Thursday, March 28, 2013

ELF Essentials Lipsticks: Review + Swatches

So I wrote this whole thing then when I went to go publish it, it was gone! WTF?! I must have deleted it. Oh well. Moving on.....

ELF is one of my favorite brands. It satisfies 2 cravings I have: great makeup + great prices. You would think for $1, these wouldn't be all that great. They are just as good as any Maybelline or Revlon lipstick I have. The only thing is the websites swatches. They really are not true to color. You think your getting one color, and end up with another. Be sure to check this post out + other blogs that have swatches. You can get a better understanding of each color. 

Other than that these are great!

They deliver a lot of color and also smell great. Like fruit punch or sweet tarts. These lipsticks are not really drying or moisturizing. They are somewhere in the middle. Yes, they are creamy but after an hour or so you will feel your lips getting dry only to look in the mirror and see the color on your lips still there, but they are just dry lips. 

That's nothing a lip gloss can't fix! Either a clear gloss or a gloss that is the same color as the lipstick is what I always use. Or sometimes I pick an entirely different color lip gloss to go over any given lipstick to see what color I come up with. 9 times out of 10 I really like the color I get. Just a little inspiration (:

This is the very first Essentials lipstick I ever bought. It is also the creamiest one I own. I think that is because I have had it for 2 years. I originally bought this because I heard it was a dupe for MAC's Angel lipstick. I don't own Angel, but I do know it is known as a nude pink. I thought Classy was going to be along the same lines as a nude pink. I probably has to do with skin tone. The fairer you are, the darker it looks. So, Classy is more of a soft mauve pink. I have fair skin, but I still find myself wearing it a lot anyways.

Instead of your bright red color, this one is more of a brown red. A blood red, if you will. It's the one I wear the least but nonetheless is really pretty.

This one is my personal favorite! It's a bright Barbie pink. It goes great over Mally's lip gloss in Punch. It reminds me of Narcsissus from Nyx or a brighter version of Dollhouse Pink fron Wet n Wild.

A deep purple wine color. It reminds me of that color that everyone was wearing Fall of 2012. It's a really pretty color that would work on every one.




Arielle said...

I think ELF has so many great products. I have yet to try their lipsticks, though. I am thinking I need to get on it! Those swatches really have some pigmentation.

Coco said...

Wow! I didn't think they would be so pigmented! xx

Lia~♥ said...

Awesome pigmentation! My favr of the lot was Flirtatious!:)

Belle Epoque

Erica Jackson said...

Arielle + Coco: they are a must try for any budget or beauty girl {or guy}

Lia: that is my favorite too! damn i love it haha!

Grace said...

Love its colors! Classy is definitely my fav :)x

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