Saturday, September 22, 2012

♥Wal-Mart Shopping Trip♥


I have been doing some shopping here and there for the past couple weeks! I seriously love shopping! Shopping for clothes, makeup, books, & pointless things I probably don't need. I love shopping online. I love fake shopping online. Putting stuff in my cart and not buying it...yah no, just in case! I even love grocery shopping! I am the 1 that does the grocery shopping. Looking at different ads, calculating it all out, & finding inspiration from foodie blogs is my specialty! (: I think it would be fun to do a grocery shopping haul & maybe I will one day, but for now let me show you what I got at Wal-Mart!

1. Suave Mousse
I cannot tell you how many times I have re-purchased this. I have been using it on my hair since the 8th grade! First off, it smells amazing and you + other people could smell it throughout the day. It creates volume when added to the roots. I have wavy hair and what I have always used it for was for the days I wanted my hair to hold my natural curls and waves and didn't feel like straightening it or using a curling iron. I scrunch this into my hair, while my damp head of hair is flipped upside down (this and a couple other great curling products) and blow dry. The wetter the hair, the better to control frizz and give you natural curls. It's not going to make your hair look wet, or crunchy if you know what I mean. It is such a staple, I don't think I have ever even mentioned it here!

2. Hard Candy Matte Polish (Matte-ly in love):
I have wanted this for weeks! I have seen a nail blog or 2 put it over shimmery polishes, glitter polishes, & duo-chromes and have really wanted to give it a go. Right now I am wearing it over Blue It! from Sally Hansen. It's so pretty! If your on my main page & have a chance to scroll down, then you already know there will be at NOTW or 2 feat. Matte-ly in Love! As you can see I have been a little obsessive with nail polishes and nail art!

3. Hard Candy "Glow Away" Bronzer and Highlighting Duo:
It doesn't look like you get very much of either colors, but I have been looking for a nice bronze highlight. We will see if it works out. The bronze color has an orange undertone which I happen to like because I am pretty light. Orange undertones make me look more natural for the most part. Some other bronzers make me look muddy if it's too deep or leaning too much toward a brown undertone. For reference, I have cool undertones in my skin so that could be why too.

4. Dog Harness
I can't say this is really exiting (unless you are a proud new owner of your baby puppy!) but Stella needed another one badly. She chewed hers up and now the buckle will come off when she pulls hard enough on her old one. We were at the park and she was barking and pulling away to go see some other doggie's, and she got off of her leash because her old harness was busted. I was afraid she was gunna run over and either bark/bite/be mean/jump and play. You never know with her! She's wound up! When she got to the other doggie's, she stopped dead in her tracks, not barking or anything. She just wanted to sniff & sniff them! Good dog! She usually loves other doggies & kitties! It's people she is weary of! Smart puppy! LOL

I am positive I will mention these things even more in depth (besides the dog harness!) after I have used them to give you a proper review! I heart Wal-Mart.

Have you bought anything good from Wal-Mart or Hand Candy Lately?

Thank you for reading!



Ana said...


I am visiting you through Blog Hops Everyday. You have a lovely blog and I love your content. I am now following your blog, please check out my blogs too and return the love: Empowered Mommy and Pregnancy Forum

Thanks for your time. :)

Hunter87 said...

Great Haul I need to try that Hard Candy nail polish.

MeetMiss Jackson said...

hi Ana! thanks for linking me to your blog!

Jazmin: yep! you really do! i didn't think i loved matte nails until a couple weeks back and since i bought it, i have been using it over everything! lol!

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