Thursday, August 16, 2012

Nicole by OPI Kardashian Nail Polish

From the words of Karen Smith from Mean Girls, my nail beds suck! haha!

If you decide you don't wanna click on this blog, but you see it in your feed, I wanted to fill you in on a sale going on at Ulta. You can grab a set of your own Kardashian mini nail polishes for $2 at Ulta. That makes each polish 50 cents! Just a heads up! They have "Sophisti-Cuties" with deeper colors, & "Celeb-Bitties" with pinks & reds.  I decided to grab "Sophisti-Cuties".

I want to give you a review on this because they are good points and bad points with this little deal. Obviously the price is nice, but then again you get what you pay for. Each polish has 1/8 fl. oz. that means they are not that big. I would say you can get around 7 manicures with it....maybe more? maybe less? Thats a round about.

The good thing is that you get to try the line of polishes to see if you like the formula/color on your skin before you grab a bigger one.

The formula of the nail polish is ok. The first coat looked really streaky & sheer. Once your on your second coat, it starts to look even. After the 3rd coat, it looks opaque.

The polishes lasted on my nails 2 days without chipping. Every other polish I have used will only last that long anyway so nothing really special there. What did stand out is the fact that it is pretty shiny once it dries down.

Now for the bad part's.They come with a really small brush. Because I am used to bigger brushes, I wipe off the excess from the brush into the bottle. With the mini's, I realized I shouldn't do that because the brush is so small, you really don't have any excess. 

One thing that really was a deal breaker for me was the fact that there isn't a shaker ball inside the polishes. I think that is a necessity because when I don't shake up my nail polish, it gets really think and harder to work with. If it had the ball inside it, I think you could get a few more mani's because of it.

Let's brake it down for you in bullet point fashion. If you want more info in the bullet points, simply see above

Good Points:
-Your paying 50 cents a piece at Ulta for 4 mini polishes.
-The formula is not crap. It's not the best either. It's just so- so.
-Once it dries, it is nice and shiny.

Bad Points:
-Small brush, which takes a second to get used to.
-No shaker ball. That means the polish will go bad much quicker.



ASH♥ said...

Those polishes look lovely!
I've tagged you in my 'Just Another tag' post, hope you enjoy doing it!

ASH♥ said...

I've just followed you on We Heart It too!:)

Erica J said...

thanks ash!

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