Friday, February 3, 2012

Hard Candy Fox in a Box in Truth or Dare

I have always seen Hard Candy and bought a lipgloss that I loved from them a few years back but haven't really gave them another look.

Fox in a Box in Truth or Dare: ($6) This box really caught my eye, out of the whole row of cosmetics. I have been having a love affair with all things blush oriented and my love for pale/bubblegum pink blushes (or just color in general) made me wanna try this out. I also loved how the other side was a bronzer. Another plus is that the bronzer only has just the slightest bit of shimmer - I actually thought it was matte at first look. I love the idea of taking a blush brush, flat top, angled brush (what ever my preference for the day), swiping it across both colors, paying attention not to mix them too much, then applying both my contour (bronzer) and blush at the same time. Another option you have with this is to mix both the color together and use it that way: all over powder, blush, or bronzer. I had to have this baby!

I think Hard Candy was going for a Benefit type of feel with these boxes and this particular box reminds me of Benefit's "10" box, although they are not dupes by any means. I don't have Benefit's "10" powder, but they are clearly very different. Totally different colors. 10 has more of a highlight/bronzer thing going on. With Hard Candy's Fox in a Box line, the pan doesn't reach the bottom of the box, which is fine with me. There is 0.20 oz for $6, which is fair.

Bronzer Side: Even though this powder cannot really compare to a high end bronzer simply because it doesn't blend as easy as my Laura Gellar one does for example. I apply both of them the same way, my Laura Gellar Baked Blush in Brighten in Honey Dipped and the darker side of my Fox in a Box Truth or Dare, swirling brush into powder and then tapping off the excess. When I go to apply Honey Dipped, I do notice that it doesn't take much blending to get the color exactly where I want it. I like my contour color to kind of fade into my natural skin color eventually and with Honey Dipped there is no blending required. When I apply Truth or Dare, I find that the powder kinda just stays where ever your brush lands first (which for me would be at the top of my "fishy face"). It does take a few strokes to pull it down my face and blend it out. I do sometimes like to go back in with a clean brush just to do the trick.

As for the blush side, there really isnt much blending to do. There is some, but not as much as the bronzer side. When I apply blush, once I see the color on my face, I stop application. I don't do this with bronzer because I would want it to be a little bit more visible to create a shadow. What I like about the blush is that I really do not need a light hand, it doesn't pack on the color making me borderline clown status. Some of you may consider this a negative point, chalking it up to not having enough pigment. For me, this is perfect. Have I mentioned it makes for a really pretty color on my cheekies? it does! I love the color of it.

For $6 I do think this was a really great powder as it kills 2 birds with one stone. So 2 different powders, at $3 a piece. I can even go a step further and say it kills 3 birds with one stone making it $2 a piece for each color you can achieve. Can I even go a step further and include the brush it comes with as an investment.....not quite. I am not a brush snob, I always give them a go when they come with products. I personally like the velour puff most powders come with over any brush I have but with this blush brush, it just isn't the case. I find I get better application's when I use my Sigma F40 which is an angled brush. Even my Mark. Flat Top Kabuki brush will fit right into the box, so fear not if you purchase this box long as you have another good brush of course. I do leave the brush in it's elastic band in the box because it looks so cute sitting there. It is just there for decoration though. I wouldn't count on it.

Overall: I really like the powder and I find myself using it a lot. That could be because I just bought it like a month ago but I really do think it will be in a few favorites posts in the future. It is a beautiful powder. I am giving it a  
4 out of 5. 

The reason I am not giving it a 5
a.) The bronzer side isn't as blendable as I would prefer although it isn't impossible 
b.) the brush it comes with sucks, but it is cute.

Good Points:
a.) price $6
b.)the fact you are getting 3 different options with one powder, a contour, a blush, & the mixture of the 2
 c.) the blush side is beautiful and looks really nice on
d.) the packaging is so adorable I like to keep it out of the drawer.

You can grab this at Wal-Mart and that is the only place I have seen Hard Candy stuff.. Looking back on this review I seriously cannot believe I had that much to say about a freaking blush! haha! I guess I am just a beauty blogger at heart! I hope all of this info gave you guys some incite on it if you were on the fence about buying it.

Has anybody tried this? Whatcha think? Have you tried anything else Hard Candy? If so, What is your absolute favorite Hand Candy product?

As always, thank you so much for reading! If you made it through this thing, haha! 

Erica J


Pandora`s Box said...

Gorgeous price and packaging.Love the blush side of it. Pretty shade of pink.

Erica J said...

yes, you need to get it!

Tiffany @ Life as a Southern girl said...

I love how its packaged & the colors look amazing. Seems like this would suit me better than the ELF duo.
I like Hard Candy's blush in "living doll" & the face illuminator.

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