Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bath & Body Works Haul!!!

I LOVE B&BW and it seems like everyone else does around this time of year too. Here's my haul:

Cinnamon Sugar Donut Candle - I got the medium size for $5! It is usually $10 but since they are getting the new Christmas candles in, most fall candles were 50% off! I have actually burned this last night and I am burning this tonight, and even though I do wait until all of the top layer of wax is burned until I blow it out- with this one, it wasn't possible! It really bummed me out - I hate when I can't get the full use out of my candle. 

*** Extra Review **** So, today I bought a candle warmer/burner just for this one (cinnamon sugar donut) and I noticed that with a burner, the candle releases the scent 10x harder then it would just burning the wick- notes I would have never caught before w/out the burner, I smell really well. Def. a great investment for me, and I highly recommend! They have them for $5 at K-Mart. 

With the candle burner, Cinnamon Sugar Donut smells just like the name suggest's, and it can also be mistaken for pancakes. - I am in love with both the candle and the burner! Didn't think I was into cinnamon scents until I burned this puppy.

Marshmallow Fireside Candle $10 for a medium. This unfortunately wasn't on sale. On the bright side of that, that means they will be keeping it around a little while longer! Yay! This is my absolute favorite candle!!! It is the perfect mixture of sweet marshmallow's and spicy fireside (their other candle named Fireside, that is). Like I have said before: if your not too keen on more spicier/earthy scent's, this is a perfect scent to transition to. Try. This. Out. Your not going to regret it! I wanna try this on my burner, but if I do that, wick will get buried into the wax once it dries. Then I will never be able to burn it again! Just an fyi- but then again I dont think im getting all the notes when i burn just the wick- 

4 for $20 on Wall Flowers & Scentportables

***Another quick review*** When I first went to B&BW I picked up a Scentportable. I had it in my car for 3 whole days and didn't smell a thing. I read the directions probably every time I got in my car because I was convinced I had it in wrong. When I went to take it back, the girl at B&BW told me I had it in correctly. So end result, these things suck! I dont mean to be a hater because I love Slatkin & Co. just thought I should give you a heads up to save your money!

Wallflowers- These on the other hand smell awesome. We have a 2 bedroom house and I plugged this in into the upstairs bathroom. You can smell it from downstairs by the steps. I also love the actual wall flower. It is so cute! It is a Christmas collection, but since it's just a star I can use it all year. I also like it because it is a night light...Not the best pic, but what-ev's I think you guys get the point.

The scents I got were Marshmallow Fireside (surprise, surprise)- Love the scent. Love the owl decor. Cute.

Sensual Amber- Just an amber scent- This was a really nice scent and since I couldn't find another one I wanted this as my last pick.

Aromatherapy Night Time Tea- It actually smells like tea. This one isn't overpowering like the Marshmallow Fireside and Candied Sugar Plum ones (which I actually like the overbearing scent to them!) I like this one a lot better than the lavender vanilla night time scents they have-- so much better! If your like me & love night time tea, and aren't fans of those vanilla lavender scents, I think you will love this. The B&BW website describes this scent as having "Cedarwood and Orange Essential Oils". I dunno, honestly. lol         

Candied Sugar Plum- This one seriously smells like candy. I can definitely smell the plumy note and a little bit of a berry note. I also smell an apple note too, because it is comparable to the Winter Apple one - not exact, just similar.  

3 for $5 mini's!

Winter Candy Apple - This smells like a cooler apple scent. Instead of a warm baked apple, it's more of a crisp, tart apple scent. They describe it as "spicy w/ cinnamon" on B&BW'w website, but I cant say I agree. Maybe a little time on my candle warmer and she'll be cookin with cinnamon!

This is my last resort candle, I had to choose one more, so I chose this one. For me, this candle is more chocolate than mint. I haven't burned it yet, so the mint may pop out once I burn it, keep that in mind. 

there discontinued the mini candles! what?!!!?!?! oh hell no bitch! I guess they are some sort of fire hazard - I dont care, they are cheap and delicious! ):

 So there's my B&BW haul....which is all candles....and I have been watching candle hauls for like an hour....and a blogged about another candle here a couple days ago. I am in a candle kinda mood, I guess, lol. Welp, Im outtie. have a scent-filled day!

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Sharon said...

mmm the chocolate mint scent sounds delicious! i hate the taste of chocolate but i LOVE the scent of it
GREAT post

Erica J said...

i still havent burned that one yet!! I need really bad- thanx for stopping over! have you checked out my give-away?!

funkymacgirl said...

thanx girl...i loove candles im obsessed with them and plugs in i love the seasonal ones!!

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