Sunday, February 17, 2013

Current Obsessions

Maybelline has just been on their game lately! Here's 2 things I have been loving from them lately.

Baby Lips in Pink Punch
The Baby Lips remind me a lot of Revlon's Lip Butters. Both are moisturizing with that chap stick type of look but have a sheer wash of color. Pink Punch is much more pigmented than say the Lip Butter in Cotton Candy. I only have the one Baby Lip(s?) and I really love it. It's only a couple of bucks and I bring it everywhere with me. It's one of those easy type of lip products to just add to your pocket (or in my case apron) at work and apply it while on the floor to make my me look much more put together. Pink Punch also smells like Punch. Yum!

I have been trying to up my game and start swatching the lip products on my actual lips but I am really weird about pictures here on MBB. If it isn't perfect, I cannot add it. Do you know how many pictures I take of each thing because of that? haha! Once I get my new camera, I will be doing that. I am getting a DSLR. But, I don't know which one to get. For know here's an ok picture so you can get the idea. I am going to warn you that this picture does not do Pink Punch any justice.

Color Tattoo Metal in Inked in Pink
This is so gorgeous! I have a few other Color Tattoo's (Tough as Taupe + Barely Beige) and I know I said Barely Beige was my favorite but I think I like this color even better! It is perfect for adding to your lid or inner corner and is such a nice change up from my normal champagne lid colors. I really love using Mally's Age Rebel Shadow Stick in Sugar underneath this on lid. Sugar is a nice champagne color and when I add Inked in Pink over top, it makes Inked in Pink look even more bright and makes it stand out even more while keeping that pink metallic color. Just like all the other Color Tattoo's, Inked in Pink is long lasting, can be used as a base, primer {no creasing}, or can be worn alone.  Pigmentation, and vibrancy are both really great. The shimmery Color Tattoos are especially creamy but while staying really thin and pigmented.

wanna see some swatches? Ok! 

Question of the Day
So fellow beauty bloggers + photographers,  I am soon investing in a DSLR! I don't know which one I am getting, however. Not to mention you have to purchase a separate expansive ass lens with it. Which do you use? What is your favorite lens? I would love to hear your opinions more than anyone else's because were all taking pictures of the same stuff here. I want one with great video functions too. 

Told you! Uppin' my game 

As always,
Have a great day!

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Ashlee Pomeroy said...

I adore these colors! and love your blog! Thank you so much for visiting mine! I would love to do a button swap with you and I have yours up on my blog now~! :D I have 2 at the top of my blog buttons page (one with a heart and another with a red bird heh ^.^

Jenna H. said...

OMG i love baby lips!!!! they are the total best thing ever!!!!!

Katie Clarke said...

these are two products I would really loove to try! I have the bronze colour tattoo but really wan't to try some other shades, this one looks gorgeous! great blog, I'm now following :)

Katie xx

Erica Jackson said...

Ashlee: sa-weet! as you can see, your button is up (: and thank you for the sweet comments!

Jenna: dont you?

Katie: i have always wanted to try bad to the bronze. as long as they dont tempt me with another awesome lighter shade, bad to the bronze will be my next purchase

Anon: no......dont click on anything anon has to say! i should probably delete Anon's comment. you suck! nobody wants spammed!

LifeLover said...

I looove the baby lips!! If you want to invest in a camera I would recommend one of the canon rebel cameras! i have been using my iphone camera for my blog since I started with it but if I upgraded my camera I would by a canon rebel or a sony camera because sony has some amazing cameras!

Love your blog


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