Saturday, February 8, 2014

How To Live The Dream

Hey! So I have mentioned before on the blog that I go through phases. It will be an obsession with nail polish, then an obsession with clothes, then I will be loving lipstick, all the way to something else. Lately, I have had an obsession with setting goals. It really seems so weird. As with any obsession I have in any current week/month, I feel as if I have to create different content and make it into something huge weather thats here or there.

It was the perfect time for goals setting when my Live the Dream Workshop started, as it was the beginning of the year. But to be completely honest, it was something I had been planning since October. I have been trying to figure out how to "live the dream" since I was in middle school. Later in life, I was the pole dancer at a Las Vegas club reading "The Secret" and "Smart Women Finish Rich" in the locker room. 7 years later, I believe I have how to Live the Dream down to a simple science. It seems over the top to have a 5 part video series to share it with the world but it is what it is.

Part 1 is really my favorite one. Podcast worthy. None of these thoughts are original of course, but they all ring true which was why I felt the need to share them all with you. Part 2,3, + 4 is the actual formula. I took a little from this book, and a little bit from that guy and created what I think is a great formula to live the dream. I'm not saying you need to follow every single suggestion but I am saying you should watch each one and take what you need. Part 5 is all of the resources I learned each technique from and I highly recommend if something strikes a chord with you, to go and check that resource out.

If this isn't your thing, I totally understand!  This is something I am passionate about and if it is your thing, I truly hope you learned something (:

Hi and welcome to the final installment of the Live the Dream Workshop! Here is where I talk about all of my favorite books, pastors, life coaches, podcasts, and more and it is where I get all of my ideas from.

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Joel Osteen
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I Heart Life {Yvette Bowlin}
Do Really Good {Tony J Robinson}
Making Mountains Move
Every Day is Saturday
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The Daily Boost

Vision Board Pro
Agape Affirmations

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What are some ways you Live the Dream Every Day?


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