Tuesday, August 23, 2011

NOTD: Water Marbling

hey there everyone! So I have seen everyone around the internet trying out the water marbling technique and I knew I had to try it out- It took me a few tries to get it exactly right but once I got the hang of it- i didn't wanna stop! There's something about making designs in the water with all the different color nail polishes that is so fun! So here's the end result:

Here are the nail polishes I used l2r: Bubblegum Pink, Blue Me Away, Lacey Lilac, Strawberry Fraise

You Will Need:
1. A small container with around a 2" radius, or smaller! Just make sure your finger fits into it. 
2. A Toothpick
3. Scotch Tape
4. Nail Polish

After countless Youtube video's I watched to see what I thought would work the best, here's is what I came up with:

1. The smaller the container, the better. If you use a bigger container, your gunna have to use a lot more nail polish- unless your doing all 5 fingers at once, which I don't recommend. Do one finger at a time with the smallest container you have that you can fit your finger in.

2. Fill the container with water, leaving some room at the top so it doesn't spill once you have your finger in it.

3. Tape as much as your finger as you can, leaving only the nail exposed. I even pushed some tape underneath my finger nail. So that way, when you dip your finger into the marbled water, the excess polish will stick to the tape instead of your skin. Your fingers will feel a bit sticky tho after you take off the tape. I would recommend doing one nail at a time, it looks like much more of a controlled design and much more clean. I didn't do this on a couple of the nails, I wish I did.

4. Drop a few drops of nail polish in the center of the container of nail polish #1. Then immediately drop a few drops of nail polish #2 in the center of the container. Same with nail polish #3 & #4.You want to work quickly so the nail polish doesn't dry on the surface of the water. I would say you have like 20-30 seconds for this part.

5. Once you have all the colors you want on the surface it is time to start creating your design! Taking the tip of the toothpick, carefully drag on color into another. You can make any kind of design you want to! All you need to make sure of is to stick your design to the edge's of the container. All you need to do is drag your toothpick to the side of the container, pull the toothpick slightly upward, and it should stick just fine. do this on 4-5 different sides to ensure your design isn't going to mess up once you have your finger in it. You wanna work quickly here too but this doesn't take all but 5 seconds once you get the hang of it.

6. When the design is ready, put your nail down into the water, being that your nail goes in to the water first- not the tip of your finger or nail. Stick your finger down into the water until the end of your tape hits the beginning of the water. If you do that your nail should have the design on it inside the water.

7. Dont pull it out just yet! Before you take your finger out of the water, make sure you grab the rest of the polish design on top of the water with a toothpick. If not, the excess will stick to your already marbled nail, making your design you created look distorted. Something I learned a little late on! haha

Ok! so there yah have it! I hope my step-by-step tips make sense. If they do, then I have given you what you need! If you have no idea wtf water marbling is, just You Tube "water marbling" it will bring up a million videos. Everyone does it slightly different. The steps I mentioned is what works best for me. Good Luck Nail Technicians!

Has anybody else ever tried this? What tips do you have for the rest of us?


Lindsie Lee ♥ said...

Neat ♥

Curves ahead makeup said...

love it I have to try this !!!

Erica J said...

thanx guys - it was a lot of fun !!

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Okay.. I'm speechless. This is amazing!

Arielle said...

I'm so bad at this! But what you've done looks gorgeous xoxo

Erica J said...

thank you ladies (: now my head is going to explode ;) -no guys but really, it took me a couple of tries to get it right. trust me, once you get the hang of it, you will wanna do everyone's nails!!

Daniela said...

These look gorgeous! I will surely try this on my next mani :) I just followed!

8d18ad5e-bff7-11e0-a387-000bcdca4d7a said...

this is INSANELY cool looking. i wish i had actual tips, but im not quite sure i could do it all. in any case, thanks for posting!! have u heard about the latest where they are applying actual shedded snake skin on nails now?

Kristen L.

Erica J said...

Daniela: thanks!

8dsjsdkldskndsios947 (?!) I will fix the post for everyone so my tips are much more fool proof! Thank's for your input! It does help! and no I have not heard of the snake skin thingy dingy- that actually sounds cool as long as they are using snake skin that the snake's are already shedding! No animal cruelty on this blog! lol- if thats the case, that would be awesome

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