Monday, November 18, 2013

Pop Beauty Lip Crayons: A Love Story

 A true tale of love, lost. Then found again.

Once upon a time in July, I got an Ipsy bag. In that bag was a Pop Beauty Lip Crayon in Rose Romance.

That lip crayon made it as far as my August Favorites.

Then this girl went on this Vacation.

All of the sudden, Rose Romance was gone!

How could it be?

I lost the damn lip crayon. And that lip crayon is $10. I don't buy lipsticks for that much. Well, I take that back. I try not to. But ever since I lost Rose Romance, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

What's a girl to do? Hop on the of course! I realize Ulta is having a sale that is you spend $25 on Pop Beauty you get a free lip crayon in.......{drum roll please} Rose Romance!

So I ended up getting 5 full sized Lip Crayons for $25 and a back up of my beloved Rose Romance- for free!

Now that you've heard that love story, let's get on with the review.

These Lip Crayons are really nice. Even though they look like a crayon/pencil, you don't need to sharpen them. The colors of the actual tubes can be deceiving. I will get into that later. They are all creamy and mostly moisturizing. I would call them a moisturizing lipstick. They have a slight mint scent but do not taste like anything. Some look like a stain. Others look like a lip stick. And some seem to accentuate the cracks on my lips. Maybe I applied too much?

Apricot Adore:
Last week I wore this to work and it seemed to make the lines in my lips more noticeable. They actually felt a little dry after a while. It was an isolated incident and if im being fair, my lips were chapped as I had a cold. On other days I have used this, I haven't had that problem. The tube looks like a tomato red. On the lips, it's a nice peachy pink color. It has a brightening aspect to it. Looking in the mirror, it didn't look so streaky. In the photo, it's another story. So it has some flaws, apparently. This is my second favorite color, regardless.

Coral Crush:
This one has power. It is really pretty bright coral and right up my alley. This would have been awesome for this past summer. This is one of them that seems to have a staining quality. After the lip crayon wore off, the color was still there. Wait. This one might be my favorite.

Rose Romance:
You guys already know how I feel about this one. This is a nice nude color that can look like a nude pink but I call it a nude. This one is the creamiest one. It goes on the smoothest and feels the nicest, for whatever reason.

Petal Passion:
If I went into Ulta blindly, never to have experienced Rose Romance, I would have thought this was the perfect color for me. I love nude pinks. But this one guys, is the worst. Think of it as a clear lipstick. I think of this one as a clear chap stick. It's nothing special, really. Maybe it would be good for using over a more drying lip crayon {or lip products in general} but I wouldn't buy this one solo or anything. Unless any of this appeals to you, of course. I have no clue why they decided to put the word "passion" in the name. There is no passion. There is just blandness. And sorrow. And death. 

Fuchsia Flirt:
I thought this would be the brightest color in the box, but turns out it's not. This one reminds me of Apricot Adore, but this one is a little more pink- a medium pink.

Barely Bitten:
this one is a little bit of a darker nude than Rose Romance. And Rose Romance has more pink to it. If your looking for a brown nude, you have found it. I never would have bought anything in this shade for my lips but it turns out that I like it a lot on my lips.

I really would recommend this little kit to anyone that wears lipstick, really. I think we tend to stick to what we think is right for our taste and skin tone as far as makeup goes. Considering you get to try 6 different shades with this kit, you really get to see what you should be wearing as opposed to what you like. I have said time and time again Rose Romance and I have a thing. Looking at the photos, I think I look way cuter with a couple of the other colors. Rose Romance doesn't really up the ante on my face as much as, say, Coral Crush. 

I almost forgot to add these swatches! This will give you even more insight. I do like lip swatches but I also love seeing them swatched on hands/arms just to compare them side to side.


So yeah, the love story I guess isn't a love story ending in girl meets lip crayon (hm?). I ended up loving every crayon in the box. Well, most of the crayons.

One thing I learned with these particular lip crayons is that you should never apply too much or else you will surely accentuate the wrinkles and lines on your lips.

What are your favorite lip crayons?

 Any beauty products in general that your bizarrely in love with?



Arielle Thibodeaux said...

I tried these from ipsy, too, but they were way too drying. They clung to my lines like none other. I had no idea Ulta carried them, though!

Erica Jackson said...

that is the one and only thing i dont like about them! im assuming you got rose romance in your ipsy (maybe not?) and im here to tell you that is the most moisturizing one. well, they are all moisturizing (or non-drying I should say) its just that they tend to accentuate lines for some reason

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