Monday, May 7, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

Hey guys! Can you believe I tried to film a video for this 4 different times? When I finally completed it, I needed to edit it. I have Windows Movie Maker. However, it will not take .mov files. I am not sure how to convert them. Everything I tried costs $$.  How do you guys convert your .mov files to edit on Windows Movie Maker if you do? How do you edit your videos period?? Please let me know in the comments!

Whatever, I will just do a good old fashion blog post! Little late but better late than never,  people! 

favorite beauty items

YBF Beauty Blush & Bronzing Duo: I am in love with both sides of this duo. However, I favor the blush over any other blush I have. It is such a nice pink color with some sheen to it. I have swatched this before on my blog, in case you missed it, I will link you up! Not to mention the blush goes on beautifully. I hate when your putting on blush and some are too chalky and look really cakey on the skin. I also hate when a blush is too light, no matter how many coats you put on. This blush is in the perfect middle. Again, to see swatches, click here

Urban Decay Primer Potion: Maybe I am a little late on the band wagon but it has been my favorite for the past month or so. Even though I think that Drugstore Brands do a fabulous job, UD does it even -dare i say- better? When it comes to longevity, It is a tie between this and let's say Jesse's Girl. When it comes to making your eyeshadow more vibrant & pigmented, I have gotta hand it to UD.

LaVanila Hand Cream: This was a Birchbox find. This actually came in my very first box! The past few months I can't say I have been impressed with Birchbox. If you want a full explanation, let me know guys! Anywho, I actually do not like the scent of this stuff. I am not a fan of lavender. Even after that, it is still my first pick of hand lotion every night. That is because it moisturizes without leaving that greasy residue. You can even tell by the texture of it when you first squeeze it out of the tube that it isn't greasy/oily. It is just different, even the texture. It looks like cottage cheese or something. Do not worry! it doesn't feel like it!


Proactiv Cleansing Brush: This was the best investment I have ever made. It wasn't even an investment at all! All I did was ordered Proactiv's 3 steps, which I use on a daily basis, and I got the cleansing brush free. All I had to do was re-order the Proactiv's 3 Steps & choose my free item, as always. This has got to be the best free add-on I have ever got from Proactiv! Review is coming on this. All you need to know right now is that refill brush heads are only $12, it is battery operated, it is water-resistant, very comfortable to use, very simple to use, and cleanses better than my hands have ever cleansed before. 

Favorite Fashion Statement 
 Bow Earrings: Just recently I started wearing hoops & was going to make hoops my favorite jewelry for the month. That was only until I spotted these. I can't remember the brand but I bought these from Kohl's. I have always been a studs kinda girl so these being a slightly oversized bow, were perfect for me. They do cover my ear lobe, tastefully. I just love them

Favorite Candle
 Beach Flowers from Yankee Candle: I think the last time I was this much in love with a candle it was back during fall 2011 (Marshmallow Fireside) & Christmas 2011 (Candied Sugar Plum). It has been a while! It is a new scent from Yankee, and they did fabulous on it! It's a very clean & floraly smell. Neither old lady floral or a powdery clean. It smells like the scent is a really beautiful perfume sprayed onto a really clean body. (lol) It reminds me a lot of Glade's Angel's Whisper candle. I have yet to check out Slatkin's summer candles which is crazy long for me. I am really happy with Beach Flowers for now though. I actually still have a haul coming up from Yankee!

Favorite food
Vitatops: Have you guys tried these? They actually contain more vitamins and minerals than an apple. Chocolate that is better than eating an apple? I was already sold. All you do is pop them in the microwave and eat it. I am sure you guys know by know I hate diety foods. Fake sugar? yuck! Diet coke? Can't do it! These do not taste "good for you" if you know what I mean. They are only muffin tops as opposed to a whole muffin, so I like eating them along with a banana. Yummy! They are expensive but I suggest to try them once and if you like them buy them again. I can't buy these every time I go the grocery store at $8, but I like to spend on them every once in awhile. 

Favorite Drink
HonestTea: Again, I hate diet foods and drinks. These Honest Tea's are so awesome! My favorite flavor is the Orange Mango one. The sweet tea is equally good. However, those flavors do contain some sugar. The lemonade one conatins none. It actually doesn't contain anything, besides Vitamin C! Something I do not understand at all but I will have to let you take a look at the nutrition facts. If you like tea with a hint of sweetness, you will love these. I really like sweet tea & with these they are neither too sweet or too bland. Perfect mix. They are usually 4 for $5 at my local grocery store.

this is the lemonade nutrition facts. told you!:

Media Faves

Favorite Game

The Sims: Sims has always been my favorite game. All the way back to Sim City! Every now and then I will go through phases where I either do not play at all, or I become obsessed with playing it. Right now, I am obsessed! I have every single expansion pack from Sims 2 but I only have 2 expansions for Sim's 3, which is the one I play nowadays. Hopefully I can build my collection and have enough time to play with them all until they release a Sims 4! Do you play? If so, Which expansion pack should I get next?

