Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Top 6 Bright Lipsticks {and dupes}

If Nude Pink is my first favorite, then Bright lip colors come to a close second. It is so effortless and easy. Simple eye makeup and a bright lip are perfect for the summer. The bright color mirrors everyone's attitude, not to mention the sunshine, of the season while the achieving it is just as good as the color. Mascara, Liner, Bronzer, and a bright lip take all of 5 minutes.

These have been my favorite bright lipsticks lately. I can honestly say that each one has been getting a lot of use on my lips.

Thank you to Alexis! She kindly gave this lipstick to me. She has an olive skin tone and when she wears what would be a deep red lipstick on me, it looks much brighter on her. I am usually a light skin tone but as of right now, I am more light to medium and have red undertones as opposed to an olive skin tone.This lipstick simply didn't fit her skin tone {kinda like ELF's Seductive} so she kindly gave it to me. Although I do believe she could pull this one off if she wanted, it would be more bright on her, as for anyone with olive skin. This lipstick actually has a powdery feel to it - its really strange. It eventually dries down to a matte finish. It has staying power - it stays on my lips for around 1/2 of a shift {like 3 hours} It has a bright pastel pink thing going for it as you can see from the swatch. It has a sweet taste. Yum. She found this a TJ Maxx.
ELF Essentials Lipstick
I know I speak on this lipstick a lot, but it's a good one. When I do blog post's like this I can really see a pattern. Obviously, Flirtatious is the exact same color as Iconic. Flirtatious would be an exact dupe for Iconic if it wasn't for the cream finish Flirtatious has. I find myself re-applying creamier lipstick's throughout the day. Since they never really dry down, they can easily slip off. Here's a review on the rest of the ELF Essentials Lipstick's I have. It also has a sweet candy flavor.

Maybelline Vivid's
Pink Pop
This is the lightest, pastel lipstick from the Vivid's line. As opposed to the 2 lipsticks mentioned before this, Pink Pop has much more of a purple undertone. I would say that this is a great way to rock purple lip's this season. Pink Pop has a creamy finish {and stays creamy} and also adds some shine. 

Here's a picture of me with it on:

Maybelline Vivid's
Fuchsia Flash
This one is a more unique color of the bunch that I have here. I doesn't dupe any other bright lip color out of the 6. A definite bright, neon pink. On any skin tone, this lipstick will not go unnoticed! I personally think it would flatter any skin tone. Deeper toned girls will have more of a pastel kind of lip going on, and lighter toned girls will have a bright obvious fuchsia. I do notice Fuchsia Flash has a harder time staying inside the lip lines. I think I can attribute that to the bright, blinding color. I always make sure I use a lip liner because of that. I use NYX's Dolly Pink lip liner with any bright pink lipstick. It really helps keeping the lipstick in it's place. To have even more insurance, and if im not feeling too lazy, I will line around my lips with any kind of nude pencil {Hard Candy Concealer Pencil, or Rimmel Scandal-Eyes Kohl Liner in Nude.}  Has a creamy finish and adds a little bit of shine, just not as much as it's sister, Pink Pop.

Wet n Wild
Dollhouse Pink
These Wet n Wild Lipstick's do dry down to a matte finish and are drying. The most drying of the bunch I have here. However, Dollhouse Pink has high color pay off. I really like using a corresponding lip gloss to go along with this line of lipsticks. Dollhouse Pink is a lot like Pink Pop {and even look like exact dupes in these swatches} but the finish differs. Dollhouse Pink is matte, Pink Pop is creamy and adds some shine.

I couldn't do a bright lip blog post without mentioning Siren. I was obsessed with this color last summer. I mean, who doesn't love an orange lipstick? I'm sure some people don't, but for anyone that does, Siren is a good one. The finish is somewhere in the middle of a cream and a matte. It goes on somewhat creamy, stays on pretty long, but does become dry after a while. After a couple hours, the color is there, you just have drier lips. Since I don't have an orange gloss, it makes sense for me to apply this then bring along a regular lip balm to hydrate my lips.

Another really great bright lip color is Maybelline's Baby Lip's in Pink Punch. It isn't going to be as bright as the rest of them but it surprisingly has great pigmentation as a brighter pink, and is hydrating. I tend to keep this with me everyday for quick touch ups throughout the day when im wearing a bright pink. It's fuss free.

Final Verdict:
If your looking for a good creamy, bright lipstick, try the Maybelline Vivid's or any ELF Essential Lipstick. For a matte finish, try any of the other's. Keep in mind that the drier/matte formula's tend to stay on much longer than the creamier bright lipstick's. I use a lip balm throughout the day and it seems to do the job with the matte lipsticks

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What's your favorite bright lipstick?



Jazmin Hunter said...

I love brigth lips during summer time!

Lia~♥ said...

Flirtatious is my fave of the lot! Great picks and lovely review!^^

Belle Epoque

Coco said...

Love them all! I think I need Dollhouse Pink x

Erica Jackson said...

me too Jazmin!

it is my favorite too, Lia (:

Coco: yes, you do need dollhouse pink <3 lol

HoneyLushy said...

I really love revlon coral and mac vegas volt for this summer. I'm into the orangey reds, bronze skin and smudged brown eyeliner. I really love pink punch baby lips too with mac angel for a pink lip

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