Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bath & Body Works Haul

I haven't bought anything from Bath & Body Works in months! I think it is my favorite store, which is weird because of the odds and ends they sell: soap, body spray, candles, wall flowers, & hand sanitizer. I, of course went right for the candles. They had fall stuff out but I haven't been able to buy any candles from the summer yet! I had to.

Coconut Water
"A favorite of local islanders, a tropical blend of coconut milk and sheer vanilla with subtle notes of pineapple and sparkling citrus" 

This was is my favorite. I would have got a big one but they were all out until next year. Dammit! This coconut smell is really creamy. My favorite kind of coconut scent! I love coconut. Period.

White Sands:
"like the first long days of summer at the beach- sparkling grapefruit & sandalwood with coconut milk and summery jasmine"
Close tie to my second favorite. Did you guys remember those perfume Barbies from the early 90's? This is what this one reminds me of. It smells good! Nice and nostalgic. Prominent note would definitely be the jasmine.

"Refreshing as a long getaway to the ocean - watery greens and cucumber blend deliciously with juicy melon and peony petals"

This one smells really clean. That's all I really have to say about it.

I always thought I was someone who gravitated more towards fruity scents along with food scents. Turns out I love florals as opposed to fruity scents. Who knew? Sadly, the season is over to grab any more delicious floral candles for the rest of the year. Thank God were heading into food scent season (: 

If you love florals and food scents like I do check out my Yankee Candle haul from the beginning of the summer. No need to worry because they have their candles all year round.

Lastly, I need your help again. What would I do without my followers any more? I basically need some HTML help. I need to fix the padding and margins as well fixing my pictures in the side bar true to size. Can anyone point me in the right direction? I have googled it a million times and tried 10 different ways to go about it. Thank you!

Enjoy your rest of the summer,


Shelly Ann said...

I love the coconut smell too. It is the ultimate smell of summer. Just dropping by from the Likearolemodel blog spot. Following.

Toni Anne Berman said...

Oh I wish we had a BBW here!! We used to and it closed a few years ago! Boooooo!
I followed you from the blog hop! I hope you'll follow me back! :)


You have a really lovely blog :) I found your blog through the BlogLove Therapy blog hop & am now following you on GFC.


MeetMiss Jackson said...

Shelly: yes ma'am it sure is! thanks for coming!

Toni: noooooo!!!!! oh well, this fall yankee is where its at for the candles, anyway. red velvet cake, chocolate cake, whoopie pie, caramel pecan pie. yum! although b&bw still has cinnamon sugared donut & marshmallow fireside. check out yankee!

thank you String-a-lang! your the best (:

Anonymous said...

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