Friday, January 10, 2014

Stila Dancing With the Stars Kit Review

While shopping for Christmas presents, I knew I really wanted to buy the Lorac Pro Palette. Well, Ulta was out of it and wasn't getting it back for weeks. Thinking I wasn't even going to buy anything, I stumbled upon this kit. I love kits. This kit couldn't have been more perfect for me. It was only $15! Chump change, compared to this kit.

Dancing With the Stars Eye and Cheek Palette
The big show. This little palette comes with 7 shadows {3 mattes and 4 shimmers} and one blush. The blush {Perfect 10} is a matte peachy brown blush with chunks of glitter in it. I think it makes a great all in one blush and contour powder because of that. Once applied, the glitter either isn't noticeable.

As I mentioned in the video, I have been really wanting to try some of Makeup Geek's matte eye shadows. The matte shadows in this palette look extremely similar to a few of them. The 3 mattes are Sway {a deep brown with purple/red undertones} Action {a light creamy color} and Ovation {a warm toned brown}. If Ovation had some glitter in it, it would be the exact same color as Perfect 10 {the blush}

As for the shimmery colors, there is Take a Bow which is very similar to Kitten only a few shades darker. It's a pretty champagne color. Rise and Fall is very similar to Sway. They look different in the pan but honestly there isn't much of a difference. Sway {matte} is more pigmented than Rise and Fall {shimmer} when swatched. Other than that and with the exception of a little bit of purple glitter in Rise and Fall, they look almost identical when swatched. Glam, a gorgeous antique coppery brown shimmer and is the most pigmented of the bunch. Pirouette is a pretty shimmery red brown with glitter.

here's some swatches. I contemplated re-doing these swatches because this photo doesn't do any of the shadows justice but just remember that these are swatched once over with my finger- no primer underneath. Glam is the most pigmented and the rest are pretty much tied. Action has as much pigment as the rest but looks invisible only because it is very close to the color of my skin. They don't have as much pigment when swatched as, let's say, Kitten. But when your applying them to your eye, they work out great.

 Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick
This really sealed the deal for me. When I got my Be A Bombshell Hot Damn Lip Crayon {a bright red}  in my Ipsy Bag, that was all I wore for weeks. This red is much more deep and vampy. It leans a little to the cool side. I would have never been able to tell if it didn't make my teeth look white. If a red lipstick makes your teeth appear whiter, you know there has to be a blue tone to it even if you can't really tell. A little goes a long way and I have trouble keeping it inside the lines, as you can see. If I use just a little bit right in the center, then blend it out with my fingers using no lip liner it seems to work even better. But without a lip liner, it tends to get a little blotchy. So yeah its a lose lose situation. I personally do not mind re-applying or wiping it off in the middle of the day because I really love the color. Looking at these photos, im not sure it looks as great as I thought it did, heh.

Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eye Liner
 Lion Fish
For years, up until last summer all I ever wore in my water line was black eye liner. Since I went blonde, I have started going towards brown eye liners. This eye liner is a medium brown with red shimmer making it appear a brick red brown color in some lights. When you apply it, it makes no difference and just looks brown. If anything, the shimmer maybe adds some depth. I already knew I loved Stila's Smudge Stick eye liner's. I like to line the outer bottom corner with it (using a nude liner in the waterline) and using this also in the upper inner rim. It has great pigment and stays put. I don't have to worry about it running down my face. The water-proof claim is true to that extent. I have yet to jump in the pool with it so I don't know if its that water-proof.

Stay All Day 10 -in -1
HD Illuminating Beauty Balm
As for this little thing, I can't really say i've tried it. Im really not into BB creams and would prefer a matte finish as opposed to an illuminating finish. I think im going to give it to some one that would actually use it. Sorry bout that. ( :

It has been I think years since I've done a FOTD. I thought this would a perfect opportunity because I wear these things on my face daily since I bought them {with the exception of the BB cream}. So here I blended Action all over the lid up to the brow bone. Ovation in the crease. Take a Bow on my lid. Sway in the outer corner and Sway blended with Glam in the outer 3rd of the lid as well as on the outer third of the bottom lash line. I used Lion Fish {eye liner} on the outer half of the bottom lash line underneath the eyeshadow and as well as in my upper inner rim. Stila Liquid Lipstick in Fiery on the lips over top Mary Kay's Lip Liner in Raspberry.

These has been truly my favorite makeup items for the past couple of weeks. It was only $15 at Ulta for everything {that is a steal} and if they have some left, you gotta try it out! If you love neutral shadows and matte shadows, this is perfect. The liquid lipstick, eye liner, and BB cream are all extra's. The palette alone is worth the $15. The smartest $15 I have spent in months when it comes to beauty items. Make sure to check out the video because not only am I talking about this kit, I also talk about a few things I bought at the CVS beauty clearance too!

until next time,


Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I really like this kit! I love the name too, great review! :) x

Erica Jackson said...

oh have you tried it?! its a must if you liked the review! i mean $15, you cannot go wrong! thank you for reading xx

Dana Fox said...

Such pretty colours! I'm a huge Lorac fan too, but this looks like it made up for the lack of availability!
xo dana

Erica Jackson said...

Dana, it really did! I don't see any reason to even buy the Lorac Pro least for now! plus this is way cheaper too. <3

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