Friday, November 4, 2011

Meet Makeup's First Contest!

I have been wanting to give back to you guys for some time and what other time would be a good time to do it then when I hit 100 + followers?!

Thank you guys for all of your support!! I never thought my blogging would have improved and came to what it is today (: thanx guys-I dont have alot of money but I do what I can for you guys, so I really hope you guys love your prizes!!! I know I do!

I dont think a give-away can really express my gratefulness! Blogging for me has become a passion and for all of you that take time out of your day to read what I have to say about beauty products and the like- *big hugs*! A lot of you even go a step further and comment, which makes me a really exited girl (: I read every. single. comment. I cannot thank you guys enough for all of your kind words! Your the best!

p.s. the butterfly ring in the above picture broke so I went and picked up the key chain you will see once you scroll down some more

Here's everything I will be giving away:

4 ELF Eyeshadow Duo's and an Eyeshadow Brush - This is one thing I wanted to keep, hahaha!! I Love, Love, Love ELF stuff, & these color's look so creamy and beautiful. When deciding on what to get you guys, I knew these would be a hit! I dont think there isn't one makeup lover out there that wouldn't appreciate these shadows! I took them out of the box to photograph them only! I didn't stick my little paws in there to swatch them (even tho I wanted to because they look so pretty!) I have some ELF shadows and I am very pleased with the color payoff so these are going to be great.

here they all are close up:

((I also ordered some ELF brushes and I am also pleased with their brushes. I haven't had any issues with shedding and they are all very soft. I know this brush will not be an exception))

ELF Lip Gloss's- Again, wasn't sure exactly what colors to give away, and when I seen this gift set, I realized I can see myself wearing all of them! I hope you guys will enjoy them! All of the color's are so festive for the holiday's coming up! There is a bubbly red, some pinks, and even a gold color!

Heart Key Chain- I have one myself, and I love it. There is a place in the mall near me (Southern Park Mall, actually) called Glitter where they sell accessories really cheap & I always love going in there for cute little stuff like this.

B&BW Anti-Bacterial Hand Lotion in Vanilla Bean Noel & Pink Sugarplum - I thought these were neat because they were antibacterial and also a lotion! I went to get you guys my favorite mini candles but they are dis-continued!!! can you believe it???

-Subscribe to Meet Makeup.
-Leave your E-Mail address & Name
-Leave your Blog Address- That's for you guys! Someone on my blog may want to visit yours, so link, link, link!
-Tell me your favorite post from Meet Makeup, or what you like about Meet Makeup- or if there's something that you dont like or think I can do better on, please tell me! Constructive criticism & praise are equally important for growth and to make me a better blogger! feedback basically.--------------------------------- All of this = 1 point

(if you decide to do any of the following, tell me what you did and how many points it equals, it would be so helpful!)

-Tweet about my give-away! Linking your tweet to this post, of course. I will need your twitter address also. 2 points

-Put give-away (with first picture posted) in your side bar. Tell me your blog address. 2 points.

-Blog about the give-away and leave me the link as well- 3 points

.you can qualify for 8 points.

I wanted to also let you guys know that  If you do win, please blog about it and tell me your favorites!! 

Giveaway is only open to my American girl's im so sorry! Next Give-Away it will be International -I just cant afford shipping ): be sure to come back after this give-away closes because im saving up for my UK/Aussie (or any other country) beauties, k girls?

Giveaway Ends December 26 at midnight!!

Best of Luck to you all (: 
xoxo, Erica


LifeLover said...

NAME: LifeLover
TWITTER: @LifeLoverBlog

The thing I love about your blog is that is not sponsored and it's very honest, I know that I can trust on your reviews, also I love that you are really grateful about your followers, also I love that you answer my comments and tweets!!

I tweet about your giveaway!!

Cassidy Ehrhardt said...

Favorite thing about your blog is basically everything, it keeps me updated on cute & cheep stuff. I am in love <3
= 1 point

i tweeted about it at
= 3 points

i put your giveaway in my sidebar on my tumblr -
= 5 points

I blogged about your giveaway on my Elle & Blair profile --

= 8 points ♥

I have no friends on my elle & blair profile so i'll post the giveaway on my tumblr as well. THANKS! <3

Lauren ♥ said...

Aw, I was so excited about this, sucks to be in Scotland! Looking forward to your international giveaway. =p

ELF make up is always a great choice, good luck to everyone entering! ^_^

~ Lauren <3

Ashley Brooke said...

following you on gfc as ashley brooke!

i love everything about your blog- loved your most recent bbw haul!

thanks :)

Britney said...


I just started following your blog and I really love ur blog review on products .

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

Gfc: Life as A Southern Girl

I love everything about your blog! & this is an amazing giveaway.

Mayra said...

Name: Mayra

I really love your beauty/makeup post

Soma Seven said...

You have my support - but I'll step aside for someone more deserving of your gift giveaway. [I have far too much makeup at this point in time to enter any contests!] Keep it up though! Hope the best for more ppl to discover this gem of a blog. Best of luck to all of the entries! =)

Elle Sees said...
i love the smokey eye

Miranda said...

Great giveaway! I don't know how I missed this one! Thanks for letting me know about it =)

Gfc: Miranda

I just love your blog in general. love the posts and how you do different things(makeup, jewelry, etc) Love how you do the pictures...your doing great!

Lindsie Lee ♥ said...


Subscribe GFC: Lindsie

** Also entered on sidebar ♥

I love reviews & hauls so anything such as those are always fun reads to me. :)

GLMM90 said...

Email: gen.marrero@gmail.cOM
I love reviews

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