Saturday, June 4, 2011

HOTD: Party Curls

hey ladies! I hope everyone is having a really fun weekend! I know the weather is gorgeous & HOT here! These curls are so much fun, but they are for summer nights, at the bonfire once it cools down! These were inspired by the clipless iron which are a million dollars (well not really but like $100..which is alot) so I found a great way to achieve those curls with a regular iron.

Here's what I used (in order):

John Frieda Frizz Ease Hair Serum: I recently found this tucked away in a box, it used to be my favorite product, I remember why! I pretty much is the same thing as Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum which is also one of favorites. A serum you put in your hair while it's wet, although with this product you aren't supposed to towel dry your hair. Either way once it dries, its makes your hair really soft and smooth and prevents frizz...hence the name after I smoothed that through my hair, let it air dry for a few mins, considering I couldn't towel dry it which was annoying! I put in...

Paul Mitchell Round Trip Serum: This is another serum but it's instead for wavy, curly hair. Since my hair already is a bit wavy it adds lightweight detail & gives it a flexible hold and bouncier curls to to my hair type- which is great, because in the end I don't have to use as much hair spray. I recommend this serum for my wavy hair chicks, especially for days when you don't feel like blowing it out & you just wanna scrunch your hair...No crunchy curls allowed! You will get a perfect texture to your hair with this stuff, plus it smells freakin good!

Redken Guts 10: This is a volume spray-mousse kidding that is what the bottle reads.I spray this on the roots of my hair near and around the crown of my head, then kinda work it in by massaging it in my scalp/hair- Give it some oomph!

L'Oreal Studio Secret Hair Putty- It does the same job as the Redken 10 Guts, this one is a cream/wax (dont worry it doesn't feel wax, actually pretty creamy) why would you be worried? IDK, I just work this into the roots at the tippy-top of my head to give it even more oomph! You really dont need to use both I just had them both on had. Oh yeah, I don't use this until my hair is dry, & im ready to curl!

Then let it dry...I was on a kick the other day and was trying not to blow my hair out. It has been years since I haven't used a blow dryer so I threw curlers in and let my hair sit for a little- and then I did cheat and blow dried it for 10 minutes at the end, with the curlers still in my hair...oh well its better than nothing! my hair needed a day off....which is a contradiction because I am using a curling iron in this whatever dis-regard this - lets move on

With the curling iron (which is a 2" barrel) I open the clamp and holding it with my left hand, I take the hair on the right side of my head, turning the curling iron upside down, wrap my hair around the barrel (with the clamp still open). Did we follow that? Then after the hair is wrapped around, let go of the clamp and that will hold your hair for a few seconds.

While your curl is still hot right out of the iron take the strand of hair and cup it in your hand. Now take a bobbi pin and clip it to your head so that way when all of your hair is done and all of it is clipped up and cooled down- what I do is just give it a few spray's with the hair spray I had on hand. This generic hair spray was fine- my hair wasn't extra crunchy or anything and the hairspray says it also conditions, protects and holds- awesome, sounds good to me.

Wow long post, no? I hope everybody is having a good week-end. I am off to ride my bike and go swimming! I always feel like a kid in the summer time, playing outside and all. Me and Alex (BFF) found out about this really nice bike trail that I am thinking goes around the whole county if im not mistaken...I mean it's freaking long! We wanna be able to ride the whole thing by the end of the summer...wish me luck!

thanx reading too!


Anonymous said...

wow beautiful hair styling!

Anonymous said...

Cute curls!

Erica J said...

thanx girls (:

LifeLover said...

you look really good

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