Monday, July 15, 2013

Favorite Paul Mitchell Products + A Bonus

Typing that out hurt a little just because I dont have my absolute favorite hair product which is Paul Mitchell on this list. It is simply because I am out of it and at the Buy2Get1 free sale at Ulta they were having for PM products, the shelves were wiped clean of it: The Paul Mitchell Skinny Serum. However, I have been using this and it is cheaper and just as good as the Skinny Serum.

I wait until a good sale to get Paul Mitchell products. They are pricey! I went for the Skinny Serum and came out with.....not the Skinny Serum.

Express Style
Round Trip
Liquid Curl Definer 
I talked about this a month ago on Elle Sees as a guest blogger and also once here in the same blog post. So, check that out if you want more information. It is a great product for wavy or curly hair. It gives me silky, defined curls with a little scrunching. It is extremely light weight and I wouldn't believe it if you told me that you can over do this stuff. I swear the more you add, the better your hair looks. This is the cheap one at $12! I got it for free at the sale.

Forever Blonde Dramatic Repair
KerActive Blonde
I just recently went blonde {more on that later} and I have been obsessing about a) how to get that perfect blonde color and b) how to keep my hair healthy. I can't wait to tell you all about it but for now, I need to speak on this product. This is for highly lifted and bleached hair {check and check}. Professionals keep on telling me a need a keratin treatment. Keratin is a protein that is naturally in your hair. When you bleach or highly lift your hair, you are stripping your hair of protein and opening the cuticle. An opened cuticle causes split ends, fizzy hair, and is just bad all around. It was the reason I didn't want to go blonde. "This treatment helps seal the cuticle and replenishes dry depleted hair." It has a ton of good stuff in it: Safflower Oil, Macadamia Nut Oil and exclusive KerActive protein. I have only heard of a Keratin Mask in a salon so this is great to find something of this merit at Ulta. It all sounds really fancy but is it helping? Your supposed to spray it on damp hair but I couldn't resist when I first bought it and I sprayed it on my dry hair. The ends of my blonde hair felt as if I didn't put them through anything. My split ends weren't sticking up like usual and it just felt really soft and nice. I have been using it and loving it. That is a long winded explanation of this stuff. I just love it.

Twirl Around
Crunch Free Curl Definer
This is a swirl of hydrating cream and smoothing gel which is to "create soft, shiny frizz free curls that won't get crunchy or stiff." It is supposed to define, separate, and tame unruly curls and waves into perfect ringlets. Honestly, if you want any of those things Round Trip works fabulously for them. Maybe this will take some trying out a little more. I always use my Suave Mousse when I am going for curls so I need to try this without my stand by mousse. However, it does help create curls..... so does Round Trip. Round Trip is cheaper too. It feels sticky in my hands but once my hair dries, it does have a nice curl to it. It is a great product but for the $20 some dollars I think you could skip it and go for the Mousse and Round Trip. I do think that if your going for tighter ringlets, this could be something nice to use, but not necessary. I promise to get back to you in video form later down the road.

Bamboo Luminous Shine Mist
When I bought these things, the sales lady threw in one more product. That never happens to me. I guess it's when you spend a ton of money. $40 on hair products is a lot for me! I was really thankful I got a freebie. It's a spray that you spray on your finished dry hair for it to look polished and shiny. I like it! It adds a great finishing touch and it says it will eliminate frizz and fly-aways. It's a really nice finishing spray, however it isn't totally necessary. It smells very herbal, if your into that kind of organic scent.

What's you favorite product from Paul Mitchell?

What about your favorite hair product in general?



Alicia said...

Hmmm...interesting. I am looking for great hair products and good thing that I passed by your blog. Upon reading your reviews over these products, i think they are great ones to try out. I'll def check on these products and hope that my hair will love it.

Erica Jackson said...

awesome Alicia! with paul mitchell, you cannot go wrong! but remember you can always return stuff that doesnt work for you! trust me, skinny serum is bomb and these other products are too-- cant wait for you to try them

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