Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Avon Haul

I used to sell Avon & since then, I realize that it is hit or miss. I have tried so much stuff I know what I love vs. hate and I had to stock up on my favorites. Well, not all my favorites but I got the necessities....actually no I didn't. Just 1 necessity. Let's just get on with it.

Chocolate Scrub: Bought it on a whim because it looked like an ice cream cone. So glad I did because I haven't smelled anything this fantastic in a long time. It smells like chocolate ice cream, as the name would suggest. As for the scrub, it is nice as well. Has very tiny granules so your not killing your hands when scrubbing your body. It is also creamy at the same damn time. If your just getting into body scrubs, this would be a good first stop because it isn't uncomfortable to use, as some of them can be. I have just been scrubbing my hands with it because I want to smell like it all day to be completely honest!

Avon Makeup Remover: If I could recommend one thing to someone who has never tried Avon before, this would be it. It has a lotion consistency which I think is the trick. It's really simple. Massage lotion onto lids/lashes. Wipe softly with a tissue. Repeat if necessary. That's it! I rarely find myself having to go back for a 3rd time to try and get the rest of my makeup off. Rarely. With oil makeup remover, I find that it is a little harsh on my eyes. It sometimes can take a lot of scrubbing with an oil based makeup remover. No worries with Avon's. Avon's is #1.

Nail Polishes: Avon nail polishes have always been pretty good. Let's face it, most nail polishes only wear for 2 days without chipping. Any brand. This brand is no different.
Sunshine (Cream Finish)
Coral Beat(Cream Finish)
Lucky Penny (Sequin Finish) 

Lip Tint in Coral
Glazewear Sparkle Lipgloss in Rave
Glazewear Shine Lipgloss in Darling Pink
all a buck a piece

I also grabbed an Ergonomic Eye Liner Brush. I needed one! No Picture. I am forgetful! Oopsie!

here's the Avon Haul video! I hope you guys like it and go check out my channel!

Ok! Was a haul, now it's a review. Whatever. I wanna dive back into blogging and shot out a couple blogs w/in the next couple weeks or so- Ima try my best! Any of them you would like to see over another? Let me know!

Lip Liner/Lipstick Combo
 American Eagle/Wet Seal/Bath & Body Works Haul
Pictures from the week
Kardashain's Nail Polishes
I started my new job this week but having a job never meant no more blog!

don't forget about my Youtube channel!

if anyone else makes videos, leave your channel links in the comments so I can check you out!

Sound good? Good!
see you next time!



CuteandGirlyDMS said...

hi! great post! loved it!
you now have a new follower! ;) i found you via BlogLoveTherapy.
Hope you get to follow my blog too!

Erica J said...

cool so glad you like it!

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