Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer Lippies: L'Oreal Color Riche

Walking around Wal Mart a few weeks back, I noticed these were on sale! I also seen these 50% off at CVS too. When something is on sale, I cannot resist. So I bought a couple. These came out last year when the Revlon Lip Butter and Maybelline Baby Lips craze was going on. This was L'Oreal's response to the lip tints. These were the only lip butter esq lip products I had yet to try. So I went for it!

First off, I am obsessed with the packaging. It reminds me of YSL with the gold tube. They are just cute and I feel kinda fancy when I whip it out. I know that is so lame, but whatever. The packaging alone sold me, I'm just being honest! I'm not alone beauty bloggers, am I?

These are comparable to the Revlon's Lip Butter's. They have that same pigment type: they have a sheer wash of color and look slightly glossy on the lips. When you first apply it, it has a slick type of feeling to it. They feel thin and sheer. But they stand out among the Revlon Lip Butter's because of the way they wear down. The glossiness wear's away after awhile but the color is still there. They wear down {especially the brighter color} to what looks like a stain with almost no detection of being drying or patchy which is a great quality! It actually looks like your lips are just that color, no detection of any type of product on the lips, just color, if you can catch my drift.

Fuchsia Flirt
This is a bright fuchsia {name says it all}. The color fuchsia's nature is usually a bright cool toned pink. As you know, cooler (blue) tones in any lip product, make your teeth appear whiter. Always a plus! My favorite out of the pair, is this one. When you first apply it, you get a bright glossy fuchsia color. It isn't as bright as it looks in the tube but I don't think it's supposed to be. Nonetheless, it is still nice and bright on the lips. Like I said before, the brighter color wears down better to what looks like a stain. This one does so but in a way where it doesn't look as bright as it did when you first apply it. Either way, it is an easy lippie to wear the whole day and no matter what it looks like on the lips {bright or duller} it still looks nice.

Cotton Pink
This is a pretty pastel nude pink color once applied. Once it dries down, it loses it's pink tone and turns into more of a nude.  For that reason, it reminds me a lot of Revlon's Lip Butter in Creamsicle, which is a pastel nude. This one does make fine lines and chapped lips more apparent and it also can become a little more drying on the lips than Fuchsia Flirt for whatever reason. I find myself having to re-apply this color sooner than I do with Fuchsia Flirt too. I doesn't hold up as long as the brighter color does.

All and all, I really like these! I think that the brighter/darker colors are better. They seem to just wear down better and look better considering they are more pigmented. Since I liked Fuchsia Flirt so much, I went ahead and picked up a bright red called Cardinal Plume.

If you have yet to check out my Summer Edit: Lips and Tips Video {and Part II: Face and Body} I would definitely do so on my Youtube Channel! These lippies are featured as are a ton of other great summer lipsticks, lip glosses, and nail polishes.

What is your favorite summer lip product?

thank you so much for reading!

till next time

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