Wednesday, October 2, 2013

All About Blonde Hair

As of summer 2013 I am officially blonde. It only took me a little over a year to get the color blonde I achieved. I have read up on so many blogs and websites. Watched so many tutorials and catch all videos. Asked hair dressers, professionals, and enthusiasts alike. And let me tell you, there is plenty of info to benefit from out there! I must say I am quite happy with my hair right now. That goes for color and the health of it. It could stand to be a little thicker but that is sacrifice for over-processing your hair. Otherwise, my hair is healthier then I ever thought it could possibly be as a blonde.

This video encompasses everything I know about blonde hair.
How to achieve the color
Avoiding Bleach
Repairing Your Hair
Smoothing the cuticle
Keeping it soft and shiny
Keeping it healthy and gorgeous

Never go to a salon again! This is how I went from a darker brown all the way to platinum blonde. Here's everything you need to know!


Products Mentioned:
.Ion High Lift Color 305215 High Lift Natural Blonde HL/N 12.0
.Salon Care Professional 40 Volume Creme
.Garnier Nutrisse Extra Light Ash Blonde {White Chocolate} 111
.Garnier Olia Lightest Cool Blonde
.AG Sterling Silver Shampoo Mild Toning Shampoo
.Redken All Soft Conditioner
.Mane and Tail Conditioner
.Paul Mitchell Super Skinny Serum {or any serum for that matter}
.Paul Mitchell Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair
.Tresemme Heat Tamer Spray
.Silk Elements Heat Protection Spray


References. Learn More!
The Natural Haven Bloom
Black Girl Long Hair
Natural Beauty Wellness
How to Get Bleach Blonde Hair At Home. Maintain Platinum Blonde Hair
Drugstore Dye Job - How to Dye your Hair Blonde At Home


If you have any questions leave them down below.
If you have some other tips, leave those in the comments too!


Yall know I am just a normal who went from a dark color to light blonde at home, right? Obviously, I am not a professional. But don't worry! I learned all of this on my own and did all the experimenting for you so you don't mess this up- You can do it! Please watch the videos and read the blog post's I have listed here for you. If you want to take care of your hair, these are great places to start!

I know all my of beauty bloggers have some great tips. Leave them down below? 

Thank you!

take care,

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