Thursday, April 12, 2012

Revlon Lip Butters

Nothing new to the blogging world but I did want to touch on these myself because of all the hype they have always gotten. I was really exited to try a lipstick that was moisturizing. And moisturizing they are! However, not all of these hybrids are lipstick material if you ask me. The 2 I bought were Creamsicle & Cotton Candy. 

Creamsicle is my favorite so far. Not all nudes look good on me because I have a lighter skin tone but I thought this was good. It wasn't too dark or too light for me. Creamsicle is a lot more opaque then the others that I have found so far

Now for Cotton Candy: That swatch is misleading because it looks a lot more sheer on the lips and instead of a pink sheen on my lips, it was more or less just an off colored shimmer. I ended up taking Cotton Candy back and grabbing Cupcake..bad idea, for me! Cupcake was the same. I just returned it was was going to go for Strawberry Shortcake but I ended up not grabbing it because Ulta was having a sale and I had my eye on another lipstick. My little cousin would love this color I think because of the fact that it's more shimmer then it is a pink color, if you know what I mean. However, after looking at swatches, Strawberry Shortcake looks pretty opaque- I am determined to find a nice pink I like in the collection so sooner or later I will have to grab it!

Staying power is the same as any other ordinary lipstick. I would say that if you can get a good opaque color, then they are the perfect hybrid. If you like sheer lipsticks, I think you will find plenty there.

On a side note: I am going to Pittsburgh for the weekend and I am all done with my first part of the Spring Trends series!!! Depending on my mood, it will be up either sunday or monday. You guys are gunna love it! for now....

Do you have any of the Revlon Lip Butters? What one's have better color pay off than Cotton Candy? Please me know!

Stay Beautiful


Modish said...

I love Revlons Lip Butters! I'm really liking that peachy color right now. I just got a peacy tarte lip tint in my Bircbox this month and I posted a review on it a few minutes ago. I think the Revlon lip butter might have a little more pigment though.

Anonymous said...

great review; the creamsicle didn't look good on me at all even though I'm light skin; and some lip butters didn't seem moisturizing for me, they look matte in my lips xD
great review!

Erica J said...

Michelle: Lucky! I didn't get anything good in birchbox this past month! I didn't even get anything that said anything about teen vogue! lucky girl! I am surprised to hear that the revlon lip butter has more pigment than a tarte one because tarte is expensive. I have really been loving that color too- it's so gorgeous!

NishaMae: My friend who has the same skin tone didnt like the creamsicle either on her. I loved it though! I guess it just depends on taste after all that. I have summer love from nyx which is nude and I hate it! too dark for my lips!

thank you guys for commenting!

my mini bag said...

This lipstick is literally everywhere. It makes me want to try it.

Great post btw. Loving the colors you chose.

New follower from the blog hop. Hope you visit my blog when you get the chance

Erica J said...

haha, yep! thats why I was kind of hesitant to even post anything about the lip butters but I would always click on the blogs in the feed that had the lip butters, lol! plus it does make a difference when you see a swatch on a similar skin tone to yours to see if you will even like it on yourself, so i figured, "what the hay?" as my grandma would say

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Creamsicle was one that I wanted but never picked up because I wasn't sure how it would look with my skintone. Might give it a try tho.

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