Friday, September 14, 2012

Essie A Cut Above + Nothing Else Metals = A Match Made in Heaven!

Hey! I cannot tell you how long I have wanted Essie's A Cut Above. It have wanted this since my Rose Gold Phase but never picked it up because I just couldn't justify paying $8 for a bottle of polish. It wasn't until a week or two ago when I passed it again for the 13th time at my local grocery store. I have just been lusting. Dreaming up different ways I can use it. (blogging about beauty has really done something to my head!) Needless to say, I picked it up and didn't look back! So glad I didn't!

Nothing Else Metals has been seen before on Mind Body Beauty. My b/f's mom Barbara, gave it to me! I never like picking things up in her house for fear she will just put it in my purse for me to take home! A giver, she is! But I don't mind! ;)

A Cut Above from the Luxe Effects Line: 
"a shattered pink diamond glitz" is how Essie herself describes it. I like to think of it as my own personal rose gold (: Unlike most (if not all) China Glaze glitters, A Cut Above is a top coat as opposed to an opaque glitter nail polish you would only need 1-2 coats of to cover your nail. However, it has more glitter in it than other glitter top coats you might find. Such as Party of 5 Glitters from Wet n Wild if your familiar. I personally think that A Cut Above has just enough glitter and is the perfect top coat. I wouldn't have it any other way!

Nothing Else Metals from the Mirror Metallics Line:
 "a carefree lavender metallic" is Essie's description. It doesn't seem very lavender to me. It is more like a silver duo-chrome with purple undertones to my eyes. You can decide for yourself.

Your Looking at 1 coat of Nothing Else Metals and 2 coats of A Cut Above:

A while back I seen A Cut Above used over a duo chrome and thought it looked seriously stunning. Looking at both of them head on, you would never think they were a match made in heaven. 

Next time your sifting through your collection, take a good look at each polish (or eye shadow) next to each other, if your finding it hard to come up with a good pair. I bet you will find many you wouldn't even think of other wise!

If you missed out on 1 of my favorite lip pairings, feel free to click me!

As you can tell by the front page of my blog, I have been a little obsessive with the nail polish. I have a bunch of other non-nail-polish blogs coming up really soon! and a video! If your newer to the video world link me up and we can be youtube friends! This is my youtube channel 

Shout out to my Hello Cotton people! I can't believe this blog post made it into one of the most popular beauty blog posts there on Sept. 7th! I was just going through them, like I do almost every week to find some new blogs and could not believe I seen my blog up there! I know I am the biggest dork because I have been walking on cloud nine! If you have never checked out Hello Cotton and you love all kinds of blogs, check it out for real! I love that site (: 

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♥ YourBFF ♥ said...

Beautiful combo! I love how it does look so rose-gold like, and I hear you about being obsessed with rose gold! :) So pretty! :) I really love the look of your blog - it is so pretty. I was reading through your posts and saw that you recently re-did it - you did fabulous! Hope all is going well for you this week! <3 Angie

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

So pretty!!

MeetMiss Jackson said...

Hey Angie! so glad you stopped by! i have been reading a lot of your past blog posts too! so glad you stopped by and like the newer layout (just my sidebar for now actually!)

Tiffany: Hiiiiiiii old friend!

Becca said...

Wow love this, so pretty! I really want to get Essie's A Cut Above too now! Gorgeous blog, New follower here :) xoxo

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