Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Proactiv Cleansing Brush

It is not often that I give anything I review a 5/5. With this Proactiv Cleansing Brush, I just must. Let's start at the beginning, shall we?

Skin Type: Acne Prone, Oily Skin. I have a lot of redness & hyper-pigmentation.

Quick description about Proactiv's 3 Steps. The Cleanser, The Toner & Repairing Treatment. I started using Proactiv when I was 19. My skin was really bad. When I started using it, my skin cleared up dramatically. I am 25 now and still use Proactiv on and off till this day. When I am on with it, it for the most part clears up my skin. But the more important note about it is how soft & calmed my skin look. It cleans the skin very well. When I am off, my skin does start to break out again. Not as bad as I used to be but nonetheless, it breaks out.

I really love Proactiv for the fact that you can buy the 3 Steps (small size) for $25, and they usually throw in something new to try. This last time I received a full size of the Dark Spot Corrector (review to come later). These items are at no extra charge. This cleansing brush was the best freebie I have ever gotten to date.

When I first started using the Cleansing Brush, I was so exited I was using it twice a day. My skin was not happy about that. You are only supposed to use it once a day for a minute each day. So I quit using it a couple of days and then started using it again...anywhere from 1-2 times a day. I know, I am not good with directions but after a while I think I was getting a deeper clean using it twice a day. To start off, I would use it once a day as recommended. A side note: I love exfoliators. I usually do not like to buy a cleanser without them- just an fyi. Proactiv's Step One has exfoliators

How I use it:
Wash my face with Step 1 with my hands for a little less then one minute
add a little but more cleanser (Step 1) to my face
Turn on the Cleansing Brush and slowly go over my whole face lightly for 1 minute.

So I really love the cleansing brush! I do use proactiv and that is the only cleanser I use with it. Do I think that is the only cleanser you could possibly get a deeper clean with using it hand in hand with the cleansing brush? No. If you have a cleanser you prefer, try it with the brush. If you want to try it out without buying the Proactiv 3 Steps, it is somewhere around $20-$30. Please don't. Your getting a way better deal when you buy said package.

Free with purchase
Comfortable to use
Battery Operated
Batteries Included
New Brush Heads are $12
It Works!- It helped my skin a great deal and I got an even deeper clean when I use this baby.

There is only one brush head for the cleansing brush
Only one speed. I don't think I need another speed, but some other people may like that.

So for me I can say that this is a 5/5. I really love everything about it. Especially the price! The saying does not hold true that "you get what you pay for" with the cleansing brush. It really is something that I think they could get away with charging much more (let's not let them know that!) If you have never tried Proactiv now is your time to get 4 products and a brush for $30! Just Google "Proactiv brush" and I betcha it will pop up!

I hope I helped you guys making your decision and I hope you try this brush before making a huge investment on a Clairsonic. It's worth it. If you have any questions, feel free to comment below and I will get back to you!



Janine said...

I always meant to get a brush like that! It makes the skin so soft and it's great for deep cleaning and exfoliating skin. I wouldn't even need the proactive :)

Erica J said...

you are absolutely right! It is honestly my favorite skin care item and I love I didn't even have to pay for it! if you ever decide your going for it and you don't want the proactiv send it my way! lol! thanks for stopping over!

Anonymous said...

Very helpful review. I've made my decision! Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

So helpful I just ordered it xoxo

Erica Jackson said...

yessssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!! your gunna love it! you just made my day. i am so happy i could help

Anonymous said...

Does it make your pores smaller??

Erica Jackson said...

Im sorry! I dont remember if it did or not and i dont want to guess! However, The Tarte Clean Slate Poreless Primer has been doing a great job before my foundation of making my pores look non existent! sorry i couldn't give you a better answer!

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