Thursday, October 11, 2012

Skinny Fun-fetti Cheesecake Dip

I didn't think something like this was possible, but turns out it is! Being my birthday on the 8th of October, I knew I wanted a skinny alternative to stand next to the delicious, fattening chocolate cake that my b/f's mom made me! God, I love that cake. I wish I could send you all a piece of it! You know the secret ingredient for a good chocolate cake?


It turns out it enhances the chocolate as opposed to making it taste like chocolate coffee.

back to the Fun-fetti cake dip. 

No, it doesn't hold a candle to my chocolate cake. No sweet food will ever come between me and that cake. However, the Fun-fetti cake dip to me can easily be second best. It could pass as a much creamier version of some yummy icing. The best part of that is, is that it is the skinny version!

here's your ingredients:

Directions are so simple:
-Make the Cheesecake Pudding according to the package. Let it set. 
-Add all 3 ingredients into a huge bowl and stir it up

1 serving would be 1/4 cup. 
 I tried to figure out calories and it was tough to figure out. I would say 270 calories in each serving and there are some calories in fat from both the fun-fetti cake mix and the cool whip lite. Just a head's up!

I first got the idea from Eat Yourself Skinny and she used plain yogurt in place of the pudding. I do think the cheesecake pudding gives it a little something. But then again, I have yet to try the yogurt version. Which ever one you have will work! 

I didn't expect the dip to get as thick as it was. My best friend Alex said it tasted just like cake batter, but much thicker. It was really delicious.

Idea's for dipping
We used dehydrated banana's & apples (my personal fav), 
animal crackers, 
grapes which I thought were blueberries at the store. Everyone makes mistakes.
It's also really good with apple slices which I have been doing since my birthday.

So it isn't "good" for you but it's a much better option for any kid's party, adult party, birthday party, halloween party, work potluck, or any gathering of lots of people. Or you can make it for a bake sale and put it in little containers along with a little baggie of homemade shortbread cookies for dipping! that sounds like a fun, unique idea to me!

nutrition facts:
cool whip lite

So what do you guys think? Do you wanna try it out?

thank you for reading!



Ashley Gunawardana said...

My birthday was on the 8th as well! Happy belated <3 .. This is a great alternative .. I have not seen the cheesecake pudding here in Canada hmmm .. I will have to take a closer look.. Thank you so much for the idea its great!

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MeetMiss Jackson said...

oh cool! i swear no matter where i go, i can always find someone that is born on oct 8th! my friend frm high school, another girl from high school, my other friends mom and grandma, and my other friends aunt are all born on oct 8! its crazy! plus on top of that, if i ever need to mention my b-day anywhere there will be people around saying "we have the same b-day!" its very strange! must be alot of sex around jan/feb! haha! happy belated to you too girl! you can always try yogurt instead of the pudding!i hope you try it out!

Ashlee said...

This sounds delish!!

Zara said...


I found your blog through a blog hop and i am liking your blog! keep up the good work! ^^

Erica Jackson said...

Hey Zara! cool! thanks for stopping by! i love your name

Ashlee: mmm hmmm! try it!

I also wanted to let you know that you can try any variation! chocolate cake and banana yogurt, lemon pudding with white cake, maybe if you can find a caramel anything (cake mix or pudding or yogurt) that would be good...just a thought!

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