Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dynamic Duo

I love when I find 2 things that equal a perfect pair, don't you? Especially when I have found a pair of 2 that makes the perfect transition lip color into fall. It is quite trendy at that.

ELF Lipstick in Classy: 
A beautiful medium pink bordering on the deeper side with cool undertones. I have heard it is a dupe for Angel by MAC, by the way. Cream finish. Smells like candy. Only $1. 

NYX Lip Liner in Dolly Pink:  
Gorgeous pink with very cool purple tones. I like to line my lips with this, then fill them in slightly before I put on Classy over top. The 2 of them really compliment each other and create a really unique shade on the lips! Plus, if you apply your lip colors in this fashion, the color will last on your lips longer.
Soft Lips: 
 I thought I would slip this in here since I apply this 15 minutes before my lip color. It makes your lips smoother (obviously) so your less likely to have chapped lines to worry about your lipstick sinking into. It also makes the color stick even better once that creamy texture is gone from the lipstick.Didn't know that!
(not pictured)

Plus, this combo makes your teeth whiter from the cooler undertones. The trick is, to find a lip color with blue undertones (or with cooler undertones) to counteract the yellow on teeth. Now saying you have yellow teeth (: They also sell sheer blue lip glosses too which I find to work the same. Too bad I lost mine!

How to find your perfect lip shade:
Identify your undertones: warm or cool. 
-Veins that look more greenish indicate yellow undertones which means that your skin tone is warm. Olives skin tones are generally warm.
-Veins that look more blue indicate blue undertones which means your skin tone is cool. Red undertones are generally cool.

Now that you know your undertone, find a lipstick that is 2 shades darker than your skin tone. When choosing a lip liner, choose one that is either the same shade as the lipstick, but 1 shade lighter would be ideal. That is why Dolly Pink and Classy are the dynamic duo for me!

I hope these really quick easy tips make your lips happy this season! 

I talked about this in my last favorites video that I did not yet put up on the blog. Enjoy (:

Whats your dynamic duo?



Chantel said...

These two look great together, I really like NYX lipliners.

MeetMiss Jackson said...

I have been using that lip liner under everything lately! I have been loving it!

Emma Sparrow said...

I love this post :) Keep up the good work lovely! x


MeetMiss Jackson said...

thank you Emma (: you too, are lovely.

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