Saturday, November 12, 2011

First Christmas Haul! (decor/gifts)

Hey guys! I am starting early this year, how about you? We didn't get to put a tree up last year, so next week Im throwing it up!  This holiday season is going to be really special! First of all, we are having thanksgiving here at my house and im also going to go for a fondue/game/gift night her at my house too. That's not the only thing though....I am getting my puppy! Alex's (bff) dog Precious had her puppies and they should be ready to go a couple weeks before Christmas!! It's going to be my puppies b-day/christmas/home coming all in one and I can not tell how exited I am!

Tis the season
We went to wal-mart and here's what I purchased- not any make-up either! what kind of Bblogger am I?!?!

this beautiful baby was $2 and yes it was worth it for me lol! It's such an eye catcher, yah no? and this bulb has inspired me to create a new tradition: buy a new special bulb every year! I encourage the rest of you to do the same!

I am re-doing my tree- our tree is kinda all over the place so I wanted to center it this year by adding similar colors, and newer ornaments, & be a little matchy, matchy...not too matchy matchy tho! Dont you think these pair well with my disco ball pictured above? Oh yeah, I grabbed these for $1 at DG guys, not wal-mart

Ok so like I mentioned, I am getting my dog soon and this is her Christmas present! She will be getting plenty more, as she will have basically nothing (considering she's only been alive for 2 weeks) but I think im going to make another tradition of getting her something special every year- this is her special present. It's a charm for her necklace!....I mean her collar lol. it was around $5 

I am re-doing a desk I have for a makeup station of sorts. Her's the mirror I got for it for $10- I has 2 sides and one side is magnetized, perfect for plucking brows. 

Here's the color I am painting the desk- cant wait! I will be showing all of that stuff on my personal blog: the process and how-to's so be sure to check over there for the finished results!!

did you guys like this kinda Christmas haul? I'll be hauling and decorating many more things in the next few weeks so I think im going to do more posts like this! For decor and updates on my pastel desk re-make, check out my other/personal/non-beauty blog!

Have you guys started shopping and decorating? Let me know in the comments! i wouls love to see a Christmas Haul from you guys! 

Have you guys checked out my give-away?

xoxo, Erica


Sophie in Real Life said...

I am so excited to see how your desk turns out! i love the Christmas tree ornaments, i put mine up at the end of October hehehe.

What kind of puppy are you getting? It sounds like you're flat out with plans and such but it all sounds so exciting !

I cant wait to see your upcoming posts :)

Erica J said...

hey girl, thanx for the thoughtful comment! I love how your as exited as me, haha! you got a head start on decorating for Christmas, something that inspires me to put up my tree next day off! and I am getting a miniature pincher - she's a girl & she's gray with blue eyes- so freaking cute! I will be posting pics of her & her mommy brothers, & sisters too!! thanx so much for stopping over to check out my blog Sophie

LifeLover said...

Erica I am so excited as you on christmas, in my room I have a small tree with some cute decorations, maybe I ahould do a post! Do you live on your own?

I really want to see the process of the desk, maybe after you should do a room tour!!

Do more hauls, I love them!!

PS: I already enter your giveaway!!


Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

cute decor! Now I'm in the mood to decorate lol.

Thanks for the comment on my sigma brush post. I went back on the site to see what I really wanted/needed & it came out to 4 brushes. So thanks to you I can spend half of what I was going to pay for that whole kit.
Thank you so much Erica :)

Erica J said...

Kari: yes you should def. do a post! and no i dont live by myself, i live with my mom. yeah i wanna take pictures of my tree and all that later too. and i have been taking pictures of my desk throughout the process so I will be showing you guys probably on my other blog for the most part, so make sure to check out my step by step process on that blog too! thanx for entering the give away too and thanx for being such a loyal follower, I am so stoked someone reads my blog all the time other than me, haha!

Tiffany- thanx! and no problem on the sigma comment, i seen your post pop up and since we were talking about it before i thought i would give you my quick review of more of what i thought, because i was basically at that same decision when i ordered from them, so glad you ordered from them -- cant wait to see which brushes you got!

Adrienne said...

Oh gosh those decorations are so pretty :) I'm feeling all festive now! I'm so glad you are going to start a new tradition with the yankee tarts :) x

Anonymous said...

I always wait until the last minute for the holidays however I would love to start preparing for christmas. It would make it alot easier on me rather than waiting forever.

Hehe I love the picture for the xmas bulb, cute & purple!

I'll be checking out your giveaway soon ♥

rach. said...


love, rach.

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