Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Birchbox , Thanxgiving, & Black Friday Steals oh my!

November Birchbox
wow, am I late on the b-box post? yes. I have been working so much and getting ready for the holidays, I haven't even had time to think about a birch box! So im here a couple hours before I gotta go to work to tell you about it

since I started getting my birchbox in april, Alex has been eying it saying "i should sign up" and never does. So I ordered her one for Christmas! they dont have the option to gift a 1 month subscription so what I did was opened another account and left it open until she gets her box. If she decides she wants to continue, we can transfer the subscription to her and if she doesn't want to, then I will simply cancel it. I think its a great and extremely cheap gift.

Anastasia Beverly Hills Hydra-Full Gloss in Sugar Pink
I can understand why I got this in my box. Anastasia is known for her brow products and she wants to branch out and I do love the gloss as you know I love pink lip products to death. I just wasn't feeling the applicator...It doesn't even have a doe foot. It is almost like the little sponge thing feel off of the stick so I wasn't liking that too much. If I was going to purchase a full size that would be something I would wanna look into.

you can barely tell that there isnt a brush or a doe foot on the applicator, but their isnt. And it is rather small, so I can pop this in my apron at work and go to town all night long. 

Supersmile Professional Whitening Toothpaste 
that is apple flavored....interesting. It does taste like apples, and I have only used it 2x so I am not sure if it is going to whiten, lets hope so! The only thing about it is that it doesn't foam up! I like that in a tooth paste just like I do in a body wash. You wouldn't feel as clean if your body wash didn't sud up. It's the same concept for the tooth paste and this one doesn't foam up....

Chuao Chocolatier 
 Firecracker Chocpod Haven't tried this yet but says chipotle, salt, & popping candy so this sounds amazing!

Zoya Polish in Holly
 I love how all the Zoya polishes are named after girls and I love that this is named Holly. quite fitting for Christmas This is the best thing in the box- beautiful deep green color with fleks of really fine glitter. I cannot wait to wear this during Christmas!.....eff that, this is going on my nails asap! (:

Harvey Prince Eau Flirt
The description says it all. You can really smell the top note of citrus. I am not one for citrus scents but this one isnt bad at all. I also smell the floral note too. It has a pumpkin note, and maybe that's that spicy note that I cant put my finger on. I am just not used to pumpkin perfume I guess! It smells lovely though- flirty is a great way to describe it.  it's energizing, flirty, floral, & a bit spicy. Great day time perfume I think.

{{post continued after I got off of work:}}

Daily in's and outs:
-So I am actually cooking here tomorrow! Well technically today, as it is 2:30 am. Turkey, Homemade mashed potatoes (the only way to go), carrots, green beans, & asparagus, & for dessert pumpkin cheesecake! we are also got a bottle of wine. It's gunna be me and Phil my boyfriend, and my mom once she gets off of work. My dad is also working and lives like a half hour away so its lookin like the 3 of us

-I ordered some Candles by Victoria for the first time last night and also vowed that that would be my last candle purchase until they are all gone! not to mention Kohl's is having 50% off candles on black friday...oh well! and there candles are amazing! burn slow and smell delicious

-I am going shopping at midnight on thanxgiving. I have checked out all of the sales and im going to go to Kohl's (50% off of Vera, Lauren Conrad, Elle, apt 9, jewelry, etc.) afterward, im going to go next door to Ulta to get the 2 for $19 Benefit box powders, and yes you read that correctly.
-Other notable black friday sales: $20 for a down comforter at Kmart & $10 for reg. comforter (any size!). $5 for a conair hair dryer at Dollar General.

So Happy Shopping & Happy Thanxgving everybody!!!!! Eat a lot, Socialize, Shop, and Drive Safe!
What are your plans for Thanksgiving??
xoxo Erica


aly7 said...

cute blog!

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Makay said...

It looks like you did get some pretty awesome deals! :)
Thanks for stopping by my blog to answer my question! That was super sweet! And come to think of it, I do have some "illuminator" I get from the drug store- and I use it in the corner of my eyes... I guess that would probably be what I used that highlighter for as well. Thanks for the tips!

And also- thanks for following. :)

I love making new blog friends...

I am following you now too!


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