you should or should not get. I hope you can form your own opinion on behalf of my reviews, swatches, + pictures!

All in all, I love these blushes. I can't wait to get more! My favorites are Mellow Mauve and Giddy Gold right now. I am sure I will have other favorites out of the bunch later on.

This was a long time coming! I had a huge project on my hands for this one! Now I am back to just wearing the blushes instead of watching their every move on my face + examining each one. lol 

So, Have you guys tried any of these colors?
What about other blush colors from ELF's Studio Line? 
Which one is your favorite?
Least Favorite?

Thank you for reading!



Coco said...

Thank you for the mention and for all the swatches. This post helped me make up my mind about which colors to get next. :)
Pink Passion has that dry/stiffness that I imagine will be very unforgiving for dry skin.


Erica Jackson said...

Coco you made it look so flattering! i wish i could do the same, lol! but no your welcome for the mention (: i only mention blogs that i really do love so thank you for your content!

Kayla Graham said...

These are all fabulous colors but I love the color Giddy Gold the most. I use a lot of gold and bronze toned make-up because I have olive/tan skin. I will be picking up this blush when I order the rest of my make-up from ELF. My next door neighbor just got me addicted to the website. Thanks so much for sharing :D

Tiffany said...

I love Mellow Mauve & Tickled Pink =)

Erica Jackson said...

Kayla, you would love the Goddy Gold one then! May I recommend picking up the Radiance Enhancer from ELF in Sunrise ? I love Spotlight but if your into bronzed makeup, i think you would enjoy Sunrise. its a nice, creamy, highlight. there isn't any glitter in it. its just made of like a duo chrome cream of something. i cant wait to get a tan to use it!

Tiffany: Hey boo! I think they look a little similar. i was going to mention that in this blog post but they didnt look that similar once applied. the mauve one is a little deeper and to be honest, i actually love the mauve one even though i am so pale! its really pretty! esp. in this weather! i wanna try the Twinkle Pink one next. i hear it's a dupe for Orgasm

Daily Diary of a Brown girl said...

I always wanted to try elf blushes. Maybe it is time to give it a go !!

Erica Jackson said...

oh yeah, Brown Girl! you gotta try out the pink passion considering you are a brown girl, lol! it would look so gorgeous on you. i wish i could pull that damn color off!

Lia~♥ said...

The pink and the coral ones look fantastic!^^

Do check out my giveaway too!:)

Belle Epoque

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