Sunday, March 25, 2012

Physician's Formula Nude Palette: Swatches & Dupes!

Hey! I found out from Nouveau Cheap that CVS was having 40% off Physician's Formula. Naturally I got into my car and drove to the nearest one. Since my CVS is relocating they had all kinds of stuff marked down. I got my Revlon Colorstay foundation for under $2 (yes!) That meant I could spend more on Physician's Formula! One of the things I purchased was this Nude palette. I have been in love with it ever since.

I personally love PF eye shadows! I think they are the best drug store eye shadows. I have even mentioned that they are as good as Urban Decay shadows. It wasn't until I swatched them side by side for the dupes in this blog post that I realized Urban Decay is a little bit better. Stila is even better than Urban Decay. But that is a whole 'nother blog post! What ever the order, PF is still the best drug store eye shadow in my opinion.

Here's this whole palette swatched with no base or primer. Obviously any eye shadow comes to a whole different life over a primer and looking back I should have primed my arm but then again, this is the real deal. Like all of you know, use an eye primer to make your shadow last longer (or at all for that matter) ! I tried to pick a favorite but I honestly couldn't! Sorry for the blurryness. As you all know, it is hard taking a picture with one hand and keeping it steady!

 I actually like the sponge applicator it comes with. It looks like an angled eye liner brush and it does that job perfectly. It will be perfect to throw in my bag. It has eye shadow and eye liner already taken care of!

 So the first dupe I found was the obvious one. There really isn't much that is different about Sidecar from Urban Decay and the color highlighted from PF Nude. I am seeing from this photo that Sidecar may have more of a brown undertone but honestly, when your looking at them in person, you don't see this distinction. Sidecar is also a little more pigmented. No primer's were used.

The next one I found was another obvious one. I am sure there is a dupe from every single cosmetic company but what-ev's. I was surprised to find out that PF's sprakley black was more pigmented then UD's sparkly black is, Creep. It seems that the glitters in Creep are much bigger than the ones in PF.  No primer's were used.

Got one more for yah! I don't think any company can beat Stila when it comes to pigmentation, but these 2 shadows are dead on when it comes to color.  Kitten looks a bit more shiny but I think that has to do with pigment. Again, no primer's used.

Weather or not this palette has a couple dupes, the Nude palette is awesome in it's own right! It has some unique colors that I didn't find dupes for! Definitely worth the $6 I paid. I would have paid $10!

Have you guys tried the Physician's Formula Nude palette? What do you think? If not, are you going to?

What is your favorite drug store eye shadow?

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Jayme and Mendi said...

We have not tried Physicians Formula eye shadows but your review of them show that they are nice and pigmented. Great price point too! Can't wait to see your Spring trends post that you are working on. :-)

Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

Erica J said...

check them out ladies! your gunna love physician's formula! check out ulta- there are $10, if you have your ulta coupon you will pay like $7 and it is worth it!

I do my " 'fill in the blank on what season it is' trends" since I started this blog last year, so this will be my 3rd series! and it is always time consuming, but it so rewarding when I am actually done so I can't wait to post it!

thanx guys for stopping by my bloggie!

Elle Sees said...

I have never tried this before! Thanks for sharing. Are they too shimmery?

Erica J said...

hey Elle! I personally don't think so- they are about as shimmery as the dupes I found: maybe even a little less shimmery *but* the last 2 darkest colors are not that shimmery at all so I dont know if thats good or bad but you are getting a little bit of a different finish if you wanted one. for example, I think that kitten from stila and a darker color with that much shimmer may be too much. with this nude palette, I don't have any problems wearing any of them together that I have tried so far

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