Sunday, December 1, 2013

Decorate, Organize, and Wear Blush. Plus a Haul!

A few topics that do not really fit with each other. But I had really no other way to bring it up and I dont want to make a blog post for each video. It would be too many videos and not enough actual blog post. Lucky enough for you, you will learn my favorite drugstore blushes, the brushes I like for those particular blushes, what things I bought recently, how to organize on a budget, and what to do with all of those empty Bath and Body Works candle jars all in one shot! What better way to spend your Sunday? Unless your going to church. Or going to your family's. Or if your going sled riding with your friends. Whatever. Enjoy!

If you don't already subscribe to my You Tube channel, you totally should! I make videos frequently and its another way to channel my creativity and learn a thing or two. If you have been a fan of Mind Body Beauty, then you will surely love the Erica Jackson {thats me} channel. That sound's weird, doesn't it?

♥♥More written reviews, swatches, comparisons.♥♥
ELF Studio Blushes Review

yah no what? Just for kicks, let's throw in my October Favorites Video too!


Natalie Loves Beauty said...

I love NYX and Wet n Wild blushes! Great picks! :)x

Erica Jackson said...

thanks Natalie (:

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