Favorite Blogger
Samantha Schuerman: She does a lot of weekly favorites and has some pretty good tutorials too. I really like her! Her makeup collection is huge so she is always talking about something different & she nevers runs out of stuff to talk about. I also love that she doesn't just stick to beauty products because I also like to talk about other things on my blog, other than makeup, obviously. Check her out! She has a blog as well, which is where I got the picture.

Favorite Show
Legally Blonde The Musical: The Search For Elle Woods: Please somebody tell me you remember this show from MTV from a few years back? I used to love it! A couple of weeks ago, I suddenly remembered my all time favorite show from 2008. On not only do they have every full episode *but* they also have full performances by each girl! The songs they sing are catchy, you can't help but to sing along and love them (:

Bailey was my favorite from the beginning & something in me told me she was perfect to be Elle. The judge's agreed with me on that & she won(!) I always "promised" myself that as long as Bailey won the part then I would go and see it on Broadway. Needless to say I have always been pretty broke so I never got a chance. (lol) So, I decided to get a hold of Bailey on twitter to see if she would ever play Elle again. Luckily, her answer was yes & she will be on stage all summer as Elle! Not in NYC, but in Alabama. Ticket's are reasonable (about $30) so if me & my boyfriend can figure out a cheap trip (we live in Ohio) we are going to go! My boyfriend is the best because he is such a good sport with whatever I wanna do. Love you Phillyboo!

Favorite Movie
I just thought I should include this little section because we have watched a couple newer movies recently. My favorite one was Contagion. I love movies that are about half of the world dying from a weird virus. If that's your thing, or if you loved I am Legend (one of my faves) then I think you will like Contagion.

Another classic that has been on all month is Clueless! God, I love that movie. Is it sad that I know every single word? If you grew up watching it just like me, then you probably know it all too! I remember me and my cousin used to put half of a bottle of conditioner in our hair because we thought that was how we can create long straight hair just like Cher...even though we both had really wavy hair, haha! I also remember riding our bikes around town and taking our bubblegum pagers, pretending they were cell phones, & talking on them as Cher and Dee. We were obsessed! What are your memories from when you were a child based off of Clueless? Do you have any?

Favorite Song(s)
Ed Sheeran Give Me Love: OmGosh you guys, this song is seriously to die for. If I had to pick my favorite out of the 2 songs mentioned, I would pick this one. I can listen (& have been!) to it over and over again! Do you like acoustic? You will love this! They have been playing it for all of 5 seconds on a new Victoria's Secret commercial. If you do not do anything else all day long, listen to this song. You will thank me later. Your welcome (:

Ron Pope- A Drop in the Ocean: After the first time I heard this song, I knew it was going to be a favorite for a long time. if you don't listen this whole song, just listen to the first minute or so...I guarantee you will love it!

Ok, that is everything! Not a short post by any means! Lots of good stuff this past month! What have been your favorite things? Link me in the comments! Thank you guys for reading! 

Take Care!


Diary of a Closet Gamer said...

I absolutely adore the bow earrings!

Just bloghopping by and thought that I'd say hello and follow your blog! (Beauty and the Gamer)

Erica J said...

hey there! thanks for stopping by!

xo, Jersey Girl said...

Now I want to watch Clueless!! Found you on Blog Hop Therapy!! Definitely showing some follow love over he social networks!!

xo, Jersey Girl (@angejim0531)

Come by and say hi!!

Rebecca♥ said...

Thought I'd stop by via the blog hop, you have a great blog! Love this post, so many gorgeous things! I'm really loving mini yankee candles too at the moment. xxxxxxxx

sleepandwater said...

Clueless will always be a classic! We studied it in high school, comparing it to Austen's Emma haha :) The YBF Beauty Blush & Bronzing Duo looks really pretty :)

Emma Kershaw said...

I love the Sims too! I prefer Sims 2 to Sims 3 though. Found you via the blog hop :) xxx

Erica J said...

Jersey Girl: hey there! i love your blog url! i will have to stop over

Rebecca: thank you!

Sleep & Water: what?!?! you got to study it in high school!? no fair! my school was never that cool, lol.

Emma: do you?when sims 3 first came out i remember i didnt like it at all! but once i got used to it, i lovve it! i have every expansion of the sims 2, if your missing any of them i will sell!

DianaLuv said...

Found your blog on BlogLoveTherapy, I love this post you have amazing pictures. Ed Sheeran is amazing. I have had Drunk, Give me Love and The A team on repeat for weeks now.
Im a new follower because your posts look awesomely fun :)

check out my blog if you have time!

Nails My Dreams said...

Those earrings are sooooo cute. I haven't tried Sims 3 yet but I think I have 4 expansions of Sims 2. lol. I also go through phases while playing this.

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