Friday, March 16, 2012

NOTW: Zebra Stickers

Back in November, I came across these nail stickers that were $10 each. In order to put them on your nails, you needed the top coat, base coat and some other tools. It would have ran me $60 for everything. I knew back then it was wayy too much $$. But these stickers were so pretty! They had a million little gems on them and were so detailed. The other day I was walking through Dollar General and noticed the exact same sticker designs for $3. You didn't have to buy any special tools or anything. Just the stickers. Cheap things come to those who wait.

I tried the nail stickers before but they didn't last. They came off within 3 hours.Thats probably because I didn't use a top coat. The packaging never mentioned anything about a top coat. What-ever, if your going to try these out a top coat is crucial.

As far as actually applying them, the first one takes a little practice. My first nail is a little bubbly but I am the only one that notices. Once you have the stickers on, your supposed to file the excess off. I found that it was much easier to cut most of the excess off, then file them so the nail and sticker are even. I have pretty short nails, just an fyi.

Since they have been on, they haven't budged. I have had them on for 5 days now. No chipping. Yay! The day after I applied them, one of the stickers looked like it was peeling off so I pressed it on extra hard and surprisingly it stayed on.

These nail stickers are gems. I know I will probably be trying them all.

 On a side note, I also did Stella's nails the other night with the new nail polish I got in my Birchbox. I had to do them while she was sleeping. She can't stay still for anything. Including this picture. Nonetheless,  they are cute and a bit messy.

Have you guys tried these out yet? Have you ever tried to paint your puppies nails?

thanx so much for reading too! 
till next time
Erica J


Fashion Rave said...

Love your nails! Very Chic! My favorites,prints and sparkle... I'm going to get them. $3 you can't beat that.

Erica J said...

no you sure cant! they had a lot of other cute ones too, be sure to keep your eyes peeled next time at DG

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