Friday, January 3, 2014

My Favorite Glitter Nail Polishes

Lately I have been obsessed with glitter nail polishes. I bought a few from the Christmas 2013 OPI Collection which are both top coats. Also, CVS is having a sale on a ton of beauty stuff, and I bought a few Selena Gomez Nicole by OPI top coats there. $8 and I they were on sale for $2! I would go check CVS out if your interested. But there are some really great non-top coat glitter polishes too. And I talk about those too. These are my top 10.

 So the how I did this was took old NOTW's and put them in to go with this video. Every single NOTW, you can click on the link and it will take you to the actual blog post with a much better review.

 I didn't mention this on the video but I thought the matte top coat paired with a loose glitter looked really cool.

over top Essie's Nothing Else Metals. I love glitters over duo chromes!

A Jelly Sandwich Mani is layered like so: a jelly nail polish, a glitter in the middle, and then over lapped with a jelly nail polish. Sheer nail polishes also give a great effect and that's what I did here. China Glaze Prizm is the glitter and I used Sally Hansen Hard Core Party for the sheer polish which is a sheer baby pink {weird name, right?} 

Another one of my favorite ways to use glitter nail polishes is the pair them with a matte top coat. I've done a few of these NOTW's on my blog. I looks like confetti. My favorite matte top coat is from Hard Candy. It's called Matte-ly in Love and is used in both of these Confetti mani's.

This Confetti NOTW is with Sally Hansen's glitter in Rock Star Pink .

My favorites are the big chunky glitters that come in all shapes and sizes. This is Hard Candy's Party Central

Sally Hansen Strobe Light. Great glitter top coat. Here it is over top of Sally Hansen's No Hard Feelings

When Monkey's Fly from OPI is so strange but so pretty. I bought this last Christmas (2012) but I seen a couple bottles at Ulta a few days ago. I love this pair too. It is over top China Glaze Refresh-mint along with Julep Portia which is a top coat kind of like Strobe Light.

Which one is your favorite?
What about your favorite glitter nail polish of all time?

until next time,


Jacenda LeeAnn said...

Pretty ! I love glitter polishes, but sometimes they are a pain to remove lol! Happy New Year! Xx

Erica Jackson said...

I usually just peal them off. I end applying so many coats that 2 days later, the whole piece of nail polish comes off as if it was a fake nail or something, haha! Yes, Happy New Year, Jacenda!!!!!!

